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   Chapter 29 Trick

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Nicholas smiled helplessly after hearing what Chloe said.

"If you are annoyed, I will talk to his family and ask him to stay away from my baby daughter. How dare he offend my precious daughter? This man is really outrageous. I will go to his family to reason with him tomorrow."

Hearing her father's words, Chloe stopped him in a hurry.

"Dad, you don't have to be like this. In fact, he was kind, but I just feel a little annoyed. We still have a cooperative relationship with the Lin Family. It's not good for us to be at odds with each other because of this matter. So Dad, please don't go to see Gregorio's family. I will solve it. Trust me."

Nicholas was deeply touched by his daughter's words. He didn't expect that his daughter would always think for him.

So he said to Chloe, "Okay, okay, whatever you say. If this man is bothering you, just tell me. I will help you solve this problem."

"Okay, Dad. I know. Go to sleep now. I have to go to bed too. I have to go to work tomorrow."

"Yes, you should have a good rest. Go to bed early. Don't be too tired. Look at you. It's not good for your health to stay up late every day."

"Dad, you know it's not good for your health to stay up late but you stay here and wait for me. Don't do this again. I'll feel sorry for you if you do so."

Chloe took the opportunity to explain this to her father. Her father always waited for her at home, so she wanted to take this opportunity to let him go to bed early.

Nicholas smiled and said, "It's up to you."

In the past few days, Chloe had been watching Madeline.

It seemed that since she found the dissolute behavior of Madeline last time, she felt that she had behaved more strangely.

For example, sometimes, Madeline would secretly hide on the balcony to make a phone call. When she found that Chloe was there, she looked a little nervous and quickly hung up the phone.

For example, there were some luxuries that she seldom bought for no reason.

According to the recent activity track of Madeline, she often went to the coffee shop, hotel and other places near the Chu Group. Logically speaking, it was impossible for her to see Nicholas there, so it could be concluded that she dated with other man.

The thought of Madeline cheating on Nicholas made her heart ache.

At this time, she could not act rashly and alert the enemy, but quietly observed in secret, trying to find some evidence.

Zoe prepared one more set of food, and another set of tableware for dinner. Madeline felt a little strange, "Why do you have one more set?"

Zoe rubbed her hands with her apron and smiled awkwardly, "Chloe said she would come back for dinner tonight, so I made an extra set."

Hearing Zoe's words, Nicholas, who came over with a beer belly, immediately restrained the tiredness on his face and said, "Since Chloe is coming back for dinner, let's wait for her."

Lucia was about to pick up the bowl and chopsticks and pick up food, but she curled her lips in chagrin.

It was Chloe again!

Seeing that Lucia was unhappy, Madeline frowned and said softly, "If you are hungry, you can eat first. Your father and I will wait for her."

At this time, Nicholas sat down. He didn't say anything to refute Madeline, but stared at Lucia w

ith his sharp eyes, trying to intimidate her.

Lucia had to put down her chopsticks, but the anger in her heart rose little by little.

"Let her eat first if she is hungry..." "I don't know when Chloe will come back. You can't be so partial to her." Madeline said with dissatisfaction.

"Humph!" Nicholas snorted, glanced at Lucia and said nothing.

Seeing that Nicholas didn't stop her, Madeline walked up to Lucia and asked her to eat first. Then she happily ate.

Not long after she started eating, Chloe came back as if she was deliberately against her.

At this time, the way Nicholas looked at Lucia was self-evident.

"Chloe, you're back!" At the sight of Chloe, Nicholas looked like a kind father. He smiled amiably when he saw her.

Chloe nodded, took off her coat and handed it to Zoe. After washing her hands, she went to the table and sat down with Nicholas.

Looking at Nicholas's expression, Madeline was a little dissatisfied, but she still had to pretend to be warm to her. She seemed to have something to say, "You're finally back, or we can't move our chopsticks, and we'll starve to death."

While saying that, she pretended to titter, as if it was a joke.

Perhaps only Chloe noticed that at this moment, the expression on Nicholas' face changed and gradually became gloomy, as if he was dissatisfied.

"If you are hungry, you can eat first. Don't wait for me." With that, Chloe sat next to Nicholas and picked up a piece of meat for him. "If Mr. Nicholas is starved to death, I will really have no food to eat in the future."

Nicholas smiled, picked up the meat in his bowl and ate it slowly.

Madeline also sat aside and ate silently.

During the dinner, Nicholas chatted with Chloe about the company's affairs and recent work. They had a good time.

Clenching her teeth in jealousy, Lucia winked at Madeline. Madeline shook her head, signaling her not to act rashly.

When they talked about a project that the Chu Group wanted to develop recently, he asked for the opinion of Chloe. Unexpectedly, Madeline talked about her point of view very well, which surprised Nicholas.

"How did you know about this project?"

"……" After a pause, Madeline continued, "You mentioned it to me by accident before."

Nicholas didn't doubt it.

However, when Madeline raised her head by chance, she happened to meet Chloe's eyes. Her eyes were so bright that it seemed that she wanted to remove her disguise and reach her heart directly.

With full doubt.

Madeline didn't know why, but her heart was beating fast. She subconsciously avoided the eyes of Chloe.

In the next few days, she also felt that the complicated gaze of Chloe had been following her.

After dinner, Lucia went back to her room early. The dinner didn't end until it was very late.

When Chloe went upstairs and went back to her room, she saw Lucia walking out of her room. Lucia looked at her with disdain and even a little contempt.

"Dad's dear daughter, have you finished flattering him?" Lucia sneered, but Chloe stood in front of her. She frowned and asked, "What are you doing?"

Chloe opened her backpack and took out a small black tube. She shook it in front of Lucia and said with a sly smile, "Are you looking for this recently?"

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