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   Chapter 28 Cuckold

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However, on the second day.

Chloe received a gift from Gregorio, and it was a luxurious and exquisite lunch, which was placed on a large table. She couldn't eat it all by herself, so she had to ask her colleagues to have it together.

During the meal, someone asked curiously, "Miss Chloe, who sent it?"

"Don't speak during the meal, or it will be difficult for you to digest." Chloe answered indifferently.

The man had to shut up.

However, although he didn't say anything for the time being, the gossip about Chloe was getting more and more intense in the company.

The tall and handsome CEO of the Lin Group gave all kinds of gifts and romantic things to Miss Chloe every day. Needless to say, they must be in love.

When Chloe walked in the company every day, she always felt that someone was smiling at her ambiguously, and she got goose bumps all over her body.

She really wanted to explain that she had nothing to do with Gregorio.

But she also understood that the more she explained, the more unclear it would be. Let them go.

She thought that as long as she was cold to Gregorio, he would be sensible and wouldn't give her any gift, so she never called him or even sent him a message.

However, was it so easy for him to give up? He would try his best to get and possess anyone he liked!

As a result, all the people in the company knew that Miss Chloe was in a relationship with a romantic man!

On this day, when Chloe saw that the office was almost full of gifts, she felt very helpless. Although her office was not small, she couldn't stand that Gregorio moved everything to her office.

Chloe was looking at the colorful room with a headache. Lillian stood in front of her with a large bouquet of roses in her arms.

She said in a low voice, "Miss Chloe, Mr. Gregorio gave it to you. I put it here."

Lillian bent down cautiously and was about to put the roses on Chloe's desk.

"Stop. You have been working hard these days. I'll give you the flowers."

"Miss Chloe, I really appreciate that you care about me, but I don't think it's a good idea!" Lillian said awkwardly. She didn't dare to accept the flowers that Mr. Gregorio had given her boss.

If the person who sent the flowers knew this, she couldn't imagine what would happen to her. She couldn't help shivering and felt very helpless.

"It's not a big deal. Not only you, but also the whole company could have the flowers. Don't worry. I'll take care of you."

"All right. Miss Chloe, I'll ask someone to move and distribute the gifts later." Lillian knew clearly that no one could change their boss's decision, so she'd better obey her.

"Okay, you can go out now." Said Chloe, looking at Lillian with appreciation.

Looking at the restored office, Chloe felt a little empty for no reason. She shook her head and concentrated on her work again.

In the Starry Hotel.

Chloe stood at the door of the hotel, waiting for her partner. She could have waited in the hotel, but she thought it would be more respectful to wait outside.


Chloe looked at the figure opposite the Hotel. It was Madeline. Chloe confirmed her thought. It was so late. Why did she come to the hotel alone.

After looking around at the gate of the hotel for

some time, Madeline sneaked into the hotel.

The bad feeling in her heart grew stronger and stronger. Chloe quickly called someone to talk about the contract with her client, and she secretly followed behind Madeline.

Seeing that Madeline went straight to the elevator in the hotel, Chloe guessed that someone must be waiting for her. After confirming what she was thinking, she followed Madeline to the six floor.

Madeline came to a room and looked around. Then she rang the doorbell.

The door opened, and a naked man appeared in front of her. Seeing the man, Madeline immediately threw herself into the man's arms.

Chloe couldn't believe what she had seen. Her face darkened. She immediately took out her phone and recorded the scene.

"You are so annoying. You don't know how much I miss you. Where have you been these days? I called you but you didn't answer. Don't you want to take money from me?" Madeline said to the man, half coquettish and half threatening.

When the man heard that she didn't give him money, he immediately became restless. He said in a flattering tone right away, "I am busy these days, okay? Besides, I came to see you as soon as I finished my work. I just want to give you a surprise. Honey, don't be sad. Let me take good care of you!"

Then he picked up Madeline and walked into the room.

The door slammed shut.

The anger in Chloe's heart was completely irritated by Madeline! She held the phone tighter and tighter.

Madeline, my father has treated you well. You deserve it!

Thinking of her father, Chloe's heart softened. It would be humiliated for her father if the thing was exposed. Madeline had lived a good life, but she had to challenge Chloe's bottom line.

'Well, since you want this, I'll let you get what you want.'

When Chloe got home, she saw her father waiting for her in the living room. She couldn't help but feel sad. Her father had aged since her mother's death.

"Dad, it's so late. Why don't you go to bed?" Said Chloe in a soft voice, coming to her father with a smile.

"I'm waiting for you. It's so late. How can I fall asleep if my dear daughter doesn't come back?" Then he held Chloe's hand and let her sit beside him.

"Dad, I'm working now. Besides, you should have a good rest to get healthy."

Nicholas smiled and rubbed Chloe's nose. "You have so many reasons. Well, it's so late. What are you busy with?"

When Chloe thought of what she had seen tonight, her anger rose again. However, when she saw her father's face, she felt sorry for him.

"What's wrong? Did you encounter any difficulties? Tell me and I'll give you some advice." Nicholas said with concern.

Since his daughter worked so hard, Nicholas had no choice but to help her.

Nicholas's words brought Chloe back to reality. Seeing that Nicholas was looking at her curiously, she said to him, "Dad, it's okay. It's just that Gregorio is too annoying."

Chloe didn't want to tell her father what she had seen, because she thought she could solve it and she wouldn't let Madeline have a good end.

She wouldn't tell her father about it and make him sad. That's why she used Gregorio as an excuse.

But it was true that Chloe was very annoyed with him. Gregorio always sent gifts to her.

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