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   Chapter 9 I Want You

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Gregorio's eyes were full of affection.

Yes, only this woman could arouse all his appetite. Only this woman could make him feel that way.

"Come with me. I want you." He whispered in her ear.

Chloe felt her hair stood on end. It seemed that this man was seriously ill.

"Oh, my phone fell to the ground." She suddenly came up with an idea, and it worked. Everyone looked down at her phone, and Gregorio was no exception. He let go of her and was about to look down at the ground.

In a flash, Chloe turned around and kicked Gregorio in the crotch.

Before Gregorio could react, he was kicked hard. With a cold and attractive smile, Chloe said, "Humph, you bastard. I haven't taken revenge for what you did to me last time."

Seeing that Gregorio bent down and grimaced in pain, Chloe was overjoyed, as if she had taken her revenge.

The crowd was in a mess, and his bodyguards surrounded him one after another.

"Sir, sir, are you okay?" Everyone asked with concern.

Covering his stomach with one hand, Gregorio grinned in pain and looked at Chloe sadly. He didn't expect that the seemingly weak girl would do this.

Why did he hit her so hard? No, he should have kicked her.

Frowning, he stared at her angrily. The pain from the indescribable part of his lower body hadn't recovered yet. The bodyguards around him were all concerned about him and kept asking.

However, Chloe had no time to pay attention to this scene. In the chaos, she wanted to slip away across the crowd.

"Sir, what's wrong with you?" One of the bodyguards asked, holding his arm.

"Well, leave me alone. Hurry up, stop her!" Even though he was in great pain, Gregorio still kept an eye on her.

Seeing that girl was about to slip away after kicking him.

Gregorio said to his bodyguards.

"You bad girl. How could you be so cruel to your husband? " After he recovered a little, he stood still and looked coldly at Chloe who was about to run away like a rabbit.

He had never been insulted like this in his life. "Come back!"

As soon as he finished his words, his deft subordinate grabbed Chloe, like an eagle catching a chick.

Once again, her arm was grabbed by someone. With her almond eyes wide open, Chloe looked back with disgust and cuteness.

When her eyes met Gregorio's, Chloe blushed with anger.

When he was about to lose his temper, a tall bodyguard whispered in his ear, "Forget it, sir. More haste less speed, take it easy. "

After all, they had been Gregorio's subordinates for many years. They knew him well. After thinking for a while, he thought what his subordinate said was reasonable. So he restrained his anger and said, "Let her go!"

Gregorio said coldly, and then Chloe was released.

She loosened her arms and ran out without looking back.

Standing there, Gregorio felt indignant. It was said that women were complicated.

Was this woman so ruthless?

But didn't she take the initiative that night? That night, it was she who took the initiative to put her arms around my waist and said that she loved me. Was

n't she?

His eyes were full of sadness.

He had no choice but to leave the bar. "You two stay here and keep an eye on her from afar. Protect Miss Chloe well. "

"Yes, sir!"

The bodyguards ambushed around Chloe one after another, keeping an eye on her every move to ensure her safety.

It took a long time for Chloe to return to her seat. Her classmates all asked her where she had gone. Chloe just replied faintly, "It's too stuffy in the bar. I went out for a while."

Everyone began to eat, drink and play again. Their goal tonight was having enough fun get drunk. They were ready to play all night.

After what happened just now, Chloe became more absent-minded. She secretly pretended to look around casually to see if Gregorio had left, but she saw his bodyguards beside her.

"Needless to say, they must be ordered by that conceited and narcissistic man." It occurred to her that her personal freedom had been monitored. She was very dissatisfied.

She suddenly realized that she had glued him to her like a gum. "I am a women. He took advantage of me. But I could let it go. Why is this man so angry? It's unreasonable"

Chloe spent the whole night in depression, as if the revelry of her classmates around had nothing to do with her.

"Chloe, you're back? Have you eaten yet? " As soon as they got home, her father, Nicholas, was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV. Her stepmother, Madeline, was sitting next to him, sending fruit into her father's mouth, looking very sticky.

"Chloe, if you haven't had dinner, I'll ask the maid in the kitchen to cook for you now," Madeline said, looking at her with her charming eyes Chloe said hypocritically.

"No, thanks. I've already had it." Because of what happened last time, Chloe didn't dare to play too late at the classmate reunion. She only played half of the game and went home.

She didn't want to leave a bad impression on her father.

"Oh, then go back to your room and have a rest." Nicholas said indifferently, and then immersed himself in the exciting football match.

Madeline snuggled up to Nicholas as sweet as before and enjoyed herself. Only Lucia, upon hearing that Chloe had come back, she looked around the door secretly and found that there was nothing unusual about her. After making sure that she wasn't exposed, Lucia chuckled to herself.

No one noticed the depression in Chloe's heart. She went back to her room and took a hot shower. With her hair disheveled, Chloe lay on the bed.

She was too exhausted and stretched herself in bed.

"What's wrong with me recently? I've had a bad luck all the time. Is it the so-called 'Conflicting Year' written in the book? " Chloe's beautiful eyebrows frowned and she contemplated.

After a long time, a moon had hung on the top of the tree and quietly retreated. Chloe was still tossing and turning in bed, couldn't fell asleep.

The soft and comfortable quilt didn't make her sleepy at all. She was wearing a thin and cold Pajama, but she felt impatient. She was still boiling with anger.

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