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   Chapter 8 A Thief Will Never Die

Every Second Of Yours Is Mine By Qin Wei Characters: 6372

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Chloe's beautiful eyebrows also frowned. She gently pushed Gregorio away. She really hated these lawless and bold hooligans.

Just let it go for once. How could a thief be forgiven if he didn't give up doing bad things after been tolerated for once?

"Don't you cry until you see the coffin?" Chloe also thought that if she didn't show off her power, they might think she was easy to bully.

How dare they keep pestering her?

Those gangsters, who had been obsessed with wealth, saw the weak and fragile girl now became dignified.

Then she looked at the bodyguards standing beside Chloe and Gregorio. They were tall and fierce.

The bodyguards were shaking their arms, clenching their fists and loosening their muscles.

The young men's legs went limp at the sight of this. They realized that the situation was not good. This group of people were indeed not easy to bully. They couldn't take the money anymore. In an instant, they all knelt down at Chloe's feet.

"I'm sorry, beauty. We won't do that again. Please spare us! It won't happen again. " The hooligan said with a sad face.

"I let you go once, but you came the second time. Three strikes and you are out. Tell me, which one do you want to break, your hands or feet? " Chloe said coldly.

The hooligans turned pale with fright and shouted, "Beauty, Miss, the queen, please let us go! Please spare us! "

Those hooligans actually knelt on the ground.

A disdainful smile appeared on Chloe's face.

"Weren't you very arrogant just now? Saying that if I don't go out with you, will you cut my face with a knife? " Said Chloe arrogantly.

"No, No. Miss, how dare we? We are bitchy. We are bitchy. " Then the gangsters slapped themselves.

Chloe snorted. "It's too late. You must leave an arm here today. Tell me, which one will sacrifice? "

As soon as she said that, the hooligans were in a mess.

"Boss, you shall take the blame. Didn't you say that you would take the responsibility for such a big event? " A young man said.

"Are you a fool? Why do the boss let you be his subordinate? Because he needs you to suffer for him when the disaster come! Dick, you will be the one. " Said the hooligan who was called 'boss' by the others.

"No way! It's impossible! Let, Edgar be the one. "

The hooligan was in a mess.

Looking at all this coldly, Chloe cheered in her heart, 'These rascals need to be punished, I'll teach them a lesson.'

"Well, my queen, in fact, we were also under orders. How about we give out the chief plotter and you let us go! We just want to earn some money. "

Hearing this, Chloe became angrier. How could one make a living by doing harm to others? But when she heard that they were under orders. Chloe rolled her eyes.

"Who is it?" She asked harshly.

The hooligans immediately pointed at the direction of Lucia, but there was no sign of her! Seeing that her plan was exposed, Lucia had already run away. It was empty.

"Well, heroine, please spare us! We love you. Please forgive us! " The hooligans were crying, as if they were filial.

Chloe and Gregorio looked at each other, and Gregorio looked at her with admiration. She was a vigorous an

d resolute woman, and she had the guts to do things in a powerful way, which made Gregorio admire her very much.

Seeing that Chloe's beautiful eyebrows were raised and her almond eyes were wide open, Gregorio thought she was very cute. "No wonder she is the woman I like. She is really special."

"You guys, do as Miss Chloe said." As soon as he gave the order, Gregorio stood in front of her.

The bodyguards strode forward.

With a scream, the leading hooligan's arm was broken.

Chloe turned her head away to avoid seeing the terrible scene. She thought they deserved it.

The hooligans were taught a good lesson by Chloe and Gregorio. They cried out and fled in all directions.

"Damn it!" Seeing that the hooligan was finally punished, Gregorio said happily. Then he turned his head and looked at Cassie tenderly, his eyes full of affection. "Well, honey, I've done what you said. Come with me! "

His tone was full of affection, just like the haze on the tip of a cup of coffee.

Only then did Chloe realize that those hooligans were nobody. Compared with the man in front of her, who was indeed the biggest hooligan.

At this moment, all of Gregorio's subordinates looked at Chloe fawningly as if they were looking at their master. 80% of them had regarded her as their master's future wife.

Chloe didn't know how to react with his sight full of affection.

"I still have a party. My classmates are waiting for me! I have to go back. " When she was about to leave, she was held in the arms of Gregorio.

"Silly girl, who is more important than me. Let's go. I miss you. " He whispered in her ear, his tender and warm breath touched Chloe's ear.

Such intimacy disgusted Chloe, she wanted to get rid of it, but she couldn't.

"Didn't I tell you that it was a mistake that night. As long as you stop pestering me, I won't hold you accountable. Let's stop here, we are done! " Said Chloe coldly.

However, her coldness and charm made Gregorio feel that she is even more mysterious. How could he break up so easily with the woman who had been so enthusiastic to him at that night?

In particular, when he found the blood stain on the bed sheet. Which made him realized that Chloe only belonged to him, he was surer that she was the woman he was looking for in his life.

As the CEO of the biggest group in the city, he had seen a lot of people, and there were always many women around him. However, after living for so many years, he had never been interested in women. Since he met Chloe at the birthday party that night, he took a glance at her by chance.

Like a piece of light snow, Chloe fell into the eyes of Gregorio, and with the intimacy that night, she fell into his heart.

It was Chloe who made Gregorio, who had never been interested in women in his lifetime, understand how a woman was like and how beautiful a woman can be.

She was such a perfect woman in his arms. How could he let her go? How on earth could he let her go?

"Shh, silly woman. Stop talking nonsense. You belong to me that night, which means you will belong to me all your life. I'll leave myself to you. We belong to each other and own each other. "

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