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   Chapter 4 You Are Mine

Every Second Of Yours Is Mine By Qin Wei Characters: 5573

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What happened last night? In a daze, it seemed that she was in a dream, or in reality. Chloe opened her eyes and had a look. She found herself lying in a big room.

The room was as big as the earth. Chloe felt dizzy. She opened her eyes and saw the ceiling above her head.

The ceiling was deathly pale, just like Chloe's face. She quickly looked around and then glanced at her side.

She saw a sleeping man lying beside her. His features were as delicate as those in a fine brush painting. She had never seen such a handsome and perfect man since she was born.

"No!" She came back to her sense in a hurry and shouted, "Ah!"

Because she looked down and found herself naked. Then she looked at the man beside her. He was also naked, with a satisfied and faint smile on his face. He was sleeping soundly.

Chloe's scream disturbed the dream of the sleeping man beside her. The man moved his long eyelashes and slowly opened his clear eyes.

The moment they looked at each other, Chloe quickly covered her chest with the quilt.

"Who the hell are you?" She screamed.

"What the hell? We slept together for a whole night. Last night we had the conjugal bliss. Anyway, I'm your one-night bridegroom. Why do you say that to me? " When the man heard Chloe's cry, he was no longer sleepy.

The man stood up all of a sudden and the quilt slipped down.

"Ah!" Once again, Chloe covered her eyes with her hands, but the moment she raised her hands, the quilt on her body slipped down.

The man's hunting eyes once again fell on Chloe's snow-white skin.

He couldn't tell what kind of feeling it was. Anyway, there seemed to be a kind of magic fragrance on Chloe, which made him deeply fascinated. Again and again, he couldn't resist it.

"You mean last night you... Did you rape me? " Cassie quickly covered her chest with the quilt again.

"Ha-ha, rape?" The man smiled contemptuously. He quickly pulled the bathrobe aside and wrapped his huge body tightly.

"I don't know who told me that we must be together last night. I don't know who held my arm so tightly that I can't let it go for a moment. "

As he spoke, he bent over and got close to Chloe. His blurred eyes were very close to hers.

When the two eyes met again, Chloe was burnt by the burning eyes. She quickly dodged and lowered her head. However, a blush came to her face with the heat.

"Last night?" Chloe shook her head and felt a headache. Last night, she only remembered that it was her birthday party last night. Then at the party, she seemed to be drunk. Then a man kissed her and...

"It's you who brought me here and took advantage of my drunkenness. Then... then did the shameless thing?" Chloe shivered with anger.

She had never thought that such a shameless thing would happe

n to her, the noble Miss of the Chu clan.

She was Chloe Chu, the first daughter of the Chu family. How could she be raped on the night of her birthday? Chloe quickly calmed down. If this news spread out, not only her lifetime reputation, but also the dignity of the upper class of the Chu family would be lost.

Chloe felt a splitting headache.

"Miss Chu, can you be more accurate. What did I do to you? How could anyone willing to kiss the guy who raped her? " There was a contemptuous look on Gregorio Lin's face.

In a panic, she looked up and saw the hickey on his neck. Cassie blushed.

"How is that possible? It's impossible. " Chloe shook her head in a hurry. As the first daughter of a rich family, who had been living in seclusion and received many etiquette training, she said, "How could I have an affair with a man I don't know when I was drunk?" Chloe even wanted to die.

In fact, what she didn't know was that Madeline and Lucia had drugged her last night. The drug was so strong that it melted the inexperienced girl when she held the arm of Gregorio. She couldn't help but merge with Gregorio.

"Don't you believe me?" The man came over, with an evil smile on his face, which was hard for Chloe to see through. He walked up to her and turned on the phone player.

"See?" As his cold and attractive voice rang, the scene on the screen of the mobile phone made Chloe blush. It was her in the video. She was hugging the man in front of her.

"It's useless. I have a backup. You can't escape. " Said Gregorio, looking straight into Chloe's eyes. At this moment, Chloe's eyes were full of sadness.

Chloe covered her face and sobbed.

Seeing that Chloe was crying and her shoulders were shaking, Gregorio walked up to her and directly clamped her pointed chin with his big hand.

"Shh, woman, don't cry. I don't like to see women cry after they made love with me. Don't take advantage of me. " The warm breath of Gregorio rushed into her nose. Her heart broken eyes were filled with tears.

She cursed in her heart, 'Bah!' It was the hateful man in front of her who did such a thing on her twenty-two year old birthday night, and now he even said she was the one who got the benefit?

There was an unyielding soul in her heart.

Gregorio licked his dry lips. The woman in front of him was as charming as a newly grown rose. He didn't dare to look at her again, afraid that he would lose control of himself again.

Thinking of what he had experienced last night, an evil smile appeared on his face again. If he hadn't met this woman at the party last night, he really didn't know that he would be so excited about a woman in his life.

The red lips on her pointed chin were as attractive as garnet.

Gregorio closed his eyes slightly.

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