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   Chapter 42 The Rose Workshop (Part Two)

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It was getting dark. The dark blue sky was dotted with a few stars. The street lights and buildings on the street made the city look like a sleepless city.

The cars coming and going on the street. The white collars who were tied up by work in the daytime all took off their thick disguises and released themselves. In this debauchery's street corner, people would get lost in this wanton and luxurious living world.

Gloria took Sophie to the city center. In this prime location, a three story building was particularly eye-catching. No one would waste such a precious land to build a three story house.

The whole house was a standard European style building with luxurious and magnificent appearance. The pure white marble exterior looked even more resplendent under the warm yellow light. At the top of the castle stood a sculpture of roses with pure black flowers, branches and bright red petals.

Looking up and down at the building, Sophie said, "The overall style of this building is luxurious and magnificent, but not old-fashioned. It's really rare, but why don't I see the name?"

"Because it's called the Rose Workshop. There is a rose sculpture on the roof, and the decoration in the room is also fresh roses. The style of each floor is different, and the color of the roses is also different. They have to be changed every day. Just this alone is a big expense."

Sophie nodded. It could be seen that the identity of the owner of the club could not be underestimated. Su Sophie could not help but feel a little curious. "What kind of friend is this? Your friend is so generous."

"We said we are friends, but actually we are not very familiar with each other. You know this person, she is Viole

s. By the way, Gloria, a friend of ours just said that she hadn't seen you for a long time and asked me to take you there. Miss Su, please have a seat first. " Then, Violet Mo took Gloria to the middle of the banquet hall.

Sitting on the sofa, Sophie looked around at the furnishings. Although Violet Mo said that she didn't want to make money here, as long as the publicity followed, it would definitely attract the attention of the celebrities in C City, and it was not impossible to make a second Black Swan.

While thinking, Sophie suddenly felt dizzy and her vision blurred. Was it because she had drunk too much?

"Hurry up. Although the medicine works fast, it doesn't last long." An anxious and unruly woman scolded. "Take off her clothes and make some sexy postures for her! I'll see how she can survive in C City after these nude photos are spread! "

"Yes, Miss." Several men answered at the same time.

Sophie felt that she was lying on a soft bed, and her consciousness seemed to have recovered a little. She wanted to open her eyes, but her eyelids seemed to be pressed by a stone, and she could not open them at all...

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