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   Chapter 41 The Rose Workshop (Part One)

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It was not until four o'clock in the afternoon that Sophie opened her sleepy eyes. When she got up, a suit jacket slipped down to the ground. She bent down to pick it up and was in a daze. Where did this coat come from? She didn't wear black today.

Before she could completely wake up from her sleep, she heard a low male voice beside her. "You're awake?"

Startled, Sophie suddenly raised her head and saw that Aaron was sitting on the sofa leisurely and looking at her up and down with a faint smile. "No wonder the documents sent by the Su Group are full of loopholes. As the boss, you are so lazy. It can be imagined how your employees would perform."

Sophie didn't want to argue with him. She was still angry. "Mr. Aaron, why do you spare time from your busy schedule? Are you here to give me some advice? "

After throwing the flower bouquet on the tea table to Sophie, and then threw the fruit basket on the desk, Aaron said coldly, "I heard that Miss Sophie was in a bad mood and in poor health, so I specially came to visit you."

She sniffed the lily in her hand. Some of them were in full bloom and some were in bud. They were wrapped in pure black and thin golden edge paper. The strong visual impact was not abrupt at all. She raised her head and smiled sweetly, "Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Aaron." Then she threw the bouquet into the trash can beside the table.

Gritting his teeth, Aaron glared at Sophie and said, "You ungrateful girl!"

He walked a few steps to the side of Sophie, bent over and accurately kissed her lips. However, Aaron didn't expect to be bitten hard by Sophie. Feeling pain, he quickly let go of her.

"You bastard, Aaron!" Sophie cursed while wiping her mouth.

"Bastard? It's

atter. "

Sophie had Aaron's considerations. If Black Swan Restaurant couldn't even do a good job in this respect, it should shut down immediately.

"There is one more thing. I'm sure that Barbara will take some actions recently. Today, she changed a document from the Su Group in my office. She pointed at you. I'm afraid that she will do something to you. Be careful. "

Raising her eyebrows, Sophie said, "I just taught her a lesson and now she began to be restless again. It seems that my slap was too light."

"My little wild cat finally showed its claws. What's your arrangement tonight? "

"Gloria said her friend opened a new club and invited me to have fun there. What about you?"

After weighing the risks of Sophie's trip to the club tonight in his mind, Aaron thought that it wouldn't be a big problem for her to go to the club with Gloria and acquaintances, not to mention that he had arranged bodyguards to follow Sophie twenty-four hours a day.

After going through the tests carefully, he nodded and said, "I'll go back to the villa to have dinner with my father. Have a good time. Go back early. Call me if you need anything."

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