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   Chapter 40 Tampering With Data

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Today, Barbara specially wore a light make-up. Her black hair was combed into a ponytail, hanging behind her head. The skirt outlined her perfect figure.

She came to Aaron's office early. When the secretary was about to enter, she was stopped by Barbara. She smiled enchantingly and said, "Do I still need the permission with the good relationship with Mr. Aaron?"

The secretary knew that Barbara was the daughter of the Bai Family, and she also knew that she had always been domineering. She did not dare to impose obstacles, so she had to let her in.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Aaron standing in front of the wide and bright French window, looking down at the heavy traffic. His straight back seemed a little lonely, and there was a faint smell of tobacco in the air.

Barbara walked behind him with a smile and patted him on the shoulder. "Aaron, these are the design drawings I have recently made. Please help me check them."

Frowning, Aaron saw Barbara walked to his desk and sat down, feeling even more depressed. He snapped at the door, "Get in!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the secretary, who had been paying attention to the situation in the office all the time, hurried in and said, "Mr. Aaron..."

"What the hell are you thinking? What's going on? "

The secretary standing aside was about to cry. "Mr. Aaron, it's my fault. But Miss Barbara... " Knowing that Barbara was used to being arrogant, Aaron knew that a mere secretary might not be able to stop her, so he had to wave his hand helplessly and motioned for the secretary to go out.

Barbara smiled awkwardly and handed the design drawing to Aaron. "Aaron, please help me check it."

Taking it over and looking through it casually, Aaron had to admit that Barbara was quite good at design.

However, she was still young and lacked experience, so some parts of her work were a little childish, and some of the content was not very practical. Of course, it could be put on the table, but it would be hard to put it into practice.

After reading it, Aaron threw the design drawing aside and said perfunctorily, "Not bad."

"What? Not bad? Aaron, you are the best in the industry. Give me some advice. "

With a sneer, Aaron said, "If you want my advice, then I can only say that your design is bullshit, and you have to redo it if you want to change it."

When Barbara heard that her painstaking design was useless in his eyes, she was also a little unwilling. But thinking that in order to give Sophie a hard time later, she had to force herself to hold it back and said with a smile, "I'm new here, of course not as good as you. By the way, Aaron, do you have any plans for this noon? How about having dinner with me together? "

"I'm busy."

"Oh, you haven't checked the schedule yet. How do you know you are busy? We haven't had dinner together for a long time. "

Ignoring Barbara's words, Aaron lowered his head and began to read the report of last month. Being ignored, Barbara felt like embarrassed and didn't know whether sit or stand. She was anxious. If Aaron didn't leave the office, how could she have the chance to tamper with the documents of the Su Group? After thinking it over, she

ong glance at Kim Xue, Aaron said in a cold tone, "You have confirmed, then why there will be so many omissions? Of course, that's your problem. If you can't deal with it, let Miss Sophie talk to me in person."

At this point, Kim Xue also understood what Aaron meant. He said, "Recently, Miss Sophie is in a bad mood and seems to be in poor health. If you can visit our Miss Sophie on behalf of the Mu Group and discuss cooperation by the way, it will be twice the result with half the effort for our cooperation."

With a satisfied look in his eyes, Aaron nodded and pushed the boat with the current, "Well, what you said makes sense. The cooperation between the Su Family and the Mu Family is in a critical period. Since Miss Sophie is in poor health, I should visit her. You are right. "

Kim Xue was relieved after he heard what Aaron said, then he said goodbye to Aaron and left.

After he left, Aaron slowly raised his head, with a mysterious smile on his face. Kim Xue was a sensible man. Since Sophie was in poor health, it was reasonable for him to visit her as a partner.

As soon as he finished lunch in a hurry, Aaron asked Dan to prepare a car and go to the Su Group. He bought a bunch of flowers and a fruit basket on purpose on the way to visit her.

With a fruit basket in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other, Aaron stood up at the door of Sophie's office. Seeing that Aaron came, Bella stood up immediately, "Mr. Aaron, please wait a moment. I..."

Bella swallowed back what she hadn't finished because of the sharp eyes of Aaron. He nodded with satisfaction and pushed the door open with one hand.

At this time, Sophie was lying on the desk for a rest, with her head resting on her left hand. Her face rushed to the outside, and a few strands of hair scattered on her ears and cheeks. It could be seen that some sweat on the tip of her nose, and her cherry red lips pouted slightly, as if luring him to kiss her.

Looking at her sleeping face, Aaron couldn't get angry at all. He took off his suit jacket and gently put it on Sophie. Sitting on the sofa, he casually looked through the documents.

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