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   Chapter 39 Slap Barbara (Part Two)

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"Listen to me. You can find a chance and ask Aaron to see the design drawing in his office, and then secretly find an opportunity to make some small changes to their cooperation contract or the Su Group's plan. At that time, not only could they not reach an agreement on the cooperation, but also Sophie could not explain it to her father. If you continue to provoke him, I don't believe that Aaron won't be suspicious. "

Barbara gritted her teeth and said, "Yes, it's a solution! Don't worry. At least fifty percent of our company's orders will fall into the hands of your family. "

That was exactly what Gina wanted. She quickly held Barbara's hand to thank HER, and then exhorted, "No matter how cautious Aaron is, there will always be some omission. No one can see that you make some changes at that time. But... You must be patient. "

Barbara touched the swelling on her face and said, "Of course I'm patient. I want more than one slap from Sophie!"

Rolling her eyes, Gina continued, "Today, Sophie made you embarrassed in public. I have another way to humiliate her. From now on, she will never be able to raise her head in C City..." As she spoke, Gina got close to Barbara's clear ear and spoke out another plan in a low voice.

Barbara was also shocked. "Is it too much? After all, she is the daughter of the Su Family. I have to estimate the dignity of our elders. If this matter is exposed and others know that it was me who planned it, I'm afraid that our two families will break up. "

"Barbara, did Sophie considerate your family's face when she do such a thing to you in public? Did she care about the dignity of the elders of the two families?

olet Mo. I'm the one who has dinner with Mr. Aaron today. "

Sophie instantly became vigilant, just like a cat's hair would explode when it was threatened. "Oh, what's up? Are you calling to declare your sovereignty over me? "

"No, no, no, Miss Su, you misunderstood me. I met Mr. Aaron just because of my family's arrangement. I saw the news at noon and worried that it would cause you some misunderstandings, so I specially called you to explain.

Mr. Aaron is a rare talent in design, and his means in business are also very good. Our Mo Family wants to cooperate with the Mu Group, so it is inevitable for me to have some contact with Mr. Aaron in the future. Please don't think too much. We are just ordinary partners, not even friends. "

Sophie's tone softened. "You don't need to explain to me. I have nothing to do with Aaron."

Violet Mo smiled noncommittally and hung up after exchanging a few more words with Sophie.

'When did you become so obedient, Aaron? Why did you go on a blind date as they told you to do so? You can cancel the meeting now, so next time you can marry her, right?'

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