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   Chapter 30 A Weird Man

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Looking at Jimmy's face, Sophie suddenly wanted to know how Jimmy would react if he knew that the salary he was proud of was not enough for her to play games for a month?

"What?! You are playing games! " Jimmy seemed to be surprised and almost pounded the table to stand up.

"Miss Su, don't you know that the game is just developed for deceiving money? I always thought that it could only deceive children, but I didn't expect Miss Su to be so childish."

Jimmy took a few deep breaths and finally calmed down. He picked up the cold water to moisten his dry and hoarse voice.

"Forget it. Although you used to play games, I can let it go and forgive you."

"What?" Forgive her? Who could explain to her that what was wrong with her using her own money? Why should he forgive her?

"Miss Su, please don't interrupt me, OK?" Jimmy seemed a little angry.

Sophie kept silent.

Jimmy nodded with satisfaction when he saw Sophie's expression, which made Sophie feel like she had traveled to the ancient feudal slave country and learned a lesson from a landlord.

"Although I can forgive you for playing games in the past, you can't play games after you are with me. My parents are old and can't be stimulated. They can't hear too much noise. Besides, playing games is too wasteful. I really don't know if you have too much money to spend, so you must play some games."

Sophie nodded silently. Yes, she was rich.

"Mr. Zhang, I have something else to do today. How about we make an appointment another day?" Sophie put forward to leave euphemistically. Every minute and second was a torture for her to be with a person who had nothing in common.

It was her first blind date, and there was almost nothing Sophie was satisfied with this man.

But the only comforting thing was that her mother might not tell her true identity to this man, or she would not see this wonderful scene.

"It's lunch time. I don't think the company will restrict the employees' private life, right? Miss Su, to be honest, I have a good first impression of you. Of course, except for the game, I can accept it. See, can we find a time to confirm our relationship? How about today? What do you think? "

I don't think so! Sophie didn't know whether to laugh or cry. How could she find such an "innocent" man.

"Mr. Zhang, I really have to go."

"Miss Su, don't be shy. I'm very open-minded." Jimmy said again. He thought that Sophie was introverted, so she felt embarrassed when it came to marriage.

Sophie didn't think she was a violent person, but at this moment, she really wanted to kick him and slap him to teach him how to behave. However, this man was here because of her mother's introduction, so she couldn't go too far.

She and he, two people with completely different horizon and values, probably wouldn't even be friends in the future.

There was nothing in front of her on the table. She had been here for at least fifteen minutes since she came in, but this man didn't even order the most basic food. Sophie raised her head and looked at the young and energetic pimple on Jimmy's face. Thinking that he and his parents squeezed into the two bedrooms and one living room allocated by the company, and that he got a salary of thirty-eight thousand every month, Sophie suddenly smiled knowingly.

"Mr. Zhang, why haven't you ordered anything for so long? It's lunch time now. It's not good to miss it." Noticing the embarrassment on Jimmy's face, Sophie gave a contemptuous smile.

"It's a rare chance to meet someone like Mr. Zhang. I'll treat you this meal."

"Really? That's great!"

With a satisfied smile on his face, Jimmy took the menu from the waiter's hand and ordered twelve dishes. After that, he didn't forget to continue to give Sophie an ideological education in a serious tone.

"Girls should be frugal, so that they can live a good life. My mother said that a daughter-in-law who knows how to live is a good girl."

Sophie rubbed her forehead with a headache and thought, 'you are damn awesome.'

Although there were many people in the restaurant, most of them were talking in a low voice, but Jimmy didn't hide his words at all. His voice was even louder than usual, attracting many people's attention, but!

Jimmy didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, when he saw those inquisitive eyes, he became more and more excited. Sophie even had an illusion that he was enjoying those eyes complacently now.

Just as Sophie was about to lose her patience, a voice like the sound of heaven rang in her ears.

"Sophie?" Michelle was very happy to see that it was really Sophie.

"I finally found you. Jack was hit by a car and is being rescued in the hospital. Hurry up. If we are too late, we may not even be able to see him for the last time!"

Just now, Michelle was sitting in the second seat next to Sophie. She had listened to the conversation between Sophie and that man and had a general understanding of the situation. Looking at her

suffering, Michelle could not bear it and specially came to save her.

"What! Jack was hit by a car! ?" "Which hospital are you in? Take me there!" Sophie stood up abruptly! "We have been friends for more than ten years. How could that happened! "

Sophie immediately understood what Michelle meant. Although she was confused why Michelle would come to her rescue, Sophie still followed Michelle's words and seemed to be in a hurry and anxious.

Yes, she was in a hurry. She wanted to leave here. She was anxious to leave here.

"Then let's go. Don't miss it! I'm so sorry, sir. We can only meet next time. "

Michelle took Sophie's hand and left, while Jimmy anxiously called her from behind.

"Don't go. Pay the bill first!"

However, Sophie, who was worried about her 'friend', didn't hear that. She pushed the door open and ran with Michelle. In the bustling crowd, they disappeared immediately.

It was an episode, and the dining room returned to normal soon. It seemed that this matter did not attract any attention. But Jimmy was different.

Looking at the exquisite dishes one after another, his eyes were red. If it weren't for Sophie's treat, he would not have ordered so many dishes! The price was extremely high!

After a few steps, Sophie rushed to the front, holding Michelle's hand and walking forward. She didn't stop until she turned a street corner and couldn't see the restaurant anymore. She patted her chest.

"Oh, that's so funny. I've seen so many men, and it's the first time I've met such a man. Is this the legendary straight man and mommy's boy?"

"Haha." With a bright smile on her face, Michelle said, "I heard almost all of your conversation just now. It's not easy for you to endure it for such a long time. I can't stand it anymore. Guess what he will be like now?"

"Probably, he is worrying about the bill!"


The two of them burst into laughter at the same time. They seemed to have a special tacit understanding. Michelle's smiling face was very beautiful, which made Sophie have a good impression of her. The first time she saw her was because of William. At that time, she did not notice Michelle at all, so she automatically classified her as not a friend.

But now, Sophie suddenly found that Michelle was a good girl, at least her personality was very suitable for her. No wonder William would like her.

In such noisy environment, Michelle seemed to have a unique charm that Sophie had never known.

'Since you have decided to let it go, let's put it down together.' She thought.

"Let's make friends." Sophie stretched out her hand. It seemed very casual, but everyone who knew Sophie knew that it was a sign of her accepting a person and showing her true self.

Michelle was stunned for a moment, then she raised the corners of her mouth and stretched out her hand solemnly.


It was a small matter that made the two of them let go of the grudge in their hearts. When others thought that the two of them would be enemies, they became friends.

"This is my phone number. Call me if you need anything."

"Okay." Michelle hesitated, "Well, I'm sorry for what happened to Simon last time."

"Simon?" Pretending to think about it, Sophie said, "I almost forget it if you don't say it. But since you have said sorry, it will be a loss if I don't do anything."

"Haha, whatever you say, as long as it doesn't hurt the others, I will take the responsibility for you!"

Michelle patted her chest heavily. Sophie smiled and thought, 'Be gentle, girl.'

A cheerful ringtone came. Sophie took out her phone and looked at the name. She almost shook her hand and threw it to the ground. Sure enough, God would not let people live too comfortably, As Sophie was still immersed in the joy of making a friend, her phone rang. It was from Aaron.

"Hello? Where are you? "

"Well... I'm eating on the street. "

"On the street? Don't run around at night. I'll pick you up. "

"I'm going home."

"Well, wait for me at home tonight, then." It seemed that Aaron was not surprised at all about the return of Sophie, and his tone was still the same as usual. "There's a ball tonight and you'll be my female companion."

"Can I refuse?" Sophie resisted weakly.

"No way!" "Wait for me tonight," said Aaron firmly and in short.


The vague words were somewhat ambiguous. Sophie's face flushed secretly. After hanging up the phone, she found that Michelle had been staring at her. Sophie felt uneasy as if she had done something wrong and been found out.

"Why are you staring at me? Do you like someone like me? "

"I'm here to see who can win Sophie's heart." Michelle clicked her tongue and raised Sophie's chin with one finger. "It seems that you are in love, right?"


"Don't be shy. Come and share with me. Who can win your heart?"

Michelle's casual manner made Sophie open her heart to her.

"It's not a big deal. It's just a friend."

"Oh? Friend... "

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