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   Chapter 28 Leave the Company

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Aaron nodded and left with his arm around Sophie's shoulder.

Seeing that Aaron leaving, Vivian was finally relieved. But when she saw the uncertain expression on Barbara's face, her heart rose again. "Miss Barbara..."

"I made you embarrassed her, but I didn't let you show it to Mr. Aaron. Don't you understand? !" Barbara had vented all her anger on Vivian.

"But I..."

"Well, you don't have to explain. If you still want to sit in your position safely, don't leak out the fact that Mr. Aaron just said that Sophie is his fiancée. Do you understand?"!

Barbara looked at Vivian coldly. Even if Aaron admitted that Sophie was his fiancée, as long as this matter was not exposed to the public, it would prove that Aaron didn't have to marry Sophie. Then she still had hope.

Therefore, she couldn't let anyone else know about the fiancée thing.

"Yes..." Vivian nodded repeatedly. No matter what, she didn't dare to say no.

"If I hear that anyone in the company discuss this matter tomorrow, or if I hear anything about the fiancée of Aaron from others, you can just hand in your resignation letter."

After that, Barbara walked out angrily.

Vivian collapsed on the desk, not knowing what to do.

Barbara was her boss and asked her to make things difficult for Sophie. She didn't expect that Sophie had such a strong background. She was the daughter of the Su Family and the fiancée of Mr. Aaron. If she was really difficult to Sophie, she wouldn't have a good result.

This matter was like a hot potato. Vivian didn't want to throw it away, but she didn't want to continue. She could only take it step by step.

Sophie was pulled out of the company all the way. It was not until she got in the car that Aaron let go of her hand.

"Thank you..." Sophie thanked Aaron with embarrassment. If it weren't for the appearance of Aaron, she would have had a big fight with Vivian.

"Thank me again?" Aaron started the engine and said casually.

It suddenly occurred to Sophie that she thanked him last time and he asked her to stay with him for one night.

"No, no, No. I just want to thank you. Nothing else." Explained Sophie in a hurry.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Aaron looked at her without looking at the road, "What else do you want?"

"No, nothing else. Look at the road!" Somehow, Sophie was a little nervous, reminding Aaron to look at the road.

After all, no matter how good his driving skill was, it still needed to depend on the road.

"Well, there is such a good scenery in front of me. Why should I look at the road?" However, Aaron didn't listen to Sophie and still stared at her.

At this moment, a big truck suddenly appeared in front of the car and came towards them.

Sophie was so nervous that she even forgot to breathe. She pointed at the truck and said, "There is a car! Look at the road. Turn a corner! Hurry up! "

However, as if he had no hearing, Aaron ignored Sophie at all. Seeing that two cars were about to hit each other, Sophie's mind went blank and she even forgot to jump out of the car and run away.

In an emergency, she closed her eyes and stepped on the passenger seat unconsciously. Then she held her legs and shrank.

Unexpectedly, a strong light shone, followed by a sharp turn, and the car steadily drove on the road.

After a long time, Sophie came to herself from the extreme shock and looked at Aaron in horror. Was she... Was she still alive? Or she had gone to hell?

She raised her arm numbly and pinched herself. The pain spread all over her body in an instant. She... She was still alive.

But the truck was about to hit them! This... This was impossible!

Aaron didn't look at the road all the time. How did he escape?!

Sophie couldn't believe it. For a moment, she even felt that the man beside her was a ghost.

"Don't think about it. You are still alive." Said Aaron reluctantly to her naive idea.

Sophie didn't say anything, still sitting in the passenger seat.

"My cushion is not worth much." Said Aaron slowly.

It was not until then that Sophie realized that her feet were still on the cushion of his front passenger seat. She quickly sat up straight, but it was too late. There were two eye-catching shoe prints on the cushion.

"Don't you need to compensate for the damages you made, Miss Su?" Instead of looking at her, Aaron focused on driving.

"I... I'll compensate you. " When Sophie said this, she was very unconfident. She didn't know how much the cushion was worth, but in a word, it must be very expensive. Now that she had been out of the Su Family, she didn't have so much money. It was not sure whether she could afford it or not.

"Okay, stay with me tonight." A faint smile played at the corners of Aaron's mouth. It seemed that it was a right choice to play word game with Sophie.

"What? How much is your cushion? Maybe I can afford it. " As expected, Sophie didn't understan

d the deep meaning of his words. She thought that Aaron would ask her to pay for him with money tonight, so she was suddenly upset. "How about I call Gloria and borrow some money to compensate you first... How much do you want? "

Aaron pretended to be serious and he said, "It's not worth much. Miss Su, you can pay me back after spending one night with me."

When he said this, Sophie just understood what he meant. It turned out that they didn't talk about the same compensation at all?!

"No, I have to go home." Sophie refused seriously, but she didn't know that she had no right to say no in the car of Aaron.

"Then why not go to your house? You can stay with me in your house as well." Suddenly, Aaron found it interesting to flirt with Sophie.

"Oh, no!" Su Sophie was stunned and changed her face in an instant.

As for Aaron, he turned the steering wheel and drove directly to the house of Gloria.

"No, I can't go home."

"So Miss Su means to go to my home." Shrugging helplessly, Aaron remembered that this woman had a high IQ. Why did she look like an idiot now?

"No way!" Sophie was a little anxious and didn't know what to say.

In a word, she was not smart enough in front of Aaron. This man was good at talking. Even if she had one hundred mouths, she might not be able to speak to Aaron.

"Since neither your home nor my home is available, Miss Su..." Taking a look at the car, Aaron asked, "Do you want to stay in the car?"

"What?" Sophie didn't know what was going on.

"I can't see that Miss Su has a special hobby in the car." Finally, Aaron couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Sure enough, flirting with women was very interesting.

The premise was that this woman was Sophie Su.

"You! Aaron! You've gone too far! " Sophie couldn't stand his flirtation anymore. She grabbed his hair and pulled it hard.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't escape from being eaten by Aaron in the end.

On the morning of the second day, Sophie lay on the bed in despair, next to her was the man, Aaron Mu, who breathed evenly.

What happened yesterday? Why did she sleep with him?

What puzzled Sophie was that she had forgotten how she was tricked into sleeping with Aaron.

She remembered that when she pulled the hair of Aaron, his mouth was blocked by her, and then... She fell for him?!

'Sophie, Sophie, how old are you? How can you give in so easily? It's not your style at all!'

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but get angry. She suddenly turned around and came face to face with Aaron.

Aaron was still in deep sleep. Sophie wanted to take this opportunity to teach him a lesson, but as soon as she raised her hand, she was attracted by his sleeping face.

No matter how bad this man was, his appearance was really good.

Sophie didn't know what was wrong with her, but she just stared at the face of Aaron for a long time.

She was in a daze for a while, and her thoughts were gradually out of control. She recalled the moment she met Aaron.

She accidentally broke his design that day. He should have lost his temper, but he didn't. instead, he helped her escape from the security.

From now on, this man seemed to be closely related to her life.

When she went to Paris to escape from the engagement of William, Aaron had been following her all the time and took good care of her. Even when she was in the hospital, Aaron could put down his pride as a CEO and come to take care of her.

Later, she went to work in the company. When she was bullied by Barbara, he saved her without hesitation.

And yesterday, when Vivian was made things difficult to her, he appeared and took her away directly.

Although she didn't know whether the fiancée he referred to was true or not, she thought it couldn't be false if she directly admitted her fiancée in front of a public figure like him.

Although she had always been resistant to Aaron, Sophie had to admit that without him, she really didn't know how to spend these difficult time.

An indescribable feeling surged up in Sophie's heart. She only felt that her heart was warm, and then she looked at Aaron, feeling that he was not so bad.

These days when she worked outside, she also understood the difficulty of living in the society. It seemed that people like her were really not suitable to live a social life of intrigue with others. She'd better go back to the Su Family as soon as possible.

She couldn't help thinking of William. Somehow, she felt relieved.

In fact, it was useless to get someone who didn't love her, and she wouldn't be happy either. Since William had a good relationship with the daughter of the Gu Family, it was better for her to bless them and stop making trouble. She would go back to apologize to her father and return to her original life.

Thinking of this, she got out of bed quietly, put on her clothes, took her bag and left the house of Aaron.

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