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   Chapter 27 Make Things Difficult For Her

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Su Sophie couldn't help but roll her eyes, "Who is outside! First, I don't have a boyfriend. Second, I did work overtime in the company today. Third, I'm hungry. "

Sophie didn't want to explain anything more. Anyway, she thought that Gloria knew everything she had done.

Just as what Sophie thought, Gloria looked at her with a look of understanding, "Well, Miss Su must have thought it over before she did anything. I've prepared dinner for you. Let's eat!"

"Okay, Gloria!"



"That man is so handsome. It's not bad to have a chance to be a boyfriend! He must be very rich. I just don't know why I feel he looks so familiar. " Said Gloria, touching her chin.

"Huh? Go watch your Korean drama. I'm going to starve to death in front of you. " Sophie squinted at Gloria with a smile. Speaking of Aaron, was there anyone in C City who didn't know him? After all, as a CEO, he always occupied the headlines on the newspaper.

The two of them went to have dinner and the other continued to chase after the Korean drama.

On the second morning, Sophie was woken up by the alarm clock. She closed her eyes and sat up with an expression of disgust. It had been a long time since she got up so regularly. She was not used to it at first sight.

Gloria stayed up late until the midnight to watch drama serious, so when Sophie had finished washing, Gloria still didn't get up.

She ate something casually and went to the company with her bag without waking up Gloria.

Fortunately, Aaron didn't come to pick her up this morning, so Sophie naturally wanted to have such a happy and beautiful time alone.

Perhaps it was because she was in a good mood that Sophie became the first employee to arrive at the company today.

Thinking of the task Vivian assigned to her yesterday, she sighed helplessly and began to work the whole day without a stop.

In fact, after yesterday's work, she could roughly understand the hard work of the employees. No wonder the employees would gather together to complain in the company. Now thinking about it, they were also forced to work.

"Sophie, Vivian wants to see you." As soon as Sophie saw the staff at the opposite table come out of Vivian's office, she looked pale and seemed to be scolded. "Be careful. There seemed to be something wrong with some document yesterday. Vivian is in a bad mood today. Be careful not to be criticized."

Sophie nodded, made an OK gesture, sorted out her image and went to Vivian's office.

But she didn't expect that this document was the one mentioned by Vivian yesterday that the client cancelled the contract.

Therefore, as soon as she entered the room, she was scolded by Vivian. "Where are the documents yesterday? I asked you to send it to my e-mail. Who did you send it to? "

Yesterday, Vivian added a rule on the contract that Sophie was not allowed to resign within a year. She was not afraid that Sophie would resign and scold her without scruple.

Hearing this, Sophie couldn't help but frown. "Vivian, didn't you say that the client cancelled the contract and asked me not to send it to your e-mail?"

Vivian was even angrier. She pushed the contract to the ground and shouted, "Look, when did the client want to cancel the contract? I just told you yesterday that the client didn't want to sign for the time being and didn't say that he cancelled the contract! So, where is the document you type? !"

Puzzled, Sophie picked up the contract on the ground. The client's name was signed on the contract, which meant that the client not only didn't cancel the project, but also signed the contract, indicating that he wanted to cooperate with the company very much.

Now, Sophie didn't understand. Vivian actually told her not to prepare any more documents yesterday, saying that the contract was cancelled by the client, which made all the documents she had worked hard to drive out invalid. Why did Vivian change her address today?!

First there was the coffee incident, and now there was a document incident. The senior executives of the company were too good at confusing right and wrong! !

"Vivian, we have to be reasonable about this matter. The document that I worked hard to drive out was ruined because you tripped over the power supply of my computer. Then I worked overtime to get the second one. You told me that the contract was cancelled by the client and the document was invalid. Now you are blaming me for this matter. I'm afraid it's unreasonable, isn't it? !"

Even if she worked in here, it didn't mean that Sophie was a pushover. Moreover, she grew up in a big family, and her temperament and aura were not ordinary people. As soon as she talked to Vivian like this, Vivian didn't know what was wrong, and she didn't know what to say under the impact of her strong aura.

"Are all your employees doing this for documents? I'm afraid that the company wouldn't make a good profit, right? !" Said Sophie angrily.

It took Vivian a long time to come to her senses. How could she be intimidated by one of her employees? After all, she

was at the top, and she should act like a member of the top.

"No matter what, I have informed you what you should do. No matter what you say, it's all your fault. If all the employees are as bad as you and come to argue with the boss, how can the company continue to run? !"

"I'm afraid that you should be more responsible for it if the company can't continue to run, right?" Sophie said in an ironic voice, "It's much better to be a responsible boss than to just pass the buck!" said Sophie crossly.

"You! How dare you talk back to me? It's your fault this time. This contract is so big. If you cause any loss to the company, can you afford it? "

"I can afford it." Before Sophie said anything, a cold male voice came in.

She turned around and looked at the door. Why did Aaron come here?!

"Mr. Aaron..." All the employees in the company knew about Aaron. After all, everyone knew that Barbara adored Aaron, and Vivian was no exception. So when she heard his voice, she immediately stopped being arrogant and lowered her head slightly.

"Do you think I can afford it?" As soon as Aaron entered the room, he held Sophie in his arms, raised his eyebrows and looked at Vivian sharply.

Vivian was stunned and quickly smiled obsequiously, "Mr. Aaron, what are you talking about... This is an internal problem of our company. It's an employee's fault. It's also the employee's responsibility to pay the loss. How can I let you compensate? "

"Really? Since it's the responsibility of the employees, I have to pay for it. " Lowering his head, Aaron looked at Sophie and said, "It's natural for me to compensate for my fiancée."

Vivian kept her head down and didn't dare to look at Aaron. When she heard this, she immediately raised her head and looked incredulously at Aaron, who was holding Sophie's shoulder intimately. Her heart sank.

To her surprise, Sophie was Aaron's... fiancée?!

Why didn't she know that the woman in front of her had such a powerful backer?!

She suddenly understood why Barbara wanted her to make things difficult for Sophie. After all, Barbara liked Aaron so much. Now that Sophie was his fiancée, Barbara must be furious and wanted to make things difficult to Sophie.

"I... In fact, I also have some responsibility for this matter. It's not all Sophie's fault. I was too anxious just now, so I spoke without thinking. "

Since he knew about the compensation, he must have heard the conversation between her and Sophie.

In order not to offend Aaron, she quickly explained.

"Really?" Squinting his eyes, Aaron said, "I don't think it's appropriate for you to be the director of the foreign trade department anymore. How about I change a position for you?"

Although Aaron was not a senior manager of the company, Vivian knew that Barbara would definitely meet all the requirements he said. It could also be said that his words were more useful than Barbara in the company.

"No, no... Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Aaron... I'm really sorry. I was in such a hurry. Sophie, I'm really sorry. "

Vivian panicked when she heard what Aaron said. It took her a lot of efforts to get to her position today. She didn't want to lose her good job because of this.

"You can choose to work in our Su Group." Sophie, who had been held in Aaron's arms all the time, didn't refute his words, but followed his words.

It was obvious that Vivian didn't like her and deliberately made things difficult for her. Sophie's brain was running fast. She deliberately told Vivian to work in the Su Group, which was also a disguised declaration of her identity.

Hearing this, Vivian felt that the sky had fallen. Only the daughter of the Su Group could describe the Su Group as 'our' in the world.

"No, no. I'm really... Sorry... I... " When Vivian was at a loss for words, Barbara came in.

As soon as she entered the room, she saw Aaron holding Sophie tightly in his arms. She felt a sting in her eyes.

Just now, when she heard the news that Aaron came to the company, she thought he was looking for her. She waited in the office for a long time, but Aaron didn't show up, so she came out to look for him. Unexpectedly, before she took two steps, she heard his voice in the foreign trade department.

Thinking of that Sophie was working in the foreign trade department, she knew without thinking that Aaron must have come to look for Sophie. Immediately, she felt angry and strode to the door of Vivian's office.

Then he heard the words of Aaron, saying that Sophie was his fiancée.

In an instant, she felt that she was going to explode. What the hell was Sophie that made Aaron admit that she was his fiancée?!

"Mr. Aaron, what a coincidence!" Barbara calmed down and put on a sweet smile. She walked into the office and said hello to Aaron, "I happened to come here to inspect the work. I didn't expect to meet you."

Aaron raised his lips, and said, "I hope Miss Barbara can manage your subordinates well. Not everyone can afford the two words of top management."

"Well... Don't worry, Mr. Aaron. I will. "

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