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   Chapter 25 Not Going Well

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He opened the page on her phone smoothly, and then he dialed his own number. When his phone rang, he hung up and saved Sophie's number.

The whole process was done in one go. Before Sophie could react, her phone number was taken away.

"This is my private number. You can call me if you need anything." Winking at Sophie, Aaron put the phone back in her bag.

"Okay... I'm leaving now. " Pretending to be calm, Sophie tried hard to open the door. Her heart was filled with remorse. Why did she mention the phone just now! Now that this freak knew her phone number, he would must harass her every day.!

While thinking, she opened the door. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't open it. Only then did she realize that the door had been locked.

"Let me out!" Sophie asked anxiously.

"What?" Ignoring Sophie's question, Aaron stepped on the gas and took her back to his home.

When she got out of the car, Sophie took her last stubbornness, but she didn't get out of the car. At last, she was carried back home by Aaron.

At this moment, Sophie just wanted to ask, have you ever been desperate?

"Gloria, I... I can't go back tonight. " When she arrived at Mu Family's house, Sophie hid in the bathroom and called Gloria for two reasons. One was to tell Gloria that she couldn't go back, and the other was to tell her that she was safe and didn't let her worry.

"Are you unwilling to invite me to dinner because you have found a job?" Gloria joked, "And why is your voice so low? Are you imprisoning in the company? "

Sophie nodded, "Almost likely... I have to hang up now. I'm busy... "

Before she could hang up the phone, the bathroom door was opened with a key.

Hearing that, Sophie's back froze and her hand holding the phone trembled. With a click, the phone fell to the ground valiantly.

"Miss Su, do you still want to take a selfie when you go to the bathroom?" Said Aaron, leaning against the door and swinging the key.

Sophie quickly calmed down and pretended to be calm. "Well, the light in the bathroom is good."

"The temperature in the bathroom is good, too. Don't you think so?" With a pun, Aaron walked into the bathroom, kicked the door and walked towards Sophie.

Sophie only felt a terrible pressure coming to her side. She wanted to leave instinctively, but was wrapped around her waist by the man, unable to move.

"How about going to bed?" Sophie knew that she couldn't escape from him now. Anyway, they had experienced having sex before. She would go all out to find a comfortable place.

Aaron shook his head and said, "No, the temperature in the bedroom is not good."

As soon as he finished speaking, his kiss fell on Sophie's lips.

On the second day, when Sophie woke up again, Aaron had already left. Wrapped in the quilt, Sophie sat up. Seeing the mess all over the ground and the torn clothes, Sophie could do nothing but sigh.

How could she go to work with her clothes in such a mess?!

When she was thinking about how to change the quilt into clothes, she accidentally saw a dress behind her.

She looked around and made sure there was no one else. Then she took out her hand to take the dress. She had a rough look at it and found that it was her size.

She didn't expect that Aaron would prepare clothes for her.

But she didn't know why she always remembered what he had said when she put it on. "I have touched every part of your body."

Thinking of tha

t, she felt upset. When she put it on, she took a look at her watch. When she was about to go to work, there was someone behind her.

"You can't be late for work on the first day."

The low and deep voice of Aaron, like a cello, hit Sophie's eardrum. Was he a human or a ghost? Why didn't he even footsteps when he came?

"Okay, I'm leaving now!" With that, Sophie ran to the door around Aaron.

Aaron stopped her by his hand, "Come with me."

Therefore, Sophie, who had no way to resist, was carried into the car by Aaron like a helpless rabbit.

But fortunately, Aaron also had to go to the company. He only sent her to a place not far away from the company and left.

Otherwise, if Barbara saw the shining eyes of Aaron, she might skin Sophie.

Although Aaron didn't send her to the company, Barbara knew that Sophie had left Aaron's house this morning.

Barbara's hands, which were holding the photos, were trembling. The photos clearly recorded the whole process that Sophie was held tightly by Aaron in the car last night, then she went home with Aaron, and was sent to the company by Aaron today.

She was so angry that she tore up all the photos. 'How dare you, Sophie! How dare you seduce Aaron so blatantly! It seems that I have to teach you a lesson!'

"Go and ask Vivian to come here!" Barbara calmed down and ordered Joy beside her.

"Yes, Miss."

After a while, Vivian came to her office. As soon as she entered, she felt something wrong. "Miss Barbara, what can I do for you?"

Barbara glanced at Vivian and said, "Have a seat. I have something to tell you."

"Yes, Miss." During the process of sitting down, Vivian thought about what she had done during this period of time. She was a little relieved after making sure that she didn't offend Barbara.

"You should know that a woman named Sophie came to your department yesterday, right?" Barbara had just been angry, so her tone was naturally not very good.

Vivian nodded, "Yes."

"I specially recruited her. Do you know that?" Barbara asked again.

"I know." Vivian was worried. 'Is Sophie Miss Barbara's relative? Does she need special care?'

"Well, that's good. I want you to take special care of her." Barbara gritted her teeth to say those words.

"Yes, Miss." Vivian frowned. Since Sophie needed special care, how could Barbara say it in that tone? Anyway, she didn't think that Barbara liked Sophie very much. Otherwise, why did Sophie walk out of the office with coffee yesterday?

"The special care I'm talking about is not ordinary. You're a smart woman. You should understand, right?" Barbara was afraid that Vivian might not understand, so she reminded her again.

Reminded by Barbara, Vivian finally understood. It seemed as she expected, Barbara didn't like Sophie. The reason why Barbara asked her to take care of Sophie this time was to make things difficult for Sophie.

"I see. I'll do it." Vivian replied with a smile.

Barbara smiled, "Good. You're smart. If you behave well, you'll be promoted soon."

"Thank you, Miss Barbara."

Walking out of the CEO's office, Vivian breathed a sigh of relief. She thought she had done something to offend Barbara, but it turned out to be like this.

She sneered and went back to her office. She was good at making things difficult for her employees.

As soon as she entered the room, she saw Sophie, who was dealing with documents. She smiled and came up with a plan.

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