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   Chapter 24 Stay With Me For One Night

Fall In CEO's Love Trap Step By Step By Yan Shui Characters: 6816

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As Sophie had been wiping the coffee on her clothes just now, she didn't notice that Aaron came into the office. It was inevitable that she was surprised at the change in Barbara's attitude.

However, the moment she turned around, she understood.

It turned out that there was a guest in the office, so Barbara had to protect her face.

But... Why did this guest look so familiar in a daze?

Sophie didn't care who the guest was, and she chose to leave first. Thinking that she needed this job very much, Sophie didn't contradict Barbara. Instead, she pretended not to know Aaron and quickly left her office.

After all, she was not a fool. She could tell that Miss Barbara had a special feeling for Aaron. At this time, if she wanted to keep this job, she had to sneak away without being stopped by Aaron.

From the fact that Sophie couldn't find a job, to the fact that she was forced to work in Barbara's company, Aaron knew what kind of plot Barbara was playing. Therefore, when Sophie escaped, Aaron naturally wouldn't stop her in front of Barbara.

"Aaron, why are you here?" Barbara didn't expect that Aaron would suddenly come to her office, so she immediately put on a flattering smile.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Aaron said, "I'm looking for someone."

Hearing this, Barbara didn't know what to say. "Who are you looking for? Well, I have some design drafts to show you. You have been abroad these days, so I can't find you. "

Of course, Barbara knew who Aaron was looking for, because he couldn't come to his company once in ten thousand years. When she just hired Sophie, Aaron came. Didn't he come for Sophie?

She clenched her fists secretly. Was Sophie so important to Aaron? Was she so important that made him come to her company in person for her?

"I didn't expect Miss Barbara to know my schedule so clearly. Thank you for your concern." Ignoring the fact that Barbara asked him to see the design draft, Aaron went straight to the point.

Stunned, Barbara stammered, "No... I've sent someone to your company to invite you. They've told me that you're on a business trip to Paris. "

Aaron nodded. In fact, since Sophie had left, it was meaningless for him to stay in the office. He stood up and was about to leave.

Seeing that he was about to leave, Barbara grabbed his sleeve and said, "Mr. Aaron, aren't you looking for someone? Why did you leave so soon? And my... "

"The person I found has left. That's it." Without being noticed, Aaron shook off Barbara's hand and strode out of the office.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Aaron, Barbara bit her lips hard and suddenly sat on the main chair.

Sophie, Sophie, always Sophie!

In the past, no matter how much Aaron didn't want to talk to her, he would still read her design and give her opinions. But now, since he met Sophie, he was even unwilling to perfunctorily talk to her! !

She suddenly pushed the design draft on the table to the ground, with countless dangerous eyes.

She didn't believe that she was not as charming as Sophie Su!

Sophie went back to the foreign trade department. Before she was about to leave, she was told that she would be the Secretary of the manager of the foreign trade department from tomorrow on, specialized in foreign trade negotiation.

"Okay, thank you, manager." Sophie shook hands with the manager Vivian.

Gloria had pr

omised to pick up Sophie after work, but Sophie didn't expect her to go home so early and planned to walk home. Thinking of this, she called Gloria and told her not to pick her up.

Anyway, she was very lazy these two days. Taking two steps was also helpful for her future work.

She listened to the song all the way and walked back along a secluded path, without noticing the car that had been following her.

Just as Sophie was about to take a turn and take another path, a car suddenly stopped in front of her.

"Oh! Who are you! What are you doing? What are you doing? "

"Don't move." The man hugged Sophie from behind and covered her eyes.

Then there was a harsh sound of the wheels.

Undoubtedly, he saved Sophie's life.

Just now, Sophie had been listening to music with headphones. She thought it was a small road and there would be no car passing by, so she didn't pay much attention to the road condition. But Sophie didn't expect that when she crossed the road, a car rushed to her without brake.

Sophie didn't notice it at all. She was still wearing headphones, listening to the music and crossing the road.

"Thank you... Thank you. " Hearing the harsh sound of brake, Sophie instantly understood what had happened. The man who suddenly came to hug her was not a bad person, but someone to save her life.

"What about repayment?" The man seemed to smile and whispered in Sophie's ear, asking for return.

Hearing that, Sophie was stunned. It was rare to see such a person who was willing to help others but asked for reward so directly. But it was reasonable. After all, he had saved her life, so she had to pay him back. "What... What do you want? "

"Stay with me for one night." Holding Sophie in his arms, the man sat on the back seat of his car.

Hearing this, Sophie felt familiar. It seemed that... Did that man also say that?

At this moment, a familiar smell of men's perfume came from the tip of her nose. She recalled the man's voice carefully and immediately frowned. What the hell! The man behind her... Was he Aaron!

Thinking of this, she quickly turned to look at the man.

The truth was exactly the same as she had imagined. The man behind her... It was Aaron!

How could he! Was he really a stalker? Did he stalk her from China to Paris, then back from Paris, and even when she came out of the company?!

She pushed him away and sat on the seat beside him. She reached out her hand and was about to open the door. "Thank you for your kindness. We will discuss how to repay you later on by phone!"

Sophie hurried back. After all, this man said that he would stay with her for one night, and he must be serious.

Raising his eyebrows, Aaron reached out and locked the door and windows. "But I don't have Miss Su's phone number yet. Should you leave it to me?"

Hearing that, Sophie was stunned and regretted. Wasn't she throwing a stone at her own feet?!

"I... I'm living a poor life without a cell phone. " She made up an excuse that she didn't even believe and planned to muddle through.

Since she knew that even she herself would not believe such a clumsy reason, she would not think about muddling through.

Without hearing the nonsense made up by Sophie, Aaron took out Sophie's phone from her handbag. When he found that it was a fingerprint unlocking, he forcibly pulled her right hand to verify the fingerprint.

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