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   Chapter 23 Things Went Wrong

Fall In CEO's Love Trap Step By Step By Yan Shui Characters: 6899

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"That's right. This is the Sophie I know. It's my treat! You can keep your money until you find a job and then buy my dinner! " Gloria patted on Sophie's shoulder happily, "Come and eat!"

"Okay." Sophie agreed, took a gulp of beer and started to eat again.

Who didn't experience any setbacks when looking for a job? Such setbacks were still not able to defeat Sophie.

After dinner, Sophie and Gloria went back home and had a good sleep.

That night was the most stable sleep Sophie had in the past few days.

On the second day, Sophie was ready to start her job-finding task again.

Unfortunately, her resume had been sent out a lot the whole morning, but no company had responded to her.

She frowned and wondered what was wrong? A talented foreign trade translator like her was sought-after, wasn't it?

Just when Sophie thought she would not be admitted by any company, she suddenly received a message.

"Hello, you have been admitted by the Foreign Trade Department of the FY Design Company. Please come to work at three o'clock in tomorrow's afternoon."

Looking at the message, Sophie couldn't believe her eyes. How could she... She was admitted?

So many companies didn't want to her, and she was about to give up looking for a job. She was confused about her own ability, and now finally a company was willing to hire her.

She looked at her watch and found that it was already half past one.

Sophie quickly got up from the bed, changed into a professional suit, and put on a light make-up. Then she grabbed her purse and went to the FY Design Company mentioned on the text.

According to the text, Sophie came to the Foreign Trade Department of the FY Design Company. She thought she should have an interview in the foreign trade department if she was hired, but the person in charge of the foreign trade department asked Sophie to go to the deputy CEO's office.

Frowning, Sophie wondered why she should go to the deputy CEO's office.

She couldn't help but think that it was an era of hidden rules, and so many companies didn't need her. Would this company use her because... The boss wanted to have sex with her?

Seeming to see through Sophie's doubts, the director of the foreign trade department politely smiled and said, "Miss Su, don't worry. Miss Barbara is an easy-going female CEO."

Hearing the three words "female CEO", Sophie was completely relieved. They were all women, so what did she need to be afraid of?

When she arrived at the door of the CEO's office, Sophie felt a little nervous. After all, this was the first official interview in her life, so she had to behave well.

She tidied up her clothes and knocked on the door.

"Come in." A gentle female voice came to Sophie's ears.

It was not until then that Sophie pushed the door open and walked in. As soon as she entered, she saw the female CEO who was dealing with documents. She could not help but frown. This woman... Why was she so familiar with her?

It seemed that they had met somewhere, but Sophie didn't remember where.

Forget it. She was here for an interview, not for pulling strings.

Sitting on the chair, Barbara seemed to be dealing with the documents seriously, but in fact, she had been staring at Sophie.

An unnoticeable smile played at the corners of her mouth. 'Sophie Su, you finally fell into my hands. It seems that I'm right to block your job hunting these days.'

"Mrs. Barbara."

Sophie called out respectfully.

Barbara ignored her and continued to deal with the documents.

Seeing that Barbara didn't say anything, Sophie didn't say anything neither and just stood in front of her.

After a long while, Barbara said, "Prepare a cup of coffee for me. No milk, half sugar."

Sophie had been in a state of distraction. It was not until Barbara's voice came to her ears that she was brought back to the real world.

"Okay." Sophie hurriedly turned around to look for the cup, but because she had stood for too long, her legs were numb, and she walked a little slower.

She poured the coffee into the cup and handed it to Barbara, and Barbara took a sip and put down her work. She looked up and down at Sophie and asked, "What are you doing in my office?"

Stunned, Sophie thought to herself, 'Didn't you ask me to come here?'

"The manager of the foreign trade department asked me to see you." 'How forgetful she is! How could she forget to see me so soon?'

"What? Are you Sophie Su? " Although she had known that the woman in front of her was Sophie Su, Barbara still pretended not to know who she was.

Sophie nodded, "Yes, I am."

"Are you good at English?" Barbara raised her eyebrows and said contemptuously.

Ignoring her scornful eyes, Sophie answered her question, "Yes, I majored in language in college. In addition to English, I can also speak German, French, Italian, and some common small languages, there is no problem with normal communication."

"Well, not bad." Barbara nodded. It seemed that Sophie was not a simple person.

Then she smiled and said, "Get me another cup of coffee."

Barbara handed the remaining half cup of coffee to Sophie. The reason why she hired Sophie to work in the company was to tease her. What she said just now was just a prelude.

Sophie thought that she had finished her coffee, so she took the cup. Unexpectedly, Barbara pushed hard, and the rest of the coffee in the cup fell on her white shirt.

Taking care of her clothes, Sophie forgot to take the cup. The cup fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

"How did you work?"! Barbara scolded Sophie with her eyes wide open.

"Me? But Miss Barbara, it was you who broke the cup. " Said Sophie directly.

"Me? Would I break my own cup? It's all your fault. "

When Sophie was about to say something, the door of the office was knocked open by Joy. "Miss Barbara, Mr. Aaron wants to see you."

"Mr. Aaron is here? Let him in. " As soon as Barbara heard that Aaron was here, her eyes lit up and she hurriedly asked him to come in. But when she saw the flustered look of Sophie, she said, "Ask Mr. Aaron to wait at the door. I'll go out and talk with him."

But Aaron would definitely not wait for Joy to inform him when he came in. He directly walked into Barbara's office.

Seeing that Sophie was covered in coffee, he frowned by instinct, but said nothing.

Barbara was stunned. Why did Aaron come in so soon? If he saw that she embarrassed Sophie, her image would be greatly reduced.

She grabbed Sophie's hand and said, "Hey, why are you so careless? I just want to buy you a cup of coffee. Why did you spill it? Go and change your clothes. Don't catch a cold. "

Sophie was stunned and looked at Barbara in disbelief. "You..."

"Hurry up." With a smile on her face, Barbara imperceptibly glared at Sophie, indicating her to do as she said if she still wanted this job.

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