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   Chapter 17 It's Not That Simple

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Unfortunately, almost all her habits had not changed, but she had forgotten her existence.

Didn't she have a sense of existence in her world, or have a deep memory in her childhood?

Sophie opened her eyes and looked at the sea in the night. She couldn't help but frown. She didn't know why, but she always felt that this scene was very familiar.

She was sure that she had never been to Paris before. How could she have been to the coast here?

All the seas looked like the same. Behind her home was a vast sea. Could it be that sea?

Sophie shook her head and was lost in various fancies and conjectures. Even if there had been thousands of connections between them, now she could not remember anything.

Now Sophie only remembered that when she was a child, William often held her hand to go to the sea behind the Su Family. In autumn, he often picked up hibiscus flowers and said that they were ants to frighten her.

In the past, William smiled brightly and took good care of her. So Sophie love him regardless of everything.

Unfortunately, William just treated her as his sister and never thought of anything else.

Sophie couldn't help but think of his engagement again, and a line of tears fell down from her face.

Noticing that she was crying, Aaron knew that she had remembered something sad again. He looked a little unhappy, but he still silently wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

This time, Sophie didn't push him away. Instead, she held his arm and shrugged slightly.

"You don't want him to marry someone else, but what can you change?" The reason why Aaron asked her out today was to let Sophie realize the reality. It was totally unnecessary for her to torture herself like this.

Besides, William had other intentions that Sophie didn't know.

"I..." Sophie choked with sobs, but couldn't say a word.

"Well? Answer me." Aaron's voice sounded tough, but a little gentle.

"I can't..." After a long while, Sophie replied.

Aaron nodded and said, "Since you can't change it, you have to accept the fact."

"But... But I can't accept it." This was probably the first time that Sophie had spoken out her inner thoughts so frankly to Aaron. She had tortured herself enough these days, so she was willing to reveal her true feelings at this moment.

"It won't change because you can't accept it. Until now, you can only accept it."

After a pause, Aaron continued, "He has already had another woman and doesn't care about your feelings. It means that he doesn't love you at all."

The reason why Aaron said so absolute and so hurtful was that he had to make Sophie realize the reality, so that she would give up all the burden in the past and be full of fighting spirit for the future.

"No. It's not like that. He... He..." Sophie was eager to explain, but she couldn't refute. After all, facts speak louder than words.

"How is he? If he really cares about you, how could he be engaged to another woman regardless of your thoughts? How can he continue to complete his engagement ceremony when you run away from home and your date of return is uncertain?"

However, Sophie couldn't say a word to refute Aaron.

In fact, deep in her heart,

she agreed with Aaron.

After all, every word of Aaron made her unable to refute. It was true that what he said was true. Without caring about her feelings, William engaged with Michelle directly. After she ran away from home, William did not hurry to look for her, but continued to complete his engagement ceremony with Michelle. William was probably still immersed in the tenderness.

Moreover, after getting along with each other for so many years, William had never treated her as his girlfriend, and often reminded her that they could only be brother and sister.

What Aaron said was right.

Sophie couldn't refute, but she couldn't accept it either. This was the most fundamental source of her inner contradictions.

She didn't want to accept it, but she couldn't change it.

Therefore, she had no choice but to escape.

"How long do you still want to escape? Are you going to give up your own life because of this trifle?"

Aaron held her and said, "People always have their own path. No matter what happens on this path, you should be brave."

Sophie was silent. She couldn't say anything. She could only listen to him silently and think about it.

"If there is no special reason, what you need to do now is to face your future."

"But..." Sophie retorted instinctively, but found that she couldn't say anything.

"Nothing but, I..." Last sentence of Aaron was that 'I would be behind you', but it was a little difficult to say it out.

"I will help you." Aaron said. His firm voice undoubtedly made Sophie determined. Perhaps, after so many years, she was really wrong.

"All right. Give me some time." Sophie said with a sigh.

Now she really needed time to relieve her mental pressure. Whether it was William or Brandon who drove her away, she had to reconsider these things.

Aaron nodded silently and said nothing. It was not good for Sophie to push her too hard at this time.

It was better for her to think it over by herself. He believed that she would definitely figure it out.

The two stood by the sea for a while, and the warmth gradually dropped. Without any clothes to protect themselves from the cold, they went back to the hotel.

After returning to the hotel, Sophie and Aaron went back to their own rooms, in order to give Sophie some time to think about herself.

Lying prone on the bed for a while, Sophie went to take a shower to relieve all the pressure in her heart.

These days, she had experienced too many things that she had never experienced. She should think about how to continue in the future. She couldn't always be so depressed.

William had been investigating who took away Sophie's virginity until he saw the surveillance video in the hotel.


Somehow, his heart contracted violently. How could it be Aaron?

William couldn't help but recall the child marriage that Aaron had mentioned before. Was it true? But what was going on between Aaron and Sophie?

His intuition told him that it was not as simple as he thought.

William took a look at his watch and sighed. He didn't know how Sophie was doing abroad. He had planned to look for her, but unfortunately, he had just engaged, and the time was not right.

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