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   Chapter 15 Call To Account

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Maybe it was because the daughter was too cute, or maybe it was because of the things happened in their childhood.

At that time, the Su Family was friend with the Mu Family, which was living next door. The two families had a good relationship since their parents were young.

Later, the parents got married, leaving him and Sophie alone. The two grew up together and were promise to marry when they were one year old.

There was a sea behind the Su Family and the Gu Family. At that time, he took Sophie's hand and took her to the seaside to see the ocean. The two often went to his aunt's house to eat steak, but Sophie had completely forgotten about it.

However, Aaron would never forget the scene that Sophie jumped around him and called him 'brother Aaron'.

That kind of angel like smile on her face was breathtaking.

But later, due to the carelessness of the investment, the Mu Family was defeated. Even if the Su Family had gave them a hand, it had no effect on them. They moved away from the Su Family. Sophie didn't want Aaron to leave, so she followed the car with tears in her eyes. After getting out of the car, Aaron held his hand and promised, "Sophie, I will definitely come back to see you."

However, no one had expected that they hadn't seen each other since then.

Now, Sophie couldn't remember what had happened in her childhood, but Aaron still remembered that he had gone to see Brandon about his marriage with Sophie, but Brandon refused him.

That was how the gap between the two families was formed.

His thoughts were flying uncontrollably. Staring at Sophie's face in a daze, it took Aaron a long time to come to his senses.

Sophie had fallen asleep. The frown on her face gradually disappeared. She looked like an obedient cat.

Sophie was sleeping on his bed, and she couldn't go to sleep in her own room. Helpless, Aaron could only go to bed and share the same bed with Sophie.

Although they slept on the same bed, nothing happened.

On the second day, when Sophie woke up, she only felt dizzy and swollen. Instinctively, she reached out to touch her head. It was not hot, so she thought she didn't have a fever.

But she felt as if she had been torn apart. She moved her body and felt something huge was lying beside her.

Her brain suddenly tightened. Was there any thief in the room?

On second thought, she felt it was not right. This was a hotel. How could this place be robbed? Besides, how could a thief put his hand on her waist to sleep?

At this moment, she heard a familiar and lazy male voice. "Are you awake?"

She instantly understood who was next to her. It must be Aaron!

Why did they sleep in the same bed? Did something happen last night?

She hurriedly lifted the quilt, but the moment she lifted it, her memory came back.

Last night, she seemed to push herself into the bathroom, and then... She was saved by Aaron.

She recalled not only the fragments of Aaron and her, but also the scene of William's engagement.

Last night, she stayed in the bathroom because of William and Brandon.

Her eyes dimmed in an instant, and she stopped struggling. Her heart ached.

Aaron noticed the change in her, she had moved around and suddenly stopped. Moreover, she shrank herself. Needless to ask, she must have remembered what happened yesterday.

He held her tighter and whispered in her ear, "Everythi

ng will be fine."

Sophie didn't answer. She just nestled in his arms for no reason. The man behind her gave her an inexplicable sense of security.

Seeing that she didn't want to reply, Aaron turned her over and said, "Sophie Su, look at me."

"Yes," replied Sophie obediently and she looked at him.

"No matter what happens now, don't give up on the future, understand?" Aaron never comforted anyone, but for the sake of Sophie, he made an exception.

"I don't understand." Sophie didn't want to lie because she didn't want to ruin the atmosphere. Her heart was now gloomy. There was no love or family for her. Why should she still be hopeful for the future?

She couldn't do it! It's impossible!

"Take your time." As he spoke, Aaron gently patted her on the back, hoping that she could be relieved.

His words were said to Sophie, and more to himself.

It could be seen that William was very important in her heart, or she wouldn't have come out for relaxation.

It was easy to forget a person, but it was harder to forget the person she once loved deeply.

Moreover, Sophie didn't remember what had happened. If he wanted to get close to her, he had to take his time.

"I'm getting up. Thank you." Sophie pushed his arm away and said politely.

Without saying anything, Aaron watched her leave and got out of bed.

Sophie went back to her room directly. The room had been cleaned up, and she couldn't see anything messy last night.

She closed the door and lay on the bed in frustration.

In fact, Sophie didn't want to be so depressed all the time, but unfortunately, what happened during this period of time was beyond her endurance. She could not face it for the time being, so she could only choose to escape.

Lying prone on the bed for a while, Sophie, who hadn't eaten anything since last night, didn't feel hungry at all.

She sighed and walked to the bedside. Looking at the scenery outside the window, she was stunned again.

She said she was out to relax, but she spent most of her time in a daze.

After sitting by the window for a long time, Sophie gradually had the ability to think.

The sound of footsteps came from the door.

She knew who it was without looking at it, because at this time, no one would come to her room except for Aaron, and the door was opened so smoothly.

Seeing that she didn't come out and there was no sound in the room, Aaron thought that she must haven't eaten anything, so he wanted to take her out for a meal.

Having dinner was not his main purpose. He mainly wanted to take Sophie out for relaxation.

After all, she kept herself in the room all day long. Even if she was a healthy person, she would get sick after that.

If she didn't go out for a walk, she might have some psychological problems, and the terrible situation like yesterday would happen again.

"Let's go out for dinner." After thinking for a while, he threw five simple words to Sophie, sat on the sofa by the window and glanced at her.

Sophie turned around and refused coldly, "I'm not hungry." She just wanted to stay alone and didn't want anyone to disturb her, but it was Aaron.

"I helped Miss Sophie so much the other day. I didn't pursue the matter that you ruined my design. Miss Sophie, can't you come to have dinner with me?" Aaron said with threats, "Or... Miss Sophie, do you think I should call to account? "

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