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   Chapter 14 Do You Want To Die

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Sophie was annoyed. Didn't she call to declare her sovereignty? If she was really looking for him anxiously, why didn't she let William call her?

The phone kept hanging up, so Sophie had to turn it off.

Without hesitation, Sophie turned off her phone.

When Sophie walked into the bathroom, she saw a haggard face, staring at the mirror for a while. Was she defeated by this matter alone?

Sophie didn't want to admit that she was defeated, but she had to admit the fact.

She walked to the bathtub and wanted to take a bath, but she turned on the shower.

Sophie looked up at the watering can and sneered, "Even you oppose me?"

Tears welled up in her eyes again.

As if her consciousness was controlled by someone, Sophie sat under the shower head. No matter how cold the water was, she only knew that she needed to calm down.

The icy water passed over her head, poured on her forehead, across her cheeks, dropped on her chest, and then fell to the ground.

Sophie was like a doll without any consciousness. Sitting on the ground, she felt a sense of desolation in her heart.

After sitting for a while, Sophie felt a little tired and lay on the ground.

The door of the bathroom was closed, and the drain pipe was just blocked, so the water in the room was getting more and more accumulated, and finally soaked into the eyes of Sophie.

Instead of getting up, Sophie crawled to the door and locked it.

For a moment, the word "death" came to Sophie's mind again.

After locking the door, Sophie struggled to stand up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was pale and her eyes were empty. She reached out to touch her face, only to feel that this person was no longer herself.

Sophie smiled bitterly. She laughed at herself.

At this time, the doorknob was pushed open.

But Sophie didn't want to care about it. No one had her room card and no one could come in anyway.

She took a step back, lost her balance and fell to the ground. When she wanted to get up, she couldn't get up because of the slip.

The cold water soaked her skin and almost drowned her. Sophie seemed to give up and stopped struggling. She just lay in the water and felt the pleasure from the bottom of her heart.

When she was about to suffocate to death, the door of the bathroom was kicked open.

Sophie felt a strong sense of depression, and then her eyes went black and she fainted. She didn't know what happened next.

Seeing that Sophie didn't do anything for a long time and heard the sound of flowing water when he passed by her room, Aaron didn't care about it at first. In addition, he was a little angry, so he left.

Unexpectedly, when Aaron passed by again after a while, he still heard the sound of water flowing, and it continued.

Aaron suddenly felt a little uneasy. He knocked on the door, but no one answered.

Aaron had taken away the room card of Sophie's room when he left just now, it was easy for him to enter her room.

As soon as he entered the room, the scene in front of him made his heart skip a beat. The water all over the floor flowed through the crack of the bathroom door, and he couldn't find Sophie in the room.

Finally, Aaron concluded that Sophie must

be in the bathroom.

Aaron knocked on the door of the bathroom and heard the sound of someone falling inside. He was so anxious that he kicked the door hard. The door trembled a little, but it didn't open.

At the same time, the sound of something heavy falling on the ground was heard in the room. With the sound, the strength of Aaron fell to the limit and he kicked the door open at once.

The water poured out from the door. Sophie was facing the floor and her whole face was soaked in the water.

With his heart contracted violently, Aaron lifted up Sophie horizontally.

Sophie breathed again and gasped greedily. In fact, she had wanted to struggle just now, but she had been holding her breath for too long and felt weak all over. If it weren't for the help of Aaron, she might have been drowned alive.

Sophie was still in a trance. Looking at the man in front of her, she didn't recognize him for a moment. In a trance, she thought it was William. She held his shoulder and sobbed, "I know. You won't abandon me."

Holding her waist tightly, Aaron returned to his room and comforted her on the way, "No."

"Okay." Sophie leaned her mouth against his chest, but the smell of his body was completely different from that of William, which stimulated her nerves. This man... was not William.

Sophie wanted to break away from his arms, but she suddenly remembered that William had been engaged and how could he come to pick her up. She smiled bitterly, which was an invisible irony that she couldn't forget. She didn't break away, but let Aaron put her on the bed.

She was not afraid of death. What was she afraid of?

Sophie was so weak that she could only lie on the bed and could not turn over.

With a sigh in his heart, Aaron went to the bathroom and wrapped Sophie with a bath towel expressionlessly. Then he turned up the temperature of the air conditioner. The whole process was done in one go.

Even so, Sophie still felt a chill from the bottom of her heart, which almost froze her.

Bitterness gradually spread in her mouth, suppressing her throat and making her sob.

Aaron was wiping Sophie's hair. He was afraid that it would hurt her, so he had to carefully untie her knotted hair.

Seeing that Sophie's shoulders kept shaking, he frowned and held her in his arms. "It's okay."

Hearing that, Sophie cried even harder. She leaned on Aaron's shoulder and burst into tears.

Aaron didn't say anything more. He was not good at comforting people, and he felt that comforting her now was also a burden. It was better to give her a shoulder and let her lean on it.

It took a long time for Sophie to stop crying. After leaving the shoulder of Aaron, she was covered in the quilt, completely ignoring whether her hair was wet or dry.

Seeing her like this, there was nothing Aaron could do. He just gently wrapped her head with a towel after she fell asleep, fearing that she would catch a cold at night.

Sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at the restless sleeping face of Sophie, Aaron felt a pang of pain.

At this moment, an inexplicable feeling struck his heart. He didn't know what kind of emotion it was. In the past two days, he always thought of Sophie.

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