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   Chapter 13 A Big Fight

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Today, Sophie was determined to go against Brandon. She said directly, "I can call him whatever I like. This is my freedom. He is not my biological brother. What's wrong with me marrying him?"!

"You! You really piss me off! Anyway, he has been engaged to Michelle, which can't be changed. Since you say three days is too short, I will give you another week. You must find someone to marry! " Brandon insisted.

Sophie didn't hate to marry. On the contrary, she was still very young. If Sophie didn't get married, then it was very likely that Aaron would keep an eye on her. Brandon was worried that Aaron might have some unknown purpose, so he had to marry off Sophie as soon as possible to stop Aaron's scheme.

"No way! I would rather stay single all my life than marry myself so hastily! " Sophie refused his request directly.

She didn't understand why her father was so anxious to marry her out since she was only twenty years old. Did he think that if she didn't marry, she would have an affair with William?

"Sophie Su, how dare you? You don't even listen to your father now?"! Brandon was so angry that he almost lost his breath. His hand holding the teacup suddenly threw it on the tea table.

His daughter was not only stupid, but also disobedient!

"Why should I listen to you? You don't even respect my happiness. You still want me to listen to you! No way! "

When people were angry, they would say whatever they wanted to say. Obviously, Sophie was in a state of anger now. She spoke out everything, regardless of anything.

"Okay! Let me tell you, Sophie. If you don't find yourself a good husband within a week, don't you come back! " Brandon made up his mind and asked.

However, Sophie was disdainful of this. "I won't come back. Do you think how much I want to go home to see how good the relationship between William and the daughter of the Gu Family is?"!

"Sophie! Do you really want to piss me off?"! Don't come back! Get out! " Brandon was so angry that he trembled all over. He asked Sophie to get out of the Su Family.

"Okay, that's what you want. I'll get out!" After saying that, Sophie hung up the phone. Her eyes were red and full of tears.

She didn't understand that she was his biological daughter. How could he let her never go back to the Su Family because of an adopted son? It was also because of William that he even asked her to marry hastily.

At this moment, Sophie even had the idea of suicide.

But looking at the surging crowd in front of her, everyone was struggling for a living, and everyone wanted to live a good life. Sophie decided to live on rather than die.

After buying the air ticket, she resolutely flew back to Paris. After all, Brandon told her not to go back to the Su Family anymore. In that case, she would not go back!

Seeing that Aaron didn't follow her but went back to the company alone, Sophie breathed a sigh of relief. If this guy continued to pester her, she really couldn't stand it. Moreover, she was really not in the mood to deal with Aaron now.

Although Brandon was angry, he couldn't just leave Sophie alone. After all, Sophie was his daughter. He sighed and called the butler.

"Send some people to keep an eye on her. Don't let anything happen to her!"


es, sir."

After returning to Paris, Sophie realized that it was not as simple as she thought to get rid of Aaron.

Although they didn't take the same flight, Aaron came to Paris again.

Because before she entered the hotel, she was forcefully taken back to her room by Aaron.

As soon as they entered the room, Aaron hugged Sophie and kissed her suddenly.

Sophie, who was still in a state of anger after quarreling with her father, pushed him away and slapped him in the face. "Don't touch me."

For so many years, Aaron had never been slapped, let alone by any woman. In the past, every woman would stick to him willingly. How dare Sophie hit him?

He stared at Sophie in disbelief and his anger was ignited. He threw Sophie on the bed and rode on her.

Sophie dodged him instinctively and kept beating his chest. Her eyes were swollen with tears.

Somehow, when Aaron saw the tears in her eyes, he felt a little pity for her, and his chest also felt a dull pain. He remembered that she had refused him like this last time. Was this woman so unwilling to let him touch her?

Frowning, he turned Sophie's head and forced her to look into his eyes. "Are you so reluctant to sleep me?"

Sophie had to look at him. Her eyes were red and swollen with tears, but there was a hint of anger hidden in them.

Aaron bent down and bit Sophie's lips. He didn't let her go until she was suffocated.

When Aaron left, the sound of closing the door heavily hit Sophie's nerve, which incomparably indicated his anger.

However, Sophie didn't have time to think about it. She just lay on the bed, tears streaming down.

It was not until at this moment that she really felt helpless.

Two days ago, everything had happened in the same time and she didn't have time to think much about the engagement of William. Now that she was free, she couldn't help thinking about his engagement.

The photos appeared in front of her again one by one. In addition, Brandon was angry with her today and asked her to get out of here. He didn't allow her to go back to the Su Family anymore. She just felt like an abandoned girl. She couldn't find her home no matter how hard she tried.

Slowly sitting up, Sophie put her legs in front of her chest, tears streaming down uncontrollably from her eyes. Perhaps it was because of the air conditioner in the hotel doesn't work, or because of her own reason, she only felt a chill and her hair was wet and sticky to her forehead, looking cold and hot.

She looked around the hotel she was staying in, and suddenly, she had an illusion that this was her home from now on.

Since William had never liked her, why did he treat her so well and give her a feeling that he really liked her? Why did he send her to hell with the news of engagement?

She didn't know whether William liked Michelle or not, but she would always remember how happy his smile was.

After crying for a long time, Sophie dragged her tired steps to the bathroom. She thought it was necessary for her to take a shower to relieve the pain in her heart.

The phone rang inappropriately. It turned out to be Michelle. Sophie smiled with self-mockery and hung up the phone.

When she was about to leave, her phone kept ringing again It was Michelle.

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