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   Chapter 12 Take Good Care of Her

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Sophie nodded obediently. She didn't want to stay in the ward with the smell of disinfectant.

After returning to the hotel, the first thing Sophie did was to apply the ointment. After all, even if it was almost healed, there were still some traces.

If Brandon knew that she was ill abroad, he would have grounded her directly.!

As soon as she came out after applying the ointment, she saw Aaron sitting leisurely on the edge of the bed. She couldn't help but frown. When she came here just now, the receptionist said that they had empty rooms. Why did he still stay here?

"Isn't there a room available at the front desk? Why are you still here? Go and get a new room. " Sophie asked in confusion.

However, before she could react, Aaron pressed her on the bed and asked, "What if I tell you that there was also an available room yesterday?"

Sophie immediately understood his intention. It turned out that he live here not because he didn't have available room, but just wanted to take advantage of her?!

She slapped herself in her heart. 'Sophie, you should have known that he is not a good person at all!'

"You! Let go of me! " Seeing that Aaron's eyes gradually turned on, Sophie sensed a hint of danger.

Was he... Was he thinking about something pornographic?

Thinking of that he had taken away her first kiss, Sophie didn't want him to flatter her no matter what he did. But she had no choice. Because of the great strength of Aaron, no matter how hard she struggled, it was in vain.

She had no choice but to kick him randomly.

But she seemed to have forgotten that Aaron was good at martial arts. Before she could kick him again, she was suppressed by Aaron.

"Let go of me! Bastard! " Unable to move at all, Sophie could only cursed him without hesitation.

However, the next second, Sophie's mouth was blocked by the man aggressively.

As flexible as he was, Aaron knocked open Sophie's teeth and stroked her back, making her blush.

"What do you want?" Being tortured by him, Sophie said in a low voice.

But she couldn't figure out how a man could do that to her face now!

"What do I want? Since you call me a bastard, I'll do what a bastard should do. " After saying that, then he kissed Sophie again.

The night was still long.

On the second day, Sophie only felt sore all over her body, and she felt pain even she moved a little. She frowned and turned over with difficulty. Her consciousness gradually came back, and the memory of last night came back to her mind.

Damn it! She didn't expect that this man's physical strength was so good. Last night, she fainted in bed. Now thinking about it, she felt ashamed.

However, after what happened last night, Sophie seemed to be sure who took her first night.

It was none other than Aaron.

After coming to this conclusion, Sophie was really shocked, but on second thought, it seemed to be reasonable.

After all, she was taken away by Aaron when she was drunk that day. No matter what happened, she could only have sex with him.

She looked at the date and suddenly remembered something important. She seemed to have booked today's plane ticket and was going back...

Coincidentally, Aaron walked out of the bathroom. Seeing that Sophie had woken up, he put on his coat and left without saying a word to her.


ooking at his back in confusion, Sophie kept muttering to herself, 'This man has a split personality. Don't lower yourself to the same level as him.'

Thinking that the plane was about to be late, Sophie got out of bed directly, packed her luggage in a hurry and went straight to the airport.

The scene was exactly the same as that when they came. Sophie met with Aaron on the plane. But the difference was that last time, it was Aaron who came late, but this time it was Sophie came late.

She wondered what this man was thinking about every day. How could he know her whereabouts so well?!

She didn't want to think about it anymore.

The two didn't talk much along the way. One was staying quietly and covering the magazine on her face to sleep, and the other was staying quietly and putting on the headphones to sleep.

Therefore, the two of them were woken up by the airline stewardess after the plane landed.

Sophie felt that she would never forget the scene when the airline stewardess woke her up. After all, her earphone was wrapped around her neck, and she had spent a lot of effort to take it off.

As soon as she got off the plane, she received a call from her grandfather, Byron Su.

As soon as the phone was connected, someone was roaring on the other side of the phone. Sophie couldn't help but take the phone three feet away from her.

In fact, without listening to Byron Su's words, she knew what he was going to talk about. It was just a furious question that why she didn't go home and made her family worried.

Sophie just rolled her eyes. No one came to her. Why did he say they were worried about her?

After a while, Sophie felt that Byron Su's tone had calmed down, so she put the phone near her ear.

"How is it going with your marriage? Have you prepared for it?" asked Byron Su calmly.

Hearing that, Sophie was a little stunned. It was not until then that she remembered that Brandon had said that he would find someone to marry her in three days.

She counted with her fingers. It had been almost three days since the day of William's engagement and she was not used to the food there. She didn't expect that the old man remembered it so clearly.

"No, I didn't." Sophie shrugged and said honestly.

"What? !" Hearing her words, Brandon exploded in an instant. "Didn't I say that I would give you three days? Don't you take my words seriously? "

"What are you talking about? You attach so much importance to the engagement of William. Why do you let me find my own husband within three days? What am I to you? Besides, I've said that I only want to marry him! "

As soon as Sophie thought of this, she got angry. She was no longer afraid of Brandon's anger. It was just a joke for her to find a husband in three days. Sophie, who was still angry with William, could not find a husband for herself.

In fact, Brandon didn't mean to be rash with Sophie. He just wanted her to find someone she liked. He would definitely investigate the identity and background of the man she was going to marry behind her back. He couldn't let Sophie marry someone so easily.

"How many times have I told you? He is your brother, your brother! Don't call him William anymore! " Brandon was not only dissatisfied with Sophie's attitude, but also with her calling William in this way.

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