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   Chapter 7 A Blind Date

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William came over, rubbed Sophie's hair and comforted, "Sophie, Uncle Brandon is so angry. It's also because someone took a photo of you in the bar last night."

"Don't marry anyone else, please?" Sophie pulled his hand down and held it tightly. Her eyes turned red unconsciously.

When she saw this gentle and familiar face, her mood instantly exploded.

In her eyes, this was the most important thing.

After a pause, William forced himself to calm down and pretended not to understand, "Sophie, I will get married sooner or later. It doesn't matter who I marry."

"It's different! It's not the same." Tears streamed down Sophie's cheeks, looking painful. "William, don't you really feel anything? I like you. I've always liked you! It was the love between men and women! So I don't want you to marry anyone else. I just want you to marry me!"

William turned around and avoided her burning eyes. He tried to calm himself down and said indifferently, "Sophie, I've always treated you as my sister."

These words were like heavy stones, pressing on Sophie's heart, making her breathless.

"No!" She cried hysterically and grabbed William's sleeve.

William took a look at her fair hands and didn't say anything.

He was afraid that he would tell her the truth as soon as he opened his mouth.

Sniffing, Sophie ran to William and said angrily, "Even if I tell you that I lost my virginity last night and I didn't even know who the man was, you didn't care at all, did you?"

After a while, William regained his gentleness and said, "Sophie, don't worry. I will investigate it and won't let go of the person who hurt you."

There was no difference in his voice.

He really didn't like her, not at all.

Sophie's heart was completely broken, and her hand slowly loosened.

Her persistence over the years began to change.

She suddenly felt a little tired.

Was it a mistake that she liked him?

On the second day, Sophie, who had been on holiday for several days, finally decided to go to work.

She wanted to be busy so that she wouldn't have time to think about those sad things.

As soon as she arrived at the company, she saw several female employees gathering together and talking about something. From time to time, they laughed excitedly.

After asking, Sophie knew that there was a project cooperation between the Mu Group and the Su Group. After a while, Aaron would come as the representative of the Mu Group

Yes, Aaron was young and promising, with good figure and appearance. There were indeed many women who liked him.

Sophie didn't think too much about it. After all, she was not interested in Aaron at all.

After a while, Sophie, who was reading documents, suddenly raised her head and frowned.

She remembered that she met hooligans the night before yesterday, and it was because of Aaron that he appeared to help her. As for how he appeared in the hotel and what happened later, she couldn't remember clearly.

Then, would Aaron know something?

Speak of the devil and he would appear.

Pursing her lips, Sophie strode forward to stop Aaron and said to, "I want to have a talk with you. Let's have a coffee."

With a cold look at her, Aaron didn't stop and said, "I'm busy."

Sophie was stunned, but she didn't intend to give up. She followed him and said, "Aaron, I have something to ask you."

"Do I know you well?" With his eyes hidden under the sunglasses, no one

could tell what Aaron was feeling. He pointed at the secretary beside him and said, "I'm very busy. If you want to see me, make an appointment first."

He was totally different from the previous one!

Sophie stopped and watched the man enter the meeting room. She was in a daze for a long time.

Split personality?!

As they were talking about the cooperation, Aaron was frequently absent-minded, seeming to be thinking about something.

He didn't know if he was angry with himself or Sophie.

That night, although it was their first time, he clearly heard the woman calling the name of William in her dream later.

How could he bear the fact that they slept in the same bed and had a different dream?

He was still angry.

In the following day, Sophie was absent-minded.

When she was about to get off work, her phone rang. It was a number she had never seen before.

She answered the phone.

A gentle and sweet voice came from the other end of the line, "Hello, Sophie. I'm your brother's fiancee, Michelle Gu. I'm going to be engaged to him in a few days. I want to invite you to dinner, okay?"

The word "fiancee" suddenly hurt Sophie's heart.

She thought for a while and nodded.

In a western style restaurant, melodious music was flowing slowly.

Michelle Gu arrived early and sat in her seat.

After a while, Sophie also came. She greeted in embarrassment, "Hello, Miss Michelle Gu."

She felt uncomfortable.

"We'll be family from now on. Don't be so formal. Just call me Michelle." Michelle Gu raised her head and smiled gracefully.

Her skin was very white, and her features were not very exquisite, but very comfortable.

It was just like her name.

After the meal, the two got along well with each other. At least, Michelle Gu thought so.

Looking at the elegant woman in front of her who was talking calmly, Sophie felt a little embarrassed.

She just asked her out for dinner, but she thought it was a threat to her rival in love. It shouldn't be!

When Sophie learned that Michelle Gu had come back from abroad, she suddenly felt that she was inferior.

Michelle Gu was well-educated, obedient and gentle, while she was making trouble everywhere. Every time she asked William to help her deal with the aftermath.

In comparison, it was no wonder that William only treated her as his sister when he wanted to marry Michelle Gu.

Although she decided to forget William, Sophie still felt a lot of frustration.

While she was thinking, Michelle Gu said, "Sophie, you don't have a boyfriend, do you? Your brother has been so worried about you that he asked me to introduce someone to you!"

Hearing that, Sophie was stunned. Lowering her eyes, she didn't reply.

"Well, I happen to know someone. Although he is playful, he is kind-hearted in nature. Men are all like this. It takes time to grow up." Holding her chin in her hands, Michelle Gu thought for a while and said, "How about you meet him tomorrow? Even if you don't like him, it's good to make friends."

Seeing that she was so serious, Sophie felt more and more uncomfortable.

After a long time, she smiled with relief and nodded, "Okay."

Since the falling flowers were ruthless, why did the flowing water continue to insist?

In the evening of the second day, Sophie arrived at an Italian restaurant at the appointed time.

At that time, the so-called young master of the Lee family hadn't come yet.

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