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   Chapter 3 To Keep Pace With You

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Several hours had passed since they entered the mall.

When Sophie was about to get in the car, once again she caught a glimpse of the silver car.

'Can this be a coincidence?' she wondered, unable to put her mind at ease.

This area was brimming with shops of luxuries. The cheap car was a trifle out of place.

She was determined to investigate this matter.

"Gloria, I think you should go back. An urgent matter came up," Sophie said, turning to Gloria. There was an awkward smile on her face. She had promised Gloria the whole day.

"But why?" Gloria asked, looking confused. "Didn't you tell me you would be free the whole day?"

"I am sorry. I just got a message!" Sophie said and apologized frantically for her sudden departure. "Alright then," Gloria agreed.

Waving her hands, Sophie turned around and left. As she walked, she looked at the silver car.

She had lied so that Gloria would leave. She wasn't going anywhere; instead, she just wandered aimlessly.

All of a sudden, she turned around and saw a man in a black leather jacket standing right behind her.

When Sophie turned around, the man lowered the brim of his hat and looked around, pretending like he wasn't following her. Realizing she was suspecting him, he turned around, as if he was going to buy something.

With a bit of certainty in her heart, Sophie continued to walk forward. Through the rearview mirror of a Porsche car parked next to her, she noticed that the man was still following her.

'Well, my instincts were right, ' she thought.

Undoubtedly, she knew this was the man from the silver car.

'Could it be Mr. Mu who's behind this?' she wondered.

In fact it wasn't until William told her that she knew the man whose exhibit was broken by her was Aaron.

As she walked, she racked her brain for a solution. Suddenly, an idea popped into her mind.

The next second, she walked into a nearby alley.

Seeing this, the man quickened his pace.

However, when he arrived at the alley, it was a little dark inside. He could barely see her.

In spite of this, he cautiously trudged forward.

As he kept on walking, he realized this was a dead end.

She had set a trap and he had fallen for it!

Startled, the man turned around, ready to escape.

Before he could flee, Sophie stood in front of him.

Bile rose in his throat. He was overcome by fear.

"Tell me, why are you following me?"

she demanded as she approached him. Although she was smiling, there was no warmth in her eyes.

The man had no choice but to retreat back. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead. Words wouldn't come out of his mouth.

Sophie wasn't in any hurry. Looking at him with her cold eyes, she went on, "What if I yell and accuse you of molesting me?"

Even though he had been following her, something about his demeanor told her he wasn't here to hurt her.

In fact, he looked pretty harmless. Otherwise, Sophie wouldn't have dared to stand alone in a dark alley with him.

The man understood she wouldn't leave him without an explanation. His pupils shrank slightly, and he was so frightened that he knelt on the ground with his hands clasped together. He began to beg for mercy. "I'll tell you everything, please don't punish me."

Sophie returned home looking unhappy. Except for the servants, she was all alone in the house.

Slouching on the sofa, she furrowed her eyebrows.

Today's event left her confused.

After a while, William came back from work.

At first, Sophie hesitated. But knowing she had to get if off her chest, she confronted him.

"Have you eaten yet?" William took off his coat and handed it to the butler along with his briefcase.

Sophie shook her head.

In an indifferent tone, she said, "I went shopping with Gloria today. I was followed by someone."

William paused for a while and asked, "And then?"

"Why?" she asked as she realized what the man said was true.

If this had nothing to do with him, his first reaction would be asking her if she was okay.

The room was suddenly silent.

Sophie couldn't let this go. She wanted an explanation at any cost.

Biting her lips, she asked in a stern voice, "Tell me why you sent someone to follow me!"

She was used to talking with William softly. Her tone made him flinch.

After a long silence, William raised his head and looked at her with his tired eyes. "I did it because I care about you, Sophie. Don't be angry."

The truth was, she wanted to ask him more questions. But seeing how tired he

was, Sophie let him go.

But the rest of the day, an eerie feeling followed her. If he wanted to protect her, he could have told her. 'Why didn't he tell me about it?' she couldn't help but wonder.

During the meal, the atmosphere was different from the normal days. Both of them remained silent.

On the next day, Sophie received a birthday party invitation from Barbara Bai.

The party would be held tonight.

Leaving the card on the table, she decided to skip it. She wasn't in a mood to attend a party. But to her surprise, before leaving, William told her, "After work, I will pick you up. Don't forget to get dressed."

'I guess I have no choice now, ' she thought with a sigh. In the evening, Sophie rummaged through her wardrobe and settled for a blue dress. It was gorgeous and made her look even more beautiful. To go with it, she dabbed her face with minimal make-up. She was naturally beautiful and didn't have to overdo.

"My sister is so beautiful." Wearing a black suit, William stood in front of her, admiring her beauty.

Sophie noticed a glimmer of attraction in his eyes. But soon, it disappeared. She told herself perhaps she had imagined it.

Pouting, she said unhappily, "I've told you several times that I am not your sister!"

Her words sent him smiling. Reaching out for her hand, he said, "Let's go, my princess."

Hearing that, Sophie smiled happily and gave her hand to him.

When they arrived at the hotel, a lot of eyes fell on them. They looked like a couple.

Aaron recognized Sophie in an instant. Yes, she was indeed the girl who had come to his room, pretending to be a cleaner.

When he looked at the man standing next to her, his face darkened. With his cold gaze, he glared at her hand that was on William's arm.

Gulping down his wine, he walked towards them.

"What a pleasant surprise, Miss Su!" he said, ignoring William's presence. There was a smile on his lips. "We have met before, haven't we?"

Raising her head, Sophie met his deep eyes. Startled, she immediately lowered her head.

'Why is he here? Oh God! Make him disappear!' she prayed as scenes from that night relayed in her mind.

"I am sorry. I think you have made a mistake," she said, but there was an unmistakable tremor in her voice.

"I'm thirsty. I will be getting something to drink. But you guys carry on talking!"

Leaving Aaron and William behind, she disappeared into the crowd.

"Mr. Mu, what do you mean?" William suddenly became suspicious. Moreover, Sophie's reaction was quite strange.

"I was just greeting my fiancee, Mr. Xu. It is wrong to pry in other people's business,"

Aaron said with a smile.

"Mr. Mu, here you are! I have been searching for you everywhere!"

the birthday girl exclaimed as she approached him. She was delighted to see him.

Clad in a long black dress, she was the star of the day.

Barbara Bai was so beautiful that men had difficulty peeling their eyes off her face.

William took a look at her and smiled. "Since you have a beautiful woman to keep you company, I think I should be leaving."

Saying that, he left. His words made Barbara Bai blush.

"Mr. Mu, I need your advice." Barbara Bai smiled shyly, holding a design sketch in her hand.

She had been working hard on this design. She had lots of people who flattered her every day. But she didn't care what they thought. The only person whose approval she needed was Aaron.

Since she was asking for his opinion, Aaron had to lower his head and look at it. However, his eyes were bereft of any emotions.

Overall, the design looked good. But some details could have been handled better. There was something about it that told him the designer lacked passion.

"Not bad," he said, hoping her queries would come to an end.

But Barbara Bai took it as an affirmation. She was overjoyed since he had bestowed his opinion on her work.

"Mr. Mu, I want to keep pace with you. Everyone knows you are fond of designing so I..."

She raised her head coquettishly, only to find that Aaron's attention was elsewhere. On following his gaze, she realized it was Sophie who had captured his attention. He was looking at her with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

She had been talking like an idiot for the past few minutes but he barely heard her words!

This realization wounded her heart. Barbara Bai's envious gaze glared at Sophie. Putting away the painting in the drawer, she picked up a glass of hot milk and made her way towards Sophie.

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