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   Chapter 1 How Dare You Take Advantage Of Me

Fall In CEO's Love Trap Step By Step By Yan Shui Characters: 7999

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Sophie Su sneaked into the huge presidential suite on the top floor of the most luxurious five-star hotel in C City.

The bathroom was foggy as the man inside was taking a hot shower. As he stood under the shower head, water slid down his muscular body.

Through to the misted glass, she could vaguely see his strong muscles. Obviously, he kept fit with exercise

With a mop in her hand, Sophie Su, who was dressed as a cleaner, peeked inside. She squinted her eyes to get a better glimpse of him. Even from this distance, she could tell he had a great body. Happily, she ogled his figure. 'I am going to drool, ' she thought to herself.

Just then, Aaron Mu sensed someone's presence. "Who is it?" he asked angrily.

Hearing this, Sophie Su quickly retracted her head back from the door.

The sound of spraying water gradually came to a halt. The whole room was taken by an eerie silence.

Sophie Su caught her breath, bracing herself for what was about to come. Few minutes passed but he showed no signs of coming out. Out of curiosity, she poked her head once again.

However, as soon as she did so, it clashed with his chest.


She winced in pain, covered her nose and took a few steps back.

Aaron Mu had already worn his bathrobe. He lowered his head and looked down at the woman in front of him. 'What a nuisance!' he thought, furious at being disturbed. Looking at her, he asked, "Who allowed you to come here?"

She finally got to see the face that belonged to this magnificent body. He was quite a handsome man.

Knowing fully well she was in trouble, Sophie Su lowered her head, turned around and was about to leave, carrying her mop.

As if Aaron Mu had predicted this, he put his hand on her shoulder and stopped her from leaving.

Seeing this, Sophie Su turned around, shook off his hand and glared at him angrily. "You are overreacting! I was merely starting at you. When did staring become a crime?" she asked, trying to defend her actions.

Aaron Mu froze as he sensed familiarity in her eyes.

Just then, a loud noise came from outside.

"You take your men to the left, and you take your men to the right. Search every nook and cranny of this hotel!"

"Yes, sir!"

Sophie Su overheard the conversation that took place outside.

As she heard the approaching footsteps, she was overcome by fear. Throwing away the mop, she leaned forward and covered the man's mouth. Before Aaron Mu could react, she pulled him to the bed and quickly covered themselves with the quilt.

She was bracing herself for a disaster.

Soon, there was a knock on the door.

In a respectful tone, a man asked, "Mr. Mu, have you gone to bed? Just now, someone broke in. We are doing our best to find the culprit. I am sorry to disturb you. But we are just making sure you are safe."

However, Aaron Mu wasn't paying attention to this man's words. Instead, his focus was on the woman who was lying close to him.

Realizing Aaron Mu wasn't going to give her away, Sophie Su breathed a sigh of relief. Pinching her throat, she replied in a deep voice, "Hmm."

Her voice was deliberately hushed hence they couldn't tell it was coming from a female.

She didn't bother to say anything more. Deep down, she prayed they would take it as a hint to leave.

After a long silence, someone said, "Officer Huang, it seems that Mr. Mu has gone to bed. I think he doesn't want to be disturbed. Perhaps we should search for the trespasser somewhere else."

Once the footsteps disappeared, the corridor became silent.

Her actions had alerted the police! She admonished herself for her carelessness.

Anyway, Sophie Su was glad that they had left. She turned her head and happened to meet Aaron Mu's affectionate eyes. The intimacy made her feel uncomfortable.

They were so close that they could hear each other's heartbeat.

Blushing, Sophie Su turned her head and tried to get out of the quilt. But to her surprise, Aaron Mu clutched her wrist.


aron Mu stared straight into her eyes, not willing to let her go. A myriad of thoughts flooded him.

He didn't know what got into him. The next second, he leaned over and kissed her delicate lips.

It wasn't an ordinary kiss. His kiss contained possession and longing.

Sophie Su was caught off-guard. Widening her eyes, she tried to pull free from his grip.

Just when she was trying to fight him, footsteps that had disappeared came back.

Worried she would be caught, she remained silent, not daring to make a sound. Using her hands, she tried to push him away. But her attempts were futile.

Holding her slender waist, Aaron Mu pulled her close to him.

Their bodies were so close.

Soon, the voices from the corridor melted away. Sophie Su bit Aaron Mu's lower lip and pushed him using all her might.

Quickly, she lifted the quilt and sat up straight, gasping for breath. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

Seeing her look at him with exasperation, Aaron Mu suddenly came to his senses. 'These eyes are so familiar. Could my hunch be right? Is this actually her?' he wondered.

His actions made her blood boil. Unable to take it anymore, she slapped his cheek.

Aaron Mu was stunned and remained frozen in his place.

Getting out of the bed, Sophie Su looked at him one last time and said, "How dare you take advantage of me!"

Once she was done speaking, she sprinted out of the room. After making sure the area was clear, she sneaked out quietly.

She went away back home.

Once Aaron Mu regained his composure, he got out of the bed, intending to chase after her. But by then, it was too late. She had disappeared already.

Lee Li, the Secretary, happened to come over. He caught sight of his boss standing by the door. A little surprised to find him here during this hour, he asked, "Mr. Mu, why aren't you sleeping?"

Glancing at him, Aaron Mu didn't answer his question. Instead, he asked coldly, "What happened tonight? What's all this commotion about?"

"Someone accidentally broke the exhibit that you designed. We are trying to find the culprit," he explained.

There was a thoughtful look on Aaron Mu's face. He gathered that the woman dressed up as a cleaner was the person they were looking for. Moreover, her skin was too smooth. 'She isn't a cleaner, that's for sure, ' he mused in silence.

Standing there, he was lost in thoughts. After a while, he went back to his room.

Lee Li didn't know whether he had to stay or leave. Since the door was open, he thought his boss had gone to fetch something.

After a few minutes, Aaron Mu returned with a piece of paper.

"Investigate the identity of this woman as soon as possible," he ordered, passing on the paper to his secretary.

It was simple portrait of a woman.

Lee Li stared at it for a while, unable to understand what had gotten into his boss's head. But from what knew, his boss didn't like it when people pried. Nodding his head, he set forth to do what Aaron Mu had asked him to do.

In less than an hour, all the information about Sophie Su was placed on the table.

Aaron Mu's eyes fell on the family name. She belonged to the Su family.

As he closed the document, a wicked smile appeared on his lips. His suspicion had been right.

Before returning to the villa, Sophie Su had taken off her disguise. In spite of this, she didn't look too good. Her hair was ruffled and her clothes wrinkled. On top of that, she feared the consequences of her carelessness. Her actions could bring trouble to her family. Her father was a strict man. If it weren't for the fact that she was afraid of her father's punishment, she wouldn't have tried every possible means to flee. She had lost her first kiss to a complete stranger!

With a heavy heart, she stepped into the villa.

Once she opened the door, she was stunned to see the lights were still on. For a second she feared her father was waiting to scold her. However, to her relief, he wasn't there.

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