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   Chapter 45 The Deluxe Suite (Part One)

Ultimate Romance: Danger In Cold CEO's Kiss By Da Lanlan Characters: 6280

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:03

In Y City.

The two powerful companies, TBG and FRI, were having a meeting.

Trevor liked a form, a white board and honest communication. He decisively kicked the irrelevant people out of the meeting room and interrupted the exaggerated report in time.

As an emerging young CEO, he used a simple method to make everything clear at the meeting and let the participants quickly clarify their goals and missions.

Because of Trevor's creative meeting, the planned meeting ended earlier.

"Mr. Oliver is really young and promising, and you have such a capable wife. I've learned a lot today!" The CEO of FRI praised as he walked out of the meeting room.

"I'm flattered, Mr. Li. Young people like us need to learn from you." Trevor replied politely.

"Your room has been arranged. If you two want to have a rest, ask the driver to send you back. In the evening, we will entertain you two at the famous night market in Y City!" Mr. Li said generously. Seeing the puzzled expressions of the two, he explained, "That's a new project developed by me. There are many night markets at present, but most of them are honest and the sanitation is not up to standard. If you two don't mind, we will have dinner there."

"Okay." Trevor didn't reject night market. During his college years, he often went to night market with his friends. But after returning to Shen family, his identity was different, so he had no chance to go there.

"Well, I won't bother you two to have a rest now. Call me after you have a good rest. I'll ask the driver to pick you up."

Mr. Li politely sent the two of them into the car and gave a meaningful look at Reese.

Reese didn't understand why Mr. Li fawned on her when he was talking with Trevor. She had to nod to him with a polite smile.

When they arrived at the hotel arranged by Mr. Li, Reese completely understood the deep meaning of h

t finished my work. I'm going to have a rest. I have to have dinner with FRI in the evening." Said Reese honestly.

"Okay, have a rest first!" Jacob said warmly.

He listened carefully to the voice on the phone and wanted to guess what had happened on the other end of the phone. But it seemed that only Reese was in the room and he was relieved.

On the other side, Reese always thought that Jacob was a simple brother, so she naturally didn't think of the little tricks in his mind.

"Okay, bye!" At this time, Reese had no spirit at all and directly fell into bed.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" Ella came to meet Maria as soon as she got the phone call from Maria.

Maria smiled at Ella and said, "Last time I met you, I thought you were a very cute girl. I like your character very much. I want to make friends with you."

Upon hearing this, Ella immediately became arrogant, but she was not that easy to fool. "Are you trying to please my cousin and start from me?"

Hearing her words, Maria panicked, but her face didn't change at all. "You misunderstood. This is a bag that my friend bought from Australia, "said Maria as she opened it." I don't think I can get its temperament. After I met you last time, I found its owner. "

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