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   Chapter 44 In The Same Bed (Part Two)

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"I'm flattered, Mr. Li!" Trevor said politely.

"You must be tired because of driving on the way!" Mr. Li turned around and saw that Reese got out of the car from the passenger seat. He was confused and asked, "Who is this?"

"John is busy with another project recently. Reese is in charge of the cooperation with your company now." Trevor explained.

"Hello, Mr. Li!" Hearing Trevor's introduction, Reese greeted Mr. Li politely.

"Hello! I see. Please! " Mr. Li stretched out his hand and made a gesture of "please".

With the unique business brain of Trevor and the perfect cooperation of Reese. The negotiation went on smoothly.

And the other party was also willing to work with TBG because of TBG Company's reputation in J City. Such a big project would undoubtedly attract the attention of many media.

"Rita, my brother-in-law is indeed an elite in the business field. Now all financial channels are reporting the cooperation between TBG and FRI. It seems that you have a good taste in choosing man!" Ella Zhang, Rita's younger cousin, was trying on the wedding dress with Rita.

"To be exact, your uncle has a good taste. I'm a victim!" Rita had just put on a wedding dress and stood in front of the mirror.

But when she looked at the TV just now, she found that Trevor was different from those rich generations.

"Hey, Rita, don't be so modest. There is only such a talented man. If it were someone else, they would have pounced to him. How lucky you are!" Ella Zhang stared at Trevor on TV. She was almost attracted when she saw handsome and talented Trevor.

"Then I'll give him to you!" Looking at herself in the mirror, Rita shook her head with dissatisfaction and said to Ella Zhang casually.

Although Ella Zhang felt happy in her heart, she could only imagine it for a while. With disappointment in

ter do your job well. If you can't find a reliable designer, go back to TBG to deal with your work. I can find others."

Hearing the wire that had just been connected would be broken, Maria was flustered. "I can do it. If Mr. Trevor knows that I can't even do this little thing well, he will fire me!" Maria pretended to be pitiful.

Hearing that Trevor asked her to help, Rita began to doubt it. She asked, "You mean he asked you to help me find the wedding dress?"

"Yes, Mr. Oliver said that you were too busy at ordinary times and asked me to help you. But I didn't expect that I didn't do such a small thing well." It had to be said that Maria was really good at acting. Every move and expression in her eyes were full of acting. At this time, she even shed a few tears.

"I misunderstood you. I was in a bad mood just now," said Rita. When Rita heard that Maria was sent by Trevor specially for herself, her attitude changed instantly. She couldn't be so picky. She turned around in front of the mirror and said with a smile, "I think this one is very good. It's it!"

When Maria saw that it was really useful to mention Trevor, she also smiled and said, "This wedding dress shows your unique temperament."

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