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   Chapter 43 In The Same Bed (Part One)

Ultimate Romance: Danger In Cold CEO's Kiss By Da Lanlan Characters: 6105

Updated: 2020-09-23 00:03

Seeing that her dream, which she had been dreaming for a long time, was realized, Reese was so surprised that she almost screamed.

At this moment, she was in Trevor's warm arms, and his lazy sleeping posture made people want to appreciate him for a while.

His short hair was disheveled on his forehead, who was not like the bossy CEO at all.

CEO? Thinking of the word, Reese immediately came back to reality. Mr. Oliver asked her to go on a business trip with him last night.

In a daze, Reese couldn't tell whether she was dreaming or not. She pinched her face with her little hand, "Ouch?" If she could feel the pain, then...Then it was not a dream?

But she really slept on the sofa last night!

Reese was scared out of her wits. She wanted to open Trevor's arm and return to where she should have been.

But the more she wanted to leave, the tighter his arms became. At the same time, she was afraid of waking Trevor up.

When Reese came to her sense, she realized that she was fooled.

"Trevor, is it fun to take a fake nap?" Reese got angry.

"It seems that you are not as stupid as I thought!" Trevor laughed at her, but his tone was a little spoiled, different from his usual sarcasm.

Reese didn't pay much attention to his tone, nor did she have the mood to discuss with him about her IQ. The biggest problem at present was how to escape from his control.

At this moment, she just wanted to stay away from him, but how could her thin body withstand the young man.

At last, Reese gave up struggling completely. She was so tired that she gasped and said, "Trevor, it's enough. Please understand your current situation. You are going to be engaged to the daughter of Yang family!"

"Thank you for your reminder. We are even now!" Trevor said calmly, as if the person who was going to be engag

the balcony!

"Okay!" Reese answered immediately.

It seemed that Trevor had returned to working state. He was decisive when he worked, and he was very strict with his subordinates.

However, Reese felt that Trevor was more charming in this way, at least making her less stressed physically and mentally.

Five minutes later, Reese appeared in front of the luxury car on time, and Trevor was still the driver.

Because this project was always followed up by John, Reese took advantage of the time on the road to look through the materials and mend it all the way. She just hoped that nothing would go wrong, in case that it would be an excuse for Trevor to mock her after Trevor's working mode was gone.

After another two hours' journey, the two arrived at Y City.

According to the navigation, the car accurately stopped in front of the other party's company. The president of this company heard that it was Trevor who came in person, so he waited in front of the door in advance.

"Hello, Mr. Trevor. I've long heard that the CEO of TBG is young and promising. Today I meet you and you really lives up to your reputation!" As soon as Trevor got out of the car, his hand was warmly held by the man.

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