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   Chapter 41 The Engagement Party

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Hearing Grace's greeting downstairs, Jacob knew that Reese had come back.

"Mom, can you give us some time first? Don't put too much pressure on Reese." Jacob whispered to Libby.

"I know. I just want to discuss with you! Don't worry. I won't give you too much pressure. " Libby comforted her son and was about to go downstairs, leaving the young couple some private space.

"How was your time with your colleagues last night?" Jacob enthusiastically found Reese by the smell and was about to hold her hand.

"Ah, very good. We all drank a lot last night. Several good sisters have slept till now." Reese dodged by instinct. Feeling the embarrassment of Jacob, she quickly said, "Well, I'm going to change my clothes. We'll talk later."

Jacob was a little embarrassed because he missed Reese. Hearing what Reese said, he smiled and said, "Okay, you can go now!"

"Miss. Rita, you and our CEO are a perfect match!" With a flattering smile, Maria followed Rita.

"You work for TBG?" Hearing this, Rita turned around and asked.

"Yes, I'm from the public relations department of TBG. I know some people who are responsible for handling the wedding banquet. If you need, this is my name card." Maria handed over a name card to Rita, "I'm good at public relations. I'm sure I'll help you do it well."

"Thank you so much in advance!" Hearing that she was from TBG, Rita said with a smile. She didn't want to be scolded the arrogant and supercilious character of the future president's wife.

"Then call me if you need anything." Seeing the expression on Rita's face, Maria knew what was going on. With her rich experience, she had a good intuition to see women.

"Okay, please recommend some engagement dresses to me first. I'll see if I'm satisfied with them first." Thinking that the dress hadn't been decided yet, Rita said directly, "But I want it to be unique. Don't let me down."

"Okay, I will find the most famous designer to design the most beautiful engagement dress for you!" Maria said that confidently. She knew that she could use money to do anything she wanted in the world.

Trevor received a call from Shawn. Before the engagement day came, Shen family was going to entertain Yang family.

"Your deal is too big." Trevor drove the car, with Rita in the passenger seat.

At first, he wanted to cooperate with her to pretend to get along with her, but he didn't expect that the parents of both sides were very anxious and had been urging them to get engaged. Now, all the major media knew that the marriage between the Shen family and the Yang family, and he was in a dilemma.

"I didn't expect things to develop so fast, but now the stock of our two companies soared all the way!" Rita said indifferently, shrugging her shoulders.

Trevor turned his head and glanced at her, and then continued to drive his car. "Don't you feel that the cost is too high?"

"Then let's sign the agreement in advance. If one of us finds his own happiness, the other must cooperate to leave. Anyway, even if we get married, it's not real." Rita put down her mobile phone and said after thinking for a while.

"It's a deal." Trevor was satisfied with her answer.

When the two protagonists arrive

d sister-in-law."

Mrs. Yang's words were just heard by Trevor, who had just come back. He looked at the two people they were talking about, only to find that Reese was lowering her head with a red face, looking like a shy little wife.

Suddenly, the fire in his body burst out, but he could do nothing in front of so many people. He just occasionally glanced at Reese with his cold eyes that could shoot people.

It seemed that Reese could feel a cold light shooting at her. Of course, she knew who didn't like her. But with so many people around, she didn't need to care about what he would do.

He wanted her to die at once, didn't he? Then she must let him see how happy she was. As long as he felt uncomfortable, she would win.

Thinking of this, Reese peeled a shrimp and put it in front of Jacob's mouth. "Have a taste. It's just peeled."

"Okay, thank you." Jacob also cooperated, with happiness on his face.

On the other side, Trevor was so angry that he wanted to kill her. It was obvious that Reese was acting for him. He didn't notice that his hands under the table had blue veins.

Reese was making trouble for herself. It seemed that he really cared about her. Woman, wait and see!

The two of them had different thoughts during the meal.

One of them seemed to be complacent on the surface, but she was extremely nervous in her heart. The other one pretended to be calm, but in his heart, he wished he could press Reese under him and humiliate her in any minute.

After dinner, as soon as they returned home, Reese received a call from Trevor, saying, "Work overtime!" The two words made her realize that she seemed to have overdone her role at the dinner table.

But she could accept the heavy work. After all, she had worked for so long, and was very familiar with the work process. It was not so difficult to work, but at most a little longer.

Reese had been working very hard these days, because when she decided to leave the Shen family one day, the only thing she could do now was to make herself stronger. Only by improving her working ability, she would not be so hard to live alone in the future.

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