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   Chapter 29 Some Warmth (Part One)

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It was rare for Reese not to work overtime, so she wanted to go back and fulfill her promise to Jacob. After saying goodbye to everyone, she drove her Audi back to Shen family.

Not far away, in a car, seeing Reese leaving, the one rolled down the window and took mobile phone. "Send the address to my mobile phone. I'll be right there!"

People and cars were integrated into one, like a black horse, galloping in the city before the black curtain was drawn in the sky.

Trevor parked his car in front of the bar he had been to before. He frowned before he arrived, in case of the noise that would rush into his eardrum later.

He looked around but didn't see Rita, so he found a quiet corner and sat down.

Perhaps it was because of his cold and powerful aura that several beautiful women who wanted to accost him dared not come close to him outside his restricted area.

"We can only look at him from a distance and not get close to him." it was not too much to describe Trevor.

He looked at his watch impatiently. This woman was not punctual at all!

While he was thinking, Rita in a black dress came over and said, "Long time no see!"

"You are late." Trevor showed her his watch.

Rita didn't expect that the style of their opening remarks would be so different. She smiled and said, "It's normal for a girl to be late for a date! Come on, can you act more real? "

Having forgotten this, Trevor raised his glass apologetically, "I'm sorry!"

"Be careful from now on!" After that, Rita called a waiter and ordered a glass of wine.

"Why did you call me out? What's up? Just a drink?" Trevor crossed his legs and asked seriously and playfully.

"To enhance our relationship!" Rita said with a smile, but when she saw that Trevor was still expressionless, she had to tell him, "My father is a little suspicious. He asked me why we haven't seen each other for so long."

Seeing that she didn't seem to be lying, Trevor explained, "There was a project a few days ago, and I just finished it."

"So, in order to exaggerate the situation, I specially called a few reporters here. I hope you can cooperate later." Rita said with a smile.

Since it was fake, Trevor had no objection.

"Thank you, Reese. You still have to take a walk with me after your work." Jacob said as he looked ahead with his pervading eyes.

"I just finished a project today, so I don't have anything else to do. I have promised to take a walk with you for a long time, but I haven't fulfilled my promise. " Every time Reese saw him sitting in a corner alone, she could feel that he was very lonely.

"You have done a good job. You don't need to blame yourself." Jacob patted her on the back and said, "Thank you for staying with me!"

He had thought that after the bankruptcy of the Lin Group, Reese would leave the Shen family without hesitation. After all, he was not the biological daughter of the Shen family, and he was disabled

. No matter how difficult it was, no women would be willing to marry him, let alone a girl like Reese.

Although the relationship between the two was nominal, he felt very happy to be accompanied by her without any desire.

Although Jacob couldn't see it, he could feel the deep meaning of "a flower inserted in a cow shit" from other people's words.

Hearing "staying with me", Reese was stunned. How she wished she could leave Shen family right now!

But she was not that kind of ruthless person. When she was in her darkest time, she still had the understanding and love of Jacob, which made her feel the existing warmth of the world.

How could she be heartless to such a poor person? And after getting along with him these days, she found that Jacob relied on her more and more strongly.

When she was not at home, he sat alone at home. When others proposed to take him for a walk, he would not go. He would only wait for her.

But as time went by, she couldn't hide her relationship with Trevor.

She had made up her mind to stay away from Trevor for so many times, but in the end, she was defeated by Trevor.

She had loved him for so many years. If she didn't feel anything now, it must be fake. But when they did something shameful, Reese was sure that there was only hatred and resentment in it.

Without saying a word, Reese walked slowly with Jacob. Perhaps such a life would not be too long in the future, and she should cherish it.

Seeing that Reese didn't reply, Jacob didn't say anything more. He walked slowly with her help. Although it was getting dark, he didn't know.

He only felt that the road to accompany Reese would be brighter and brighter.

"Would you like to come in and have a cup of tea?" Rita got off the car and asked Trevor.

"No, thanks. I have provided a lot of information to the journalists along the way." Trevor waved at her.

Rita thought for a while and agreed. If they entered into the room, the reporters would make up a rich story. "Okay, be careful all the way!"

Seeing the newspaper of the second day, everyone in TBG was shocked.

"Wow, it turns out that our CEO is dating the daughter of the Yang Group. No wonder our CEO is always cold to beautiful women!"

"No, isn't there a Maria who comes to see our CEO?"

"They won't be able to make it. Don't you see that it's always Maria who comes to the company and will be driven away in a few minutes?"

"In my opinion, boss and Miss. Rita is a good match..."

They talked about it one by one.

"Well, don't say that. It's almost time to go to work!" In the end, the supervisor's words worked.

Reese was no exception. As soon as she arrived at the company, she saw today's headline: the marriage between the young master of a rich family and the daughter of a rich family is expected...

The pictures were well matched. It seemed that the marriage between the Shen family and the Yang family was set.

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