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   Chapter 28 Be Allergic To Peach

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Through the glass door against exposing, Trevor seemed to see all the movements of the people inside.

There was a spare bathrobe in the bathroom, so she put it on directly.

When she pushed the door open, Reese was startled, but she reacted quickly and knew to close her mouth in time.

After taking a bath, Reese's snow-white skin became redder, which made people want to have pity on her. Her wet hair was scattered around her neck, and some drooped down along her chest, making her more charming.

In the large bathrobe, people couldn't help fantasizing the woman's body inside.

Trevor felt that every time he saw her, he couldn't help but want to get close to her and ravage her without any explanation.

"It's a pity that he can't see that you are sexy. You could only seduce another man!" Trevor whispered in her ear. He even saw the beautiful snow-white skin inside.

Feeling that he was looking down, Reese tightened her clothes.

She didn't talk to him anymore and went back to her room.

"You went to take a shower so late again?" Jacob smelled the fresh shower gel.

"Sorry to wake you up." Reese thought he had been asleep, so she explained, "I feel too hot. So I go out and take a shower."

"I was also woken up by the heat. Go to sleep!" Said Jacob.

In fact, he had been awake for a long time. He was very nervous when he found that Reese was not here. He thought she ran away in the middle of the night because she disliked him.

Now that she had come back, his nervous mood was relieved. Although she had taken a shower for too long, he didn't want to think about the bad thing about Reese.

Hearing the conversation inside, Trevor sneered.

He had exerted all his strength just now and felt sleepy now. He also had to go to bed.

But Reese couldn't fall asleep. Sometimes she thought that she should tell Jacob the truth and let him ask for a divorce. She didn't want him to be fooled by her and Trevor like a fool. Maybe she would feel better if he asked for a divorce.

"Are you asleep?" Jacob felt that Reese seemed to sigh.

Reese pretended to be asleep and said nothing. She needed to think it over carefully and tell Jacob everything at the right time to let him accept it slowly.

Otherwise, she was really afraid that he couldn't accept it and hurt innocent people.

'I'm sorry, Jacob.' Reese said to herself.

"Well, you are an adult now, but you can't cover yourself well even if you sleep." Seeing that Reese was asleep, Jacob got up and tucked her in.

Looking at her thin back, Jacob said in a low voice, 'Reese, wait for me. When I become strong, I will make up for you in other ways.'

TBG Company was fighting for a new project recently. All the office staff were busy with the bidding, and Reese was no exception.

In the company, Trevor had always been diligent as the CEO. Affected by him, Reese didn't bring her daily discontent to work.

"Boss, this is the detailed information about Mr. Li from R Group." Reese put down a folder.

"Okay, I know. Go ahead with your work." Trevor was so busy that he didn't even raise his head to look at the woman. Before the woman was about to close the door, he remembered something and said, "Mr. Li is used to drinking juice. Ask someone to buy more fresh fruit!"

"Got it!" Reese gently closed the door.

"Lily, go and buy some fresh fruit to make juice." Reese told her assistant. Normally, Lily would do this kind of thing.

"Got it." Lily used to be Sofia's assistant. Now that Sofia had left, she naturally became Reese's assistant.

But she had been with Sofia for a long time and had a good relationship with Sofia. Seeing that her beloved sister gave up her position to a new comer, she felt very aggrieved for Sofia.

This time's bidding was a big deal, and Reese was in charge of serving Mr. Li. It seemed that the opportunity to avenge Reese came.

When Lily was collecting the information about Mr. Li of R Group, she found that he had a small hospital diagnosis, which was that he was allergic to peach. However, she couldn't find any other information about it on the Internet. She thought it was insignificant, so she didn't fill it in the document.

She didn't expect that Reese would send her to buy fruits, so it was a good chance.

Lily happily sent the message to Sofia. Even if Sofia didn't work here, she had to make Sofia happy.

"Thank you, Lily." When Sofia received the message, she was about to go for an interview.

Since she was fired by TBG, she couldn't enter the same industry. She had interviewed several other industries and the salary was not ideal. As she was used to high consumption, she didn't want to start from the bottom of the staff.

So she followed her sister's advice and went to some high-end nightclubs when she was young. In this way, she could get an abundant reward just by chatting.

"Sofia, are you outside? It sounds noisy. " Lily asked.

"I'm going to have an interview. I'll talk to you later, Lily." Afraid that the other party would hear the word "nightclub", Sofia hung up the phone in a hurry.

However, when Sofia heard that Reese was going to have bad luck, she couldn't help but feel happy. The reason why she left TBG Group was because of Reese and Maria, two women. One day, she would let them get their deserved retribution.

Everything was ready. Everyone was very busy these days. At noon, Reese received a call from Scott. It was rare for her to have

a relatively comfortable lunch break, so she made an appointment with Scott at a nearby cafe.

"Mr. Scott, where have you been?" Seeing the exaggerated alien clothes of Scott, Reese asked jokingly.

Scott stretched out his arm and circled around in front of her. "How about this dress? I spent a lot of money buying it in Milan."

"Well, it fits your style very well, but I can't accept it. Your father can bear it?" Reese said exaggeratedly, squinting her eyes.

"You don't understand." Scott didn't show off his dress anymore. "What would you like to drink?"

"Thank you, cappuccino." Reese said to the waiter. "This gentleman, a cup of latte."

"You know me!" Scott casually leaned back on the chair and asked, "How are you doing recently?"

"Still the same." Reese didn't want others to know that she was the daughter-in-law of the Shen family. She always felt that she would be kicked out of the house one day when she was discovered to have an affair.

Scott took a sip of coffee and looked at her seriously. "Why are you so tired? Haven't you had a good rest recently?"

"Recently, our company has been busy with bidding the R Group." Reese said to Scott honestly.

"I know. My father has been hanging out with Mr. Li recently." Scott didn't like to manage a company. Although his father had promised to hand over the company to Scott, Scott decided to play for a few years before his father could do anything about the company.

"It seems that we are competitors." Reese was not surprised at all. R Group was a well-known big company, and it was not surprising for many companies to enter the bidding line.

"Then I'll tell you something important. Do you want it?" Scott leaned over and said.

Reese didn't believe him at all, because she knew that Scott hated business matters the most. What good information could he say from his mouth?

Reese took a sip of coffee and said slowly, "Can you persuade your father not to participate in the bidding?"

"How is that possible?" Scott leaned back and said with a smile, "but with this news, you will be half successful."

"It's so important? Tell me!" Seeing that he didn't seem to be talking nonsense, Reese listened carefully.

"Mr. Li likes drinking juice to replenish his energy, but he is allergic to peach. Do you understand?" Scott raised his eyebrows at her.

"Peach?" Reese was suddenly enlightened.

The peach trees in J City were famous all over the country. This season was the time when the peach trees were in full bloom. People that came here wanted to have a taste.

And ordinary people would first think that the first choice of fruit would be peach. Reese said in confusion, "But they have investigated him, there is no peach allergy!"

"So I say it's important!" Said Scott, pounding the table.

"Yes, yes!" Reese stood up immediately, "I'll go back first. I'll ask you out when I'm free!"

After saying that, she picked up her bag and hurried back to the company.

"Hey, you're leaving now. I haven't drunk the coffee yet. My stomach..." Looking at the direction Reese went far, he said in a low voice, "I'm still hungry!"

When Reese returned to the company, she first checked the fruit bought by Lily. As expected, one-third fruits was peach. She immediately called the fruit supermarket to buy some other fruits. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she picked out all the peaches.

Fortunately, with the help of Scott, Reese avoided a serious mistake at work. Otherwise, when Mr. Li came to the TBG, all the mistakes would be blamed on Reese.

"Mr. Trevor has a capable assistant!" Before leaving, Mr. Li praised Reese.

"I'm flattered." Reese answered in a neither humble nor pushy tone.

On the other hand, Lily was confused. She had bought a lot of peaches, but why didn't Mr. Li have an allergic reaction? Or he would get allergic after a long time?

However, all the doubts were solved when Reese sent them fruits to eat.

"Aren't these bought for Mr. Li?" Lily asked with her eyes wide open.

"According to the hearsay, Mr. Li is allergic to peach, so we have to eat it for him!" Reese was busy sending fruits to everyone, without thinking about Lily's strong reaction.

"Thank you, Reese!"

"Thank you, Reese!"

Everyone was very happy. Generally, they didn't want to buy such a big and good juicy peaches, it was so expensive.

"Thank you all for your hard work these days!" Seeing that everyone was excitedly waiting to share juice, Reese said sincerely.

"Reese, let's apply to Mr. Trevor and hold dinner party since we are all here today!" Someone suggested.

"Well..."Reese was in a dilemma. Although she had been in touch with the president the most in her current position, she seldom communicated with Trevor except for work.

"Although we haven't achieved complete success, we have taken a big step forward from our goal. Tonight, you can celebrate it simply. You can choose the place and I'll pay the bill!" Everyone didn't know when Trevor came over.

His domineering aura was like an emperor. His appearance had made everyone nervous, but after hearing his words, everyone felt relieved and couldn't restrain the joy in their hearts.

"Mr. Trevor, will you take part?" One of them asked.

"I won't go. You can do whatever you want!" At last, Trevor's eyes fell on Reese's face for a few seconds, but he quickly moved away.

When they saw Trevor leave, they cheered, "Let's have fun tonight!"

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