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   Chapter 27 I Must Have My Own Son To Inherit It (Part Two)

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Trevor once thought that he was found back as a machine to make money for the Shen family.

"I can see that although you don't have a better material life, you are well cultivated." Shawn took a sip of tea.

Trevor was very strange. His father was strange today. Shawn's words were said word by word, and Trevor couldn't keep up with his thoughts.

He didn't open his mouth, waiting quietly for his father's next sentence. He knew that Shawn would not just call him out for the sake of the deep father son relationship.

Seeing the doubts in his son's eyes, Shawn intended to directly talk about the main topic. "I won't interfere with all the decisions you make in the company, but I also remind you not to encourage the morale on Jacob's side, which is not good for your future development and control..."

Now Trevor finally understood why Shawn asked him out for dinner alone. It turned out that it was because of the promotion of Reese.

Trevor didn't know why he had made such a decision until now. After thinking for a long time, he comforted himself, 'Just for a better torture to Reese.'

But he didn't expect that there was a deep meaning behind it. After managing the company for so long, he also found that a small force had been bribed by Jacob. But he didn't expect that his mind for Reese would make Shawn worry about it so much.

"Don't worry, Dad. I'll take care of it. After all, if Reese has been working in the basic level unit all the time, which will also cause dissatisfaction. " Trevor had to explain for himself in this way.

"Well, since you know it, I don't need to worry about it anymore." Shawn continued, "TBG is my lifetime efforts. I won't be relieved until I give it to my own son."

Although Shawn had always said that it was because of Jacob's eye problem that he handed over the company to Trevor.

But he always cared about the fact that Jacob was his stepson, so he insisted on finding Trevor back for so many years.

After the meal, Trevor tossed and turned, not sleepy at all. After drinking with Shawn, he was a little thirsty now.

After drinking some water, he went out and came to the sunshine room. There was a big deck chair there. Lying on it and looking at the bright moonlight, he couldn't help but think of Reese's fair body.

She should be asleep now, and Jacob was lying next to her. They...

Thinking of this, Trevor became irritable again.

He stood up and bumped into Reese who was about to push the door into the sunshine room.

She was also startled by the sudden appearance of a black figure in the darkness, and instinctively ran in the opposite direction.

Unexpectedly, the man reacted faster than her. He grabbed Reese.

"Ah" After she opened her mouth and made a sound, Trevor covered her mouth with his hand and said, "Shut up!"

Hearing the

familiar voice, Reese felt relieved again.

Seeing that she stopped struggling, Trevor released her.

"Why don't you sleep in the middle of the night? It's so scary!" Said Reese, glaring at him.

Trevor bent over and looked at Reese, who was only on his shoulder, "Then why don't you go to bed in the middle of the night? Why do you come out?"

"Well, I can't fall asleep. So I want to get some fresh air." Reese answered directly without hesitation. After that, she regretted answering his question.

Noticing what she was thinking, Trevor thought she was very cute. When he thought of this word, he was shocked. How could he use "cute" to describe a woman he hated to the core?

He didn't say anything. Instead, he walked forward and held her against the wall.

"You... What do you want to do? " Reese said in a low voice in fear of being discovered.

"You told me we could do it at home." Trevor's face looked even more enchanting in the moonlight.

"Nonsense!" Reese almost broke down.

"Well, I'll prove with the facts that I'm not talking nonsense!" With these words, Trevor directly imprisoned her body.

Trevor's eyes darkened as she struggled in his hand.

"You are challenging my patience!" His hoarse voice matched with the endless darkness behind him, as if he was a demon who liked killing human beings.

Reese had already guessed what would happen next. Resistance and struggle would be useless. Unless...

She thought of alerting others to save her, but it would be more dangerous.

This was in the Shen family, and she had already observed everything in Shen family. Shawn liked Trevor, and Libby favored Jacob. She was just their daughter-in-law in exchange for their marriage.

If the family found out that she and Trevor had done such obscene things, they would finally label her as "cheating" and "seducing". She was unreasonable in front of the Shen family.

Damn it, that inexplicable feeling came again.

The more Reese reacted, the more powerful Trevor became. The more he tortured her, the more excited he was.

Fortunately, the sound insulation system of the Shen family was very good. Otherwise, they would have already been surrounded by the crowd with such attractive sound at such a quiet night.

After it was over, Reese still seized the opportunity to push Trevor away and walked awkwardly to the bathroom beside the bedroom.

After a while, she would lie on Jacob's bed. She knew that the most sensitive thing for blind people was their sense of smell. She couldn't let him smell the scent of another man on her.

This was the only thing she could do to respect her fiance after being insulted by Trevor every time.

Trevor couldn't help laughing at her fleeing. He didn't go back to the bedroom directly. Instead, he walked to the bathroom door and stood still.

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