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   Chapter 26 I Must Have My Own Son To Inherit It (Part One)

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"She is my sister-in-law." Trevor reminded her seriously.

"But she has been in love with you for so many years, and you two have been working and living together. You will definitely fall in love with each other as time goes by." The more Maria analyzed, the more frightened she became. "But you have to remember how she made us break up and how she drove you away!"

"I know what I'm doing. You're thinking too much." The past came to his mind again. Trevor said with a long face.

Yes, he would never forget what Reese had done to him! It was hard to forget.

So he would make Reese to pay price for that. Every time he pressed her under his body and ravaged her, he had inexplicable pleasure and passion. But he didn't notice that he would be in a bad mood when he saw or heard the warm or harmonious scene of Reese and Jacob. Maybe hatred blinded his eyes and made him unable to find the feeling of love.

"But what about her?" Asked Maria, unwilling to give up.

Thinking of what Reese had said, Trevor's eyes darkened, "She hates me than ever."


"That's enough. You just need to remember that we will be good friends in the future. If you need, I will try my best to help you! " Trevor interrupted Maria directly. He had made it clear to her. If Maria was smart, he didn't need to say anything more.

"Okay, then go ahead with your work. I'll go back first." Said Maria unwillingly.

When she walked out of the CEO's office, she saw Reese who was working face to face.

Feeling a trace of unfriendly light, Reese had already guessed who it was. She raised her head and saw that Maria was walking towards her.

"Your means are extraordinary. You have climbed to such a high position in a short time!" Said Maria in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Reese didn't get angry with her attitude. She knew Maria's character well, so she didn't want to argue with Maria. She put on a professional smile and said, "Miss. Maris, it seems that you haven't promoted the hostess of our company yet. But you know everything about our company."

It was Sofia Maria told her that Reese was promoted. She hoped to provide more information to please Maria and get the control of those indecent videos, but she underestimated Maria's moral quality.

Now the situation between the two was very stiff, but she was threatened by Maria and didn't dare to tell the truth.

However, the expression on Maria's face didn't change much. She smiled and said, "I'm not sure about being hostess, but it's possible for the two of us to become sisters-in-law."

Maria always believed that Trevor loved her. She thought Trevor was forced to agree to be with the daughter of the Yang family, it was just his solution. And she believed the two of them would eventually be married.

"It's a little hard for me to accept the chan

ge of our identity!" Reese shrugged, "If you have nothing else, I'll start to work. After all, it's not your turn to pay me."

After saying that, Reese was about to focus on her work.

Maria had planned to ask Sofia to frame up Reese, kick Reese out of TBG, and then kick her out of Shen family. But she didn't expect that Sofia was so stupid that she was discovered soon.

But now, Maria helped Reese become Trevor's assistant, and Maria became the enemy of Sofia. It was really a failure.

However, Maria had the spirit of being "immortal". Since she couldn't make it, she would learn from it. Then she would use other methods to make it. She wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted!

After seeing that Maria left, Reese was lost in thought. Now everyone in the company knew that she was framed by Sofia, but she did not understand it, after all, she had no enmity with Sofia. Besides, she was not publicized and rarely had face-to-face contact with Sofia at work. Then why did Sofia hurt her?

Looking at the direction in which Maria was going, Reese quickly came up with an idea. If it was really Maria, then the problem would be solved easily. But why did Sofia help Maria? If Sofia was fired by TBG, it would be difficult for her to enter other companies. What a loss!

Reese wouldn't put it on the table if there was no evidence. She was just thinking about it in her heart.

In the evening, when Reese came back home, Libby was particularly happy to know that Reese was prompted.

There were only the three of them at the table, so she didn't have to hide anything deliberately.

"As long as you can have a good foothold in the company, it means that Jacob has a high position in the company!" Libby said with a smile, "I believe that you will soon be able to take complete charge with the speed of promotion! Then we can show off! "

Reese smiled awkwardly. If it weren't for Sofia's trick, how could she be promoted? But from Libby's words, it seemed that she was a substitute for Jacob and a tool to compete for TBG.

She shook her head slightly and hoped that she thought too much.

"Trevor, come here!" "Have a seat," said Shawn to Trevor, who just came in.

"Dad, what day is it today? Why do you ask me out for dinner?" Trevor pulled out a chair and sat down.

Shawn looked at him and sighed, "Dad hasn't participated in your growth for so many years. Are you still blaming me?"

"Why do you suddenly mention this? I've grown up well!" Trevor was surprised. Because Shawn always treated him as a strict father.

Since Trevor was brought back to the Shen family, he had received a series of strict business training, and then the details of business. Shawn had always been very high requirements and expectations for Trevor, but Shawn had never expressed his feelings for Trevor in words.

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