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   Chapter 12 Working As An Assistant (Part Two)

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Jacob just smiled and said nothing.

When he arrived at the room, he took out a big gift box and handed it to Reese. "I wanted to give you a gift, but I couldn't think of anything special. Now you are going to work. I want to give you a set of business suit and a bag. "

"Thank you." Reese choked with sobs.

Hearing his words, Reese remembered that some time ago, he went to Trevor's room and said that he would give her a gift. She didn't expect that he was so concerned about it, but she and Trevor was doing...such a shameless thing.

"What's wrong with you? Are you crying?" Blind people were very sensitive in other aspects of perception.

"No, I'm so moved. Thank you, Jacob!" Reese wiped her tears and said.

"Go and have a try. Do you like it? If it's not suitable, you can change it." Hearing this, Jacob felt relieved.

In the gift box, there was a business suit of Ulla Johnson, intellectual and lovely. In addition, there was a handbag of Gucci that matched the suit very well.

It could be seen that everything was carefully prepared and expensive.

Reese looked at herself in the mirror. She looked capable in professional clothes, showing her temperament of a strong woman.

"Do you like it?" Hearing the sound of Reese coming out of the cloakroom, Jacob asked anxiously.

"I like it very much and it fits me very well." Reese saw his anxious expression and felt sad in her heart because he couldn't see her.

Hearing Reese's words, Jacob felt relieved and said, "It's good that you like it. I heard the saleslady's introduction of this dress and felt that it must fit you."

"Thank you." Reese didn't know what else to say except these two words.

"You don't need to say thank you. It's my pleasure to give you a gift. You could have lived a luxurious life, but since you marry me, it's like a stain in your fate. I will treat you well to make up for my deficiency. " Jacob said dejectedly.

He had always felt that he didn't deserve Reese. If it weren't for the financial crisis of the Lin family, she wouldn't even look at him in the crowd.

So, in order to match her, he would try his best to be good to her, be generous and tolerant enough to her. In addition, he worked hard to develop his own small empire in order to make himself stronger and match her one day.

Reese didn't expect that Jacob would say so. He should be an excellent man with a handsome appearance and a good family background. But because of this small flaw, he felt that he was so humble in front of her.

"No, you are good enough. I really appreciate you. But please give me some time. Too many things have happened recently, and I can't accept it in a while. I only need a short period of time, I will give myself to you completely. " Reese didn't want to hurt Jacob again, so she tried her best to comfort hi


"I will wait for you patiently no matter how long it will take." Jacob found that his love for Reese was beyond his estimate.

On the first day of work, Reese, dressed in a high-end suit, attracted a lot of attention. Except for some executives of the company who knew her identity, no one else knows it. Everyone guessed which daughter of the company wanted to attract the CEO's attention and sneaked in as a secretary.

Trevor was also attracted by Reese's temperament, but he quickly regained his sanity. "Please ask the new Secretary Reese come to my office." He made an internal call.

Several clear knocks on the door rang two minutes after he hung up the internal line.

"Come in!" Trevor pretended to be careless and continued his work.

"CEO, what can I do for you?" Said Reese in a businesslike manner.

Seeing that she was still so respectful in private, Trevor put down his pen and said, "It's the first day that Secretary Reese comes to work today. I want to tell you the nature of your work. We are not in a beauty contest, so you don't have to wear so outstanding clothes!"

Reese knew that Trevor was making trouble on purpose. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she had to swallow her anger and said, "Okay, I know, CEO. I will pay more attention to it next time."

Trevor was surprised to see Reese's good attitude. He had prepared a lot of sarcastic words in his heart, but they didn't work for a while.

"You..."As soon as Trevor opened his mouth, the door was opened.

"Trevor..."The woman came with a strong smell of perfume. Reese didn't need to guess and knew who the woman with this kind of taste was. When she pushed the door and saw Reese first, her attitude immediately became stiff. "Why are you here?"

"Hello, stepmother!" Reese greeted Maria politely.

The word "stepmother" made Maria speechless. She looked at Trevor unnaturally and tried to keep her manner in front of him. "It's all in the past. Chang an address."

"Hello, Miss Maria." Reese immediately changed her address.

"Ahem!" Trevor, who was standing next to Maria, said at the right time, "What important thing did you say on the phone just now?"

Reese had never seen Trevor so gentle before. At present, she was not interested in these two people at all. "If there is nothing else, I'll back to work first!"

The moment she closed the door, she heard Maria saying, "Trevor, I'm pregnant..."

Reese felt that her heart stopped beating after hearing what Maria said.

She destroyed her father's company. Her father jumped off the building to commit suicide for her, but she was pregnant with someone else's child so soon.

While Trevor embraced his first love, he kept provoking Reese.

For a moment, Reese suddenly felt that she didn't understand the world, and people's values had changed.

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