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   Chapter 11 Working As An Assistant (Part One)

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When it was almost dawn, Reese had the same dream again. Everyone was blaming her. The similar words like "Seducing brother-in-law, cheating on husband, green tea bitch..." kept lingering in her ears.

"No, it's not like that!" Reese didn't know what else to say except repeating this sentence.

Facing more and more criticism, Reese was on the verge of collapsing. "Ah!"

"What's wrong with you, Reese? What happened?" Jacob was awakened by her, trying to wake her up.

"No, it's not like that." Reese was still mechanically repeating the words in her dream when she was waken up.

"It's okay, it's okay." Jacob held her in his arms.

Awakened by the shock, Reese slowly returned to reality. She wanted to stay away from Jacob subconsciously, but she kept persuading herself to accept him.

"I had a nightmare." She whispered in Jacob's arms.

"Don't think too much. Dreams are all not real." Jacob comforted her, feeling that the woman in his arms was no longer so resistant to his approaching, and he was very satisfied. "It's still early. Go to sleep again!"

"Okay." Reese tried to close her eyes. It was difficult to fall asleep since she came back from Trevor's room. She finally fell asleep, but nightmares took up most of the time. It could be said that she didn't sleep at all this night.

Early in the morning, there were two people eating quietly in the dining room of the Shen family.

Jacob went downstairs. He had developed a habit of going downstairs without anyone's help.

"Didn't Reese come with you?" Libby asked.

"She's a little tired. I let her have more rest." Jacob replied.

The two of them quickly misunderstood Jacob and Reese, they thought that it was normal for the young couple to be too tired to get up.

"You should also take more rest." Libby told him.

"Okay, mom." Jacob answered obediently like a little girl.

Walking to the dining room, Trevor heard their conversation and sneered.

Thinking of the scene that Reese left with her legs held awkwardly last night, he knew that he was a little rough, but he would not be softhearted to a woman like Reese.

He remembered that when she instigated her rich and powerful father to tackle him, she did not show any mercy.

He was just punishing her!

During the dinner, Trevor proposed to let Reese work in TBG. On the one hand, he heard that she had a strong working ability, and on the other hand, it could distract her attention from the unhappiness of Lin family.

Of course, Trevor didn't tell the important reason in his heart.

He spoke with reasons and soon got the approval of the whole family.

Of course, Libby had her own selfish motive. Since her son couldn't see, then if her daughter-in-law would be important in the company, naturally, she and Jacob wouldn't suffer too much loss in the future.

Jacob felt that if she was busy with work, Reese would get rid of the shadow of Albert's suicide

and Lin Group's bankruptcy.

When Jacob told the news to Reese, the first thing came to her mind was that she would worry about seeing Trevor the devil every day.

However, seeing that Jacob was happy for her, she didn't want to pour cold water on him. On second thought, with so many people in the company, Trevor didn't dare to do anything out of line, so she had to accept it happily, "Look how happy you are!"

"In this way, you don't have to think too much every day. You can go to the company to change the environment and have more contact with people. Then you will be in a better mood." Jacob said sincerely.

In fact, he had been secretly building his own small empire. In this way, Reese would also give him some useful information.

Hearing what Jacob said, Reese was moved. He was always thinking for her, so she made up her mind to live a good life with him.

There was no vacant position in the TBG's operating department. The HR manager looked at Trevor with embarrassment. He couldn't add unnecessary staff just because Reese was the daughter-in-law of the Shen family.

The young Mr. Trevor, dressed in a decent customized suit, sat on the boss's chair and thought for a while. Finally, he relaxed his eyebrows and said, "The CEO's secretary office still needs a secretary. You tell her the company's situation. There is limited position right now. Tell her to start from the grassroots level. If she really is talented, she won't be wasted. Let's see if she agrees."

"Well..."Manager Huang said with embarrassment.

"Embarrassed?" Trevor raised his head and asked, "I can't break the rules of the company because of her identity. I was promoted from the bottom to my current position step by step!"

"Yes, I understand!" Manager Huang hurried out of the CEO's office.

Reese understood what the HR Manager meant and agreed to start from the bottom to prove her ability. But being the "CEO's secretary" made Reese suspect that Trevor was obviously going to make things difficult for her.

But if she flinched, she would be criticized by the whole company and Shen family. Finally, she had to accept it. "I will listen to Manager Huang, I accept all the arrangements."

Reese was nothing but the daughter-in-law of the Shen family. If it weren't for the Shen family, she would have been chased on the street by the Lin Group's creditor.

"Okay, thank you for your cooperation. You can officially come to work tomorrow! " She didn't expect that Reese would agree so soon, and the long speech prepared by Manager Huang didn't work.

Back to the Shen family, Reese didn't tell Jacob his specific position, but said that he liked that job very much.

Hearing her words, Jacob felt relieved. He fumbled for Reese's hand and took her to the inner room.

"What makes you so mysterious?" Although there was no eye contact, Reese knew that Jacob had something to tell her from his expression.

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