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   Chapter 10 Birthday Gift (Part Two)

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Hearing what Shawn said, it seemed that he had misunderstood Reese.

As the air was frozen, the door was opened. "Mr. Trevor is back!"

The servants began to serve the dishes.

"Sorry, I'm late. Brother, happy birthday! " Trevor put a gift box on the table and sat down.

To be honest, Trevor didn't like to come back to celebrate his birthday with them. The whole family was just competing on acting skills.

However, his father had given an order that he could not disobey, so he had to come back. Another reason was that he hadn't seen Reese for a long time.

In the past few days, Maria went to see him a lot. Every time she wanted to touch him, Trevor would think of the soft body of Reese, and subconsciously dodged Maria.

After he sat down, he looked at his brother and sister-in-law, but in fact, actually he only cared about one person.

Feeling the intense gaze from the other side, Reese tried her best to eat with her head down. If she didn't look up, she wouldn't be embarrassed.

After dinner, they all sent gifts to Jacob.

Reese whispered in embarrassment again, "I'm sorry."

"You don't need any apology. I want to ask you for the most important gift. I hope you won't refuse me." Jacob looked at her with a smile. Except for his unfocused eyes, he was the best man.

"What do you want? Tell me!" Perhaps in order to make up for him, Reese agreed without hesitation.

With a happy smile on his face, Jacob said, "I want a sincere kiss!"

"Well..." Reese backed off and regretted having agreed so quickly. But when she saw the people around her, she couldn't go back on what she had said, so she went all out.

Reese gave Jacob a strange kiss, but her face turned red because of shyness.

Jacob smiled with satisfaction, "This is my best birthday gift this year."

No one noticed that someone's face darkened.

After washing up in the evening, Jacob tried to get close to Reese. Feeling that she was dodging, he slept at a corner of the bed.

Hearing the sound of even breathing beside her, Reese felt relieved and went to sleep.

The crisp sound of the message interrupted Reese, who was about to sleep, "Come to my room right now, or..."

Today, all the family members were here. Even though Reese was reluctant to do it, she still got out of bed and put on her shoes obediently. She looked at the person beside her and found that it was fortunate that Jacob was sleeping soundly.

Fortunately, in this villa, the brothers, the parents and the servants of the Shen family lived on different floors.

"What?" When Reese was about to knock on the door, she was pulled in and covered her mouth with both hands.

"If you don't want the whole family to know, just be quiet!" A growl came from the darkness.

Reese slowly adapted to the darkness in the room and pushed Trevor away. To her surprise, he loosened his grip. Otherwise, with her strength, how could she push h

im away.

"What do you want? Just say it!" Reese stepped back two steps, always on guard against the madman in front of her doing something out of line.

"A man and a woman stay in a room alone in the middle of the night. What do I want? You are such a smart woman. I don't need to be so straightforward, do I?" Trevor said in a gloomy tone, staring at her. To be honest, the kiss she gave Jacob just now really irritated him.

"Trevor, you..." Reese knew that whatever she said wouldn't work. She slowly put down her hand pointing at him and asked, "Can't Maria satisfy you, so that you come out to cheat on her?"

"He can't satisfy you, either. Otherwise, why do you have time to come to another man's room in the middle of the night?" Trevor had expected that she would mention Maria. It was just a slip of the tongue to mention Jacob.

"Trevor, your brother is innocent. I don't want to hurt him anymore. The reason why I can come here today is to make it clear to you that we'd better not meet each other in the future." Reese thought she had made it clear, so she turned around and was about to leave.

Hearing what Reese said, Trevor was really angry. He pulled Reese hard and she fell into his arms smoothly.

"Mr...Huh? " Before Reese finished her words, she was stopped by cold lips.

When Reese thought she was going to stop breathing, Trevor let go of her and said, "My kiss is more comfortable than that crap, isn't it?"

Reese knew that her resistance was completely useless, so she simply turned her head to one side and gasped for breath.

"Did anyone tell you that this action was to seduce the opposite sex?" Trevor's dangerous breath approached again.

Reese laughed in her heart.

Trevor got more furious when he saw Reese lying there like a dead fish without any reaction.

Reese refused to beg for mercy. She knew that the more she didn't respond, the more irritated he would be. Slowly, he would be tired and maybe let her go.

Trevor pressed on Reese like a heavy object without support, "It seems that you enjoy it very much!"

His words brought Reese back to her senses. She didn't understand why she had such a strange reaction when she was forced to do it.

She pulled up her broken body and put on the clothes one by one. Ignoring the mockery behind her, she opened the door with her remaining strength and went out directly.

Trevor's eyes darkened as he watched Reese leave.

Tonight when he saw her kissing Jacob, he felt a little strange and knew that they didn't have special skin contact, but somehow he was very angry.

Trevor comforted himself that it was just because he didn't like a hypocritical woman like Reese to play tricks on the men of Shen family.

So he wanted her to pay back double. Only by humiliating and possessing her again and again could he feel happy.

After a day's overtime work and physical exhaustion, Trevor fell asleep soon.

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