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   Chapter 8 The Secret Mistress

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Hearing what Reese said, Libby was so angry that her limbs were trembling.

Seeing that her words had completely aroused the emotions of her future mother-in-law, Reese was a little pleased. However, it was better to be a filial daughter-in-law. "Mom, don't be angry."

Seeing that her eldest daughter-in-law was so obedient, Libby's expression softened a lot. Although she was a woman over fifty years old, but she must have spent a lot of money in skin care since she was in a luxurious family!

Looking at her so closely, Reese could still see that her skin was still very delicate, and there was no trace of time left.

"Reese," Libby suddenly thought of something. She held Reese's hand and asked, "Trevor didn't go home last night. Did he hang out with your stepmother?"

Reese was shocked by Libby's sudden intimate contact, but soon calmed down.

But when she heard Libby's words, the corners of her mouth twitched. "Mom, about this matter, how can I guess randomly?"

"No, we can't let them do anything they want." The more Libby thought about it, the angrier she became. She walked back and forth in the restaurant for several circles, as if she had come up with a good idea. "Well..."She whispered in Reese's ear.

"Is it too embarrassing for Trevor?" After hearing what Libby said, Reese pretended to be embarrassed. In fact, she totally agreed with Libby in her heart.

"It doesn't matter. Just go ahead. If you need anything, I will help you. All the people in the yard will listen to your orders." Libby encouraged Reese

"Fine, but we don't need to raise a big rumpus. What if we guess wrong?" Reese said thoughtfully, but in their hearts, they thought that it was pretty close to the truth.

Reese came to Trevor's home in Riverside Mansion aggressively with four people.

The door was opened soon. Trevor, who came to open the door, looked very tired.

He was surprised to see Reese in front of the door, but his expression flashed for a moment. With unruly expression, he leaned his arm against the door and blew his breath to Reese's face. "Sister-in-law, you come to see me since you haven't seen me for just one night."

"Cut the crap!" Reese said in a low voice. She smoothed her hair unnaturally and raised her voice, "Mom asked me to bring you some breakfast since you didn't go home."

Then she shook the meal box in her hand.

In fact, Trevor had already found a few people hiding in the grass. Since this woman liked acting, he could play with her. "Thank you, mom and sister-in-law!"

Seeing that he didn't want her to enter the room, Reese was more convinced of her guess.

Anyway, she came with her people, not afraid of Trevor making any trouble.

She provocatively looked into his eyes and immediately sank into the deep pool. She tried to keep calm. "Don't you want me to enter your room, or is it because there is a secret mistress inside that I'm not convenient to enter?"

Trevor had already guessed the purpose of this woman. It seemed that her acting skill was clumsy enough to speak it out.

He pretended to be a little embarrassed and said, "As my sister in law, you came to my home early in the morning. I'm afraid it will have a bad impact on you."

In Reese's heart, she cursed the hypocritical man in front of her for thousands of times. Why didn't he consider the bad impact on her when he bullied her under his body?

But when she thought of the servants not far behind her, she held back her anger.

She pretended to be generous and smiled, "Of course not. As your sister-in-law, I just wanted to help you tidy up you room. I'll take it back after you finish breakfast." She pointed at the meal box in her hand.

"In that case, please come in." Trevor stepped aside.

After entering the room, Reese put the things in her hands on the table and began her reconnaissance work.

There were no clothes, underwear or shoes on the ground. Maybe when they were at the door, the people inside had cleaned it up.

Maria, a green tea bitch, always pretended to be so good at doing things.

She wanted to go to the bedroom and have a look. Then she moved with her mind.

There was no sign in the bedroom. Reese didn't believe what she saw. As soon as she turned around, she bumped into a strong chest and was thrown to the big bed.

"You..." Reese pointed at the mysterious man in front of her in a panic. As soon as she opened her mouth, she was pressed under his body. She deliberately wanted to irritate him. "My stepmother will be jealous if she sees you treat me like this."

"You came to see me early in the morning and specially came into the bedroom. Don't you want me to satisfy you?" Trevor exhaled a hot breath on Reese's face, and the blush on his face was betraying her.

"Don't talk nonsense. I'm here to see if there are any women hiding here!" Reese told the truth excitedly.

"Oh, so you are jealous." There was almost no distance between Trevor and Reese, and something underneath him was flirted by this woman.

Feeling his physical reaction, Reese felt a sense of danger. She not only suspected that she was tricked by Trevor, but also tried hard to push him away.

"Don't challenge my patience!" He tried his best to restrain his voice and said in a hoarse voice, "If you don't mind that those people outside find out that you have an affair, you can be disobedient!"

Hearing his words, Reese dared not to move. It turned out that he had seen through her. He was such a shrewd man, so she was indeed no match for him. For her reputation, she was much more obedient.

Seeing that she stopped

struggling, Trevor showed a satisfied expression.

It had to be said that this woman's body always had a strong temptation. Every time he touched her, he wanted to possess it.

Without Reese's struggle, Trevor's action became gentler. Even Reese let out a delicate breath and felt ashamed when she heard her own voice.

However, it encouraged Trevor's boldness. At first, he just wanted to tease her, without thinking about anything else.

But her reaction made him stop what he was going to do next.

"Not today." However, Reese's flushed face betrayed her.

"But the message you sent to me is not refusal, but incomparably attractive!" Trevor stopped and looked at her with one arm.

"Go away." Hearing his last comment, Reese felt unprecedentedly ashamed. She pushed Trevor away with all her strength.

When she ran to the bathroom, her body's reaction reminded her of her desire just now. She hated herself and how could she do something against the morality.

Thinking of her blind fiance, who always made her feel warm, she felt more guilty.

Several people who had been waiting outside the door of Trevor saw that Reese hadn't come out for a long time. For the fear of any accident, they were wondering if they should knock at the door, then the door was opened.

Trevor invited Reese out like a gentleman, "Thank you for bringing me delicious food, sister-in-law." Then he lowered his head and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "I just have not enjoyed myself to the full!"

Hearing his last words, Reese showed a trace of embarrassment. She tried her best to maintain the grace as the sister-in-law, gritted her teeth and smiled, "It's harmful to your health if you don't eat breakfast. As long as you understand mom's hard work, I have completed my task. Goodbye!"

"Wait a minute. Let me drive you home. Thank you two for your concern." Trevor stopped her and shouted at the people behind the grass, "Kelly, Tina, please clean the upstairs and downstairs, Tom and David, please trim the flowers and plants in my backyard."

When the four servants saw that Trevor had found them, they walked out and said respectfully, "Yes, Mr. Trevor."

Trevor's house was a two story villa. Feeling that Libby was unfriendly to him in the old house, he proposed to Shawn to buy a house near the company on the excuse of work.

Seeing the four people walk in, Reese stopped acting with Trevor and said coldly, "I can go back by myself!"

"Get in the car!" Trevor's non-negotiable tone made Reese afraid that he would do something bad at any time.

Although his cold side face was eye-catching, the air around him made the temperature in the car lower.

He was totally different from how he behaved in the bedroom just now. For a moment, Reese thought he had a crush on her too. It seemed that it was just her illusion.

But it was good, or she would really be in a dilemma between the two brothers.

She turned her head and looked out of the car. Since she couldn't avoid getting along with him, silence was the safest thing.

"Ah!" Suddenly, a sudden brake slammed Reese's head against the back of the car. She sat still and glared at Trevor.

But now he seemed to be in a better mood because his goal had succeeded. He opened his thin lips and said, "Yesterday, you spoke a lot with Jacob. Why are you pretending to be serious now? Or are you blaming me for not satisfy you just now? "

"You..."Reese could say nothing about this man. Every time he could be so calm about that kind of thing.

However, she quickly adapted to the rhythm to chat with Trevor. She smiled calmly and said, "It seems that you are hating us for ruining your blind date with the daughter of the Lin family. Then I will apologize to you first."

"Huh! Sister-in-law, you are so generous. But I still want to thank you. I don't want to be the victim of their interests. "

Reese knew what he meant. Obviously, he belittled her, but she didn't care about it in the current situation.

His father jumped off the building because of Maria, and he didn't give his own daughter any explanation before he left.

The Lin family was done, then it would be meaningless for her to marry into the Shen family.

"You are thinking about Maria, aren't you?" Reese didn't know what the woman had done. The two men, father and Trevor, one old and one young, both liked the green tea bitch. They were usually shrewd in the business world!

"Don't forget your identity. You has been talking about her in front of me. Are you jealous?" Trevor drove the car with a straight face.

"Since you mentioned identity, please remember it, brother-in-law!" Reese stressed the last word.

"Don't you think our identity and relationship are very exciting?" Trevor began his wild side again.

Reese really didn't understand what kind of person this man was. He had seen three different versions of Trevor the whole morning.

In view of his current situation, the more they talked, the more dangerous she would be. So, Reese simply shut up and ended this meaningless conversation.

As there was no evidence to prove that Trevor and Maria were having an affair, she didn't dare to show her bad attitude to Trevor in front of Shawn.

However, Reese noticed that Libby had a completely different attitude towards these two sons. But it was not something that she should ask, so she asked nothing about the Shen family except for anything related to Maria.

Since Libby went back to the old house, Trevor often lived in Riverside Mansion. He seldom came back except for the call from Shawn.

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