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   Chapter 7 A Blind Date (Part Two)

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"Ha ha." Hearing what Reese said, Jacob was very happy, as if he had forgotten all the doubts before.

Then he loosened his hand and ate the food Reese picked for him carefully.

Looking at Jacob's serious look, Reese was a little distracted and felt sorrier for him.

He was her fiance. Although they had known each other for a short time, he had always made her feel warm, but she had done such a bad thing.

The more Reese thought about it, the guiltier she felt for Jacob. She raised her head and glared at the culprit opposite her, swearing that she would cut off all contact with him in the future.

"Humph!" After watching what they were doing, Trevor put down his crossed legs and stood up. "Enjoy yourself. I'm done. See you later!"

When he said the last two words, he looked at Reese meaningfully.

Although Reese felt a strong gaze, she tried not to look at him and pretended to look at Jacob affectionately. Fortunately, Jacob could not see her absent-minded eyes.

However, Trevor saw everything about her, including that she wanted to take her hand away just now. Since she liked acting so much, Trevor would like to see her act.

He didn't want to see through Reese's trick. He would get even with her after he returned to Shen's old house!

Reese had been worrying since she returned to the Shen family. She also felt that she had talked too much in front of Linn Lin in the daytime.

But when they saw Trevor's expression at that time, she really enjoyed it.

As for her current situation, the Lin family's villa had been taken back by the court, and she had nowhere to go. She had no choice but to go back to the Shen family and live a aimless life.

But fortunately, after returning to the old house, Reese didn't see Trevor the whole night. It made her relax a lot. Otherwise, according to the recent contact with him, if he came back, the old house would not be so quiet.

"Since Trevor hasn't come back, he must be with Maria." It suddenly occurred to Reese that her father had just passed away, so that bitch was eager to get into Trevor's arms as soon as possible.

She hated the two people so much, but at the thought of their ambiguous relationship, Reese still felt very painful in her heart. She thought angrily, "I will definitely let you two pay the price!"

"Reese, why don't you have a rest?" After taking shower, Jacob walked towards Reese with a keen sense of smell.

His words pulled Reese back to reality. "Ah, okay." Jacob's approaching made her a little flustered, and she jumped up in surprise.

"What's wrong with you?" Jacob felt that she deliberately distanced herself from him, which was completely different from the person who picked up food for him and held his hand in the daytime.

"Mr... Oh, No. " Reese calmed down and said, "Jacob, you can go to bed first. I'll be there s

oon. I miss my father a little." She said the last sentence in a low voice. In order to keep a certain distance between them, she had to find such a reasonable excuse.

Jacob heard about what happened to Albert, so he could understand her. "I'm sorry, I didn't do anything to help. Don't be too sad. Take care of yourself. "

"Okay." Looking at his receding figure, Reese felt guilty again.

After thinking for a long time, she couldn't think of any good way to revenge on Maria and Trevor. In the end, she decided not to think about it anymore. She tiptoed to the bed and fell asleep.

Early in the morning, when Reese helped Jacob downstairs, she saw the noisy dining room on the first floor. It turned out that her mother-in-law had come back from her trip!

"Reese, Jacob, sit down and have breakfast!" Seeing them coming downstairs, Libby Li greeted them warmly.

"Good morning, mom!" Reese called her mom in a distant voice. Since she married into the Shen family, she had only seen his mother few times. It was already good for her to accurately recognize her and call her "mom".

"Good morning. It's rare for young people to get up early." Although the Lin family was declining, it was a good thing for her son to marry Reese, such a beautiful girl. Libby Li was quite satisfied with her daughter-in-law.

After the servant served the food, the three of them ate quietly.

"Hasn't Trevor gotten up yet?" Jacob asked casually while eating.

"Mr. Trevor didn't come back to the old house last night. He said that he worked late and went to live in Riverside Mansion directly." The servant replied.

Jacob nodded and continued to eat.

"I heard that you were also on his blind date yesterday?" Reminded by her eldest son, Libby Li remembered what Shawn had told her angrily last night.

"Yes, but the two families ended up in discord." Reese mentioned this on purpose, hoping that Libby could help her teach that man and woman a lesson.

"Reese, tell me what happened. From your father's tone, it seems that you know something?" Libby Li put down her chopsticks and approached Reese.

"Mom, I just guessed so. Of course, I don't believe that Trevor is that kind of person." Reese looked at Jacob and pretended to be hesitant.

"It's ok. You can say it directly in front of me!" Libby Li promised.

"Here is the thing. Before Maria married my father, she was Trevor's girlfriend. But now my father has left. I saw them had been together again that day. "

Speaking of her father's death, a sad expression appeared on Reese's face. Although she was no longer her father's treasure after her father marrying Maria, she still remembered her father's figure in her beautiful childhood.

"This is too much! I will never allow him to have an affair with such a woman. The woman who enters our Shen family must be clean! "

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