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   Chapter 6 A Blind Date (Part One)

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"Why are you here?" The corners of Trevor's mouth, which had been wearing a polite smile, dropped down fiercely at the moment. The dangerous atmosphere emitted in an instant made people dare not look directly at him.

The chief culprit of Trevor's mood change was complacent.

Seeing the displeasure on Trevor's face, Reese laughed in her heart that she had come.

Just now, when Jacob found that Reese had come back, he immediately asked her where she had gone. Reese made up an excuse, but Jacob didn't ask more.

After a while, Jacob received a call from Shawn, saying that Trevor was going to have a blind date and he wanted Jacob to help him check it out.

Jacob didn't want to get along with strangers. He was about to refuse, but was stopped by Reese, who had heard everything.

"Let's go!" "We have just completed the engagement ceremony, and we can also give Trevor some advice," said Reese sincerely.

But Reese was thinking about how to ruin Trevor's blind date.

'Didn't you and Maria love each other very much? I don't think you need a blind date.' Reese smiled and thought.

In fact, Reese had planned to make trouble in secret. Seeing that Trevor was unhappy because of her appearance, Reese was naturally very happy.

"Trevor! What's wrong with you? " Shawn thought that Trevor was angry with Jacob. He thought that since there was outsiders here, even Trevor was not afraid of losing face, he was!

Jacob didn't know that he was the focus, but still smiled gently.

In fact, even if Reese didn't persuade Jacob, Jacob would still come.

'Why didn't dad arrange a blind date for me, but now he arranged a blind date for Trevor...'

Jacob was very dissatisfied, thinking that it must be because the marriage partner that Shawn found for Trevor had a strong family background, so that Trevor could better take over the business of Shawn in the future!

The more Jacob thought about it, the more desperate he felt. He secretly decided to make trouble for Trevor when he was on a blind date.

In this way, although Jacob and Reese had different starting points, their purposes were surprisingly consistent.

"Are you... Trevor? " The woman who went on a blind date with Trevor suddenly asked in a low voice.

"Yes, I am." Trevor said in an unfriendly tone because he saw Reese.

This did not frighten Reese, but the woman.

The woman's parents also came here. They had nodded with satisfaction when Trevor first came in, but now they had already frowned.

"Trevor, this is Linn." Shawn smiled and eased the atmosphere. "She is the daughter of your Uncle Lin."

Linn Lin didn't seem to be affected by Trevor's cold answer. She still looked at Trevor with admiration.

Trevor remained unmoved and even stopped smiling politely.

Reese saw everything and said, "Trevor. I heard from your brother, "Reese said innocently and seriously," Let bygones be bygones! "

Trevor stared at Reese with his eagle-like eyes.

But Reese continued as if she couldn't see, "I think Miss Linn is gentle and considerate. Why don't you let go of Maria..."

Before she finished her words, Reese pret

ended to be panic and apologized again and again, "I'm sorry. I said something wrong!"

Although Reese didn't finish her words, what she meant was very obvious.

It turned out that Trevor had someone in his heart!

All the people present fell silent, as if a needle could make a crisp sound.

"Well..." Shawn opened his mouth with difficulty, trying to change the situation. "Trevor..."

But Linn Lin's parents wouldn't listen to him again. Their impression of Trevor had changed, and now it dropped to the bottom.

"Humph!" Linn Lin's father snorted and left the Fortune Hotel with Linn.

Seeing that the Lin family had left, Shawn was naturally very angry.

Although it was a little urging to take Trevor on a blind date.

But more importantly, if Trevor and Linn Lin could make it, the Lin Group would be of great help to the Shen Group, which could not be replaced.

However, now the situation had turned out to be like this. If he met the Lin Group in the business field in the future, he would not get any benefits.

At this point, Shawn saw that Trevor was still insidious. He left angrily.

In just a few minutes, the lively blind date party turned into quietness, only three people left there, Jacob, Reese and Trevor.

With a complacent smile on her face, Reese looked at Trevor provocatively, and happened to meet Trevor's dark eyes.

"Trevor... In fact, you should had been a little gentle to Linn. " Jacob, who had been silent all the time, suddenly opened his mouth, looking like a brother.

Seeing that Trevor's blind date didn't work, Jacob was actually happy.

Trevor didn't reply to Jacob, but stared at Reese thoughtfully.

"Yeah, I think so..." Reese pretended to be pitiful and echoed Jacob.

"I don't like the kind of girl like Linn." Trevor said coldly.

"Then what kind of girl do you like? Do you have the kind of Maria? " Shawn had left, so Reese said without scruple.

"Sister-in-law, you know exactly what kind of girl I like..." Trevor endured Reese for the whole night.

Reese was about to be complacent because he could provoke Trevor. When she raised her head, she met his playful eyes.

She was lack of confidence. She sat straight and smoothed her hair unnaturally. "I'm also doing this for you to find your own happiness as soon as possible!"

"Thank you, brother and sister-in-law!" Trevor stressed the last word, but his eyes were fixed on the woman who had been provoking him.

As if Reese could guess her fate after she returned to the Shen mansion, she avoided eye contact with Trevor.

"Try this dish. It's delicious!" She picked up the food in front of her and put it on Jacob's plate, trying to distract Trevor's attention.

"Okay." Jacob said gently.

Seeing that Reese cared about him so much, a happy smile appeared on his face. He couldn't help but reach out and grab Reese's hand.

Reese was also shocked and wanted to withdraw her hand subconsciously.

But when she thought of Trevor who was sitting opposite her, she immediately changed her gentle posture and pretended to be embarrassed, "Hurry up. Trevor is still looking at us!"

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