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   Chapter 4 Love And Hate Entanglement (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-07-16 00:02

"It's so late. Why don't you go back to sleep?"

"It's hard to fall asleep in a lonely night, unlike you. I don't have a woman around me, so I can't fall asleep, so I come out to breathe some fresh air!" Trevor replied, casting a teasing glance at the trembling Reese, "I'm so sleepy when you mention it now."

Looking at Trevor's elegant leaving, Reese felt that Jacob clenched her wrist harder as Trevor walking farther and farther.

"Why is Trevor here?" Jacob's tone was low, and he got closer to Reese. Feeling that she was dodging, he frowned and asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Reese sensed his suspicion and said, "It's... It's the insect just now. He happened to pass by and I asked him to help me catch it. "

"I see." Jacob was about to ask, but he controlled himself and said, "Go back to sleep!"

As he walked into the bedroom, his mind was full of doubts.

Catching a bug would make her smelling the Cologne all over her body?

That was Shawn specially asked someone to prepare the customized Cologne from France. He didn't even give it to Jacob but Trevor, saying that the taste was more suitable for him.

Jacob also knew that he was treated like this not just because he was blind, but also he was not natural son of the Shen family!

He clenched his fists in his sleeves.

His thin lips were almost compressed into a line, and his teeth almost bit through the flesh of his lips.

The night was over.

However, Reese was still in panic, as if there was no end to it.

Fortunately, Shawn seemed to have arranged a lot of things for Trevor, so he didn't have time to look for her, which enabled her live a better life. She spent the whole day helping Jacob bask in the sun and playing with the fat cat at home.

That day, when she was smoothing the cat's hair, the news of her father jumping off the building came.

After settling down Jacob, Reese asked the driver to send her to the place of the incident site as soon as possible. Her father was already on the stretcher, covered with a white sheet stained with blood.

"Dad..." Tears welled up in Reese's eyes. She wanted to rush over, but was stopped by the security guards, and she could only watched her father being carried away.

"How stupid you are! When something happened, you only choose death. Stupid! It's hard to imagine how you have reached today's position! " A woman's euphemistic voice came through, but her words revealed indifference.

Reese stopped crying and looked up at the woman who was speaking. She was Maria, a slim woman with curly hair and a pure look. Reese walked up step by step and raised her hand to give her a mouth. "My father treated you so sincerely. He died, how could you said that to him?"

"Why do you hit me? Huh? " When Maria was about to fight back, her wrist was grabbed by Reese. With anger and sarcasm in her beautiful eyes, she

asked, "How have you been with your blind husband these days? But you didn't expect that even if you married into the Shen family, you couldn't save your father! "

"It's all because of you. Otherwise, how could my dad end up like this?" Reese had tried to persuade his father countless times, but he was obsessed with this woman and couldn't listen to anything. He gave up the hard-earned company to others.

"If it weren't for your family's property, I wouldn't abandon myself to an old man who has been buried half in the ground," Maria said to Reese arrogantly, as if she was the winner.

"You did it!" Reese hated Maria.

"Yes, I did it. But so what? I can't get Trevor, and you can't get him either. At least, I'm happy to see that you have no place in his heart!"

Reese looked at Maria. As a woman, she was so vicious and horrible. "The reason why you can't be with Trevor is that you are greedy."

"What about you? You married a blind man of the Shen family just for the money of the Shen family. You see the one you love is by your side, but you have a different identity from him. Don't you feel bad to see him again and again? " With a sneer, Maria's red's lips were as bright as the sunset in the sky.

Maria pulled out her hand hard, grabbed her bag and left with a smile.

"I won't let you go!" Reese shouted at her back.

"You'd better take care of your own business first. The Lin family's mess is enough for you to clean up!" After saying that, a driver opened the door for her and then drove away.

Reese was so angry that she turned around and saw Trevor coming down from the stairs on the rooftop. She suddenly had a doubt in her heart.

The one who hated the Lin family the most would be Trevor.

Maria was the one who hollowed out the Lin family, and Trevor was the one who pushed down the frame.

'What a coincidence? Dad committed suicide, and Trevor also came down from the rooftop?

Did dad jump down or was he pushed down?'

In the past, Reese didn't believe that Trevor would do so. But now, in such a devil's way, he might hurt his father!

On the second floor, Trevor saw that Reese and Maria had a quarrel, but he didn't hear what they said. He thought that Reese was making trouble for Maria, and his face was gloomy, as if he was blaming her.

"Why were you on the rooftop?" Reese looked at him suspiciously.

Trevor frowned, "What are you suspecting?"

"Or I don't need to suspect, my father's death is related to you?" Reese's voice began to tremble, "It's not his fault at all. How can you stop? Or do you want me to die? "

"I almost died in the car accident." Instead of answering her question, Trevor looked up at the sky as if he had returned to many years ago, "Had your father ever pitied me? Why was he be so be ruthless to me? I didn't hurt him. He killed himself and couldn't blame anyone else. "

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