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   Chapter 4 Love And Hate Relationship (Part Two)

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"It's quite late. Why don't you go back to sleep?" Jacob asked his brother.

"It's hard to fall asleep in a lonely night. Unlike you, I don't have a woman around me. I came her for some fresh air and I got it!" Trevor replied, casting a teasing glance at Reese, who was slightly trembling. "Anyway, I am quite sleepy now. So I am going back to my room."

Trevor left, but Jacob's grasp on her hand became tighter. She wondered if he suspected anything.

"Why was Trevor here?" Jacob's tone was low, and he moved closer to her. Realizing she was shrinking back, he frowned and prodded, "Why didn't you tell me he was here?"

Reese sensed his suspicion and said, "Well, while I was out, a bug came in front of me. Since Trevor happened to pass by, I asked for his help."

"I see." Jacob wanted to ask more questions. But not wanting to scare her, he simply said, "Go back to sleep!"

As he walked into the bedroom, his mind was brimming with doubts.

'If he was merely catching a bug, why would she smell so strongly of his cologne?' he wondered.

There was a story behind the cologne. Shawn had specially asked someone to prepare a customized cologne for Trevor from France. When Jacob said he wanted it, Shawn refused instantly. He said this was for his younger son. He explained that the smell was suitable for Trevor and no one else could have it.

Jacob knew he wasn't treated impartially just because he was blind. The cause of this injustice was the fact he wasn't Shawn's biological son.

He clenched his fists as his old wounds were opened.

His thin lips were compressed into a line.

The night was over.

However, Reese was still in panic, as if there was no end to it.

Fortunately, Shawn kept Trevor busy. He had no time to mess around with Reese. This enabled her live a better life. She spent the whole day taking Jacob for a walk and playing with the fat cat at home.

That day, when she was smoothing the cat's hair, she heard a shocking news. Her father had jumped off a building!

After settling down Jacob, Reese asked the driver to take her to the place where the accident had taken place. By the time she reached there, her father was on a stretcher, covered with a blood-stained sheet.

"Dad..." Tears welled up in Reese's eyes. She wanted to hug him, but was stopped by the security guards. All she could do was helplessly watch them take him away.

"What a stupid man! When something goes wrong in life, you try to fix it. But this coward killed himself!" A woman's euphemistic voice came through, compelling Reese to look behind.

Reese stopped crying and glared at the wretched woman who was speaking. She was none other than Maria Su. She had a slim body, curly hair and a beautiful face. Reese walked up to her and slapped her across her face. "My father has always treated you kindly. Now that he is dead, you have the audacity to speak ill of him! How could you?"

"How dare you hit me! Who the hell do you think you are?" Just when Maria Su was about to fight back, Reese grabbed her wrist. By now, anger was oozing out of Maria Su. If not physically, she could hurt Reese verbally. "Are you getting along well with that blind husband of yo

urs? It's a pity you married into Shen family for your father's sake. And now look, he is dead! Your sacrifice has been wasted."

"You are the sole person responsible for it. I am sure you have a hand in his death!" Reese had done everything possible to dissuade her father from marrying Maria Su. But her efforts went in vain. He seemed to be obsessed with this woman. He showered his hard-earned money on pampering her.

"If it weren't for your family's property, I wouldn't have given myself to that old man! I mean look at me, why would I want him?" Maria Su said through gritted teeth. She was a proud woman.

"It was you who set me up!" Reese said angrily.

"Yes, I did. Since I couldn't get Trevor, nobody could. He has never had a place for you in his heart!"

Reese looked at Maria Su. She couldn't believe a woman was capable of being so vicious. "You could have lived a happy life with Trevor. It's you greed that spoiled your life!"

"What about you? You are no different from me! It was greed that compelled you to marry a blind man. Can you tell me you didn't marry into the Shen family for money? Every day, you will come across Trevor, the man you love. Yet you are supposed to settle for his blind brother! Don't you feel bad when you see him?" With a sneer, Maria Su's fierce eyes glared at Reese.

She smiled knowing she had made Reese speechless. Grabbing her bag, she left the spot.

"I will make sure you are punished!" Reese shouted at Maria Su.

"Mind your own business. The Lin family has enough mess for you to clean up!" Maria Su said before she got into the car. Soon, the car strode away.

Just then, she noticed Trevor coming down from the stairs on the rooftop. A seed of doubt was instantly planted in her heart.

There was no one in this world who hated the Lin family more than Trevor.

'Perhaps Maria and Trevor had teamed up to kill my dear father!

This can't be a coincidence! Dad committed suicide, and now Trevor is present here!

Did Dad kill himself or was he pushed by someone?'

If this happened in the past, she wouldn't have suspected anything. Reese didn't think that Trevor could stoop so low. But now, she knew he was a heartless man. He was capable of anything, even murder!

When he had been on the rooftop, Trevor had noticed that Reese and Maria Su were quarreling. He couldn't hear what they were saying. He came down to ensure that Reese wasn't making trouble for Maria Su.

"Why were you on the rooftop?" Reese looked at him, her suspicion evident in her eyes.

Trevor frowned and asked, "What are you implying?"

"Oh please! I have reasons to believe my father's death is related to you!" Reese's voice began to tremble. "He had no fault in this. Why did you do this? If you have issues with me, kill me! Why him?"

"I almost died in a car accident," he said. Instead of answering her questions, he steered the conversation to a different direction. Trevor looked up at the sky like he was relieving the old days. "Did your father show me an ounce of pity? No! I did nothing to hurt him, but he behaved so ruthlessly. And today, he killed himself. There is no point in accusing someone else for his actions!"

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