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   Chapter 3 Love And Hate Relationship (Part One)

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"Does it hurt badly?" Jacob asked anxiously.

Reese hurriedly answered, "It's okay, I am fine. Don't bother yourself."

"Ha-ha." Trevor sneered and provoked Reese's anger. After making her angry, he plundered inside her like a manic. With a devilish smile, he said, "Your body is saying that you need me!"

"Mmph," she moaned. His intense movements made her weak. She lost control over her own body.

"Do you like it?" He was like a devil, dragging her into the hell with him. But she was determined to fight him. "Oh, of course you like it. Otherwise, you wouldn't have played those dirty tricks!"

"It wasn't me..." she whispered, feeling a little out of breath.

"Who else could it be?" Trevor's eyes were fierce, gazing into her like a cheetah that had been hungry for weeks. Now that his prey was in front of him, he wouldn't hesitate before attacking. At this moment, his eyes were bloodshot with rage. "Have you forgotten it?" he asked, gripping her shoulders.

Reese shuddered at his touch. He was a horrible person. And she was a like a flower that could be attacked by a rainstorm, unable to withstand even the simplest blow.

"It's fine, don't worry. I am here to remind you!" Trevor smiled devilishly. When he thought of what had happened in the past, his eyes turned cold like ice.

At this moment, she gazed into his eyes.

What she saw in them sent shivers down her spine.

She wanted to pull free from him, but his strong body was firmly entwined with hers.

She was on the verge of crying. Somehow, she composed herself.

Instead of breaking down, she looked at him with her beautiful eyes and asked, "Do you think you are torturing me? Remember that you are torturing yourself as well! Yes, I don't want Jacob to see this! Do you want her to see this?"

Instead of leaving her, Trevor exerted all his strength. She experienced a kind of pain that made her think of death.

"Maria is my stepmother. With your current power, it won't be all that difficult to marry her, right?" she asked. Looking at the wild hatred on his face, Reese's heart ached. In spite of it, she pretended to be calm and went on, "What a pity! Your social standing won't allow you to marry her. Even if you want to marry her, are you willing to give up your current status as a Shen family member?"

Maria Su was a bitch who liked to play dirty tricks. In order to marry into a rich family, she had played with Reese's father. But on the other hand, she enjoyed with Trevor. That wretched woman was playing with two men at the same time. Her games came to an end when she got caught. Instead of owning up her mistakes, she framed Reese for drugging her. She told Trevor that Reese had done it because she wanted to spoil their relationship. Hence, Reese became the villain of their love story.

Trevor was blind, he couldn't see the truth. Instead, he believed every nonsense that was spoken by Maria Su.

He developed a fierce hatred for Reese. In the end, Maria Su became her stepmother.

Thinking of this,

Reese clenched her fists angrily.

She thought back to the old days.

It was ridiculous she had been obsessed with him. There was nothing admirable about him!

Her words left Trevor stunned. He was calmer than before, but he glared at her with his murderous eyes. Biting her neck, he said, "You are so vicious! I have never seen anyone like you before!"

"You think I am vicious?" Reese snorted.

Somehow his words brought a new idea into her mind.

'Perhaps it's time to teach Maria a lesson. I didn't have that ability before, but now I do, ' she thought.

"Aren't you? Didn't you just admit your crime now?"

She looked into Trevor's handsome face. At first, she hesitated. But plucking up the courage, she said, "No one can beat you when it comes to viciousness. And look what you have done to your brother's wife!"

She hoped her words would make him realize what he was doing.

"What? I am willing to do something that he isn't capable of doing. This just makes me a good brother." Trevor smiled cruelly.

How had he left the Shen family years ago? If he hadn't had his men look into it, he would have been deceived. But now that he knew the truth, he wouldn't let them go.

Reese pushed him away, as if he were a hot potato. She turned around to leave. Instead of letting her go, he hugged her from behind and pushed her against the wall. Wildly, he began to pour her shoulder with kisses.

"What are you doing?" she shouted, but instantly she regretted it. This was bound to disturb Jacob.

Looking at his teeth marks on her smooth skin, he couldn't help but smile with satisfaction. Like a devil, he said, "This will remind you of me. Our game has just begun!"

When Reese was about to say something, Jacob walked out of the room with a worried expression on his face. "Reese? Why did you scream? And who's there with you?"


"Brother, it's me!" Since Reese was hesitating to speak, Trevor spoke. There was a brilliant smile on his face. When compared to Jacob, who was blind, Trevor was like a dazzling star, his eyes shining bright.

Reese was about to support Jacob, but Trevor caught her wrist. She wanted to scream, but she bit down her pain. In an angry voice, she asked him, "What are you doing here?"

"Don't you know what I am doing?" Trevor retorted back. Seeing that her face had turned pale, he let her go. Reese immediately ran to Jacob like a frightened rabbit. Seeing that she regarded Jacob as a savior, Trevor began to feel uncomfortable.

Once upon a time, this woman had been fond of him. He had seen the way she stared at him.

But now, she looked at him with indifference. The eyes that lit up when she saw him barely held any emotions for him. He was a plague that she wished to escape from.

Feeling a pair of soft hands supporting him, Jacob felt warm in his heart. He had been worried, but her touch soothed him. However, as she stood near him, he got a whiff of Trevor's cologne. He was familiar with this smell and his heart suddenly tightened.

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