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   Chapter 2 A Terrible Man

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After Shawn finished his talking, he asked Trevor to go up to the stage and greet everyone. Trevor didn't show any timidity at all. He went up to the stage calmly and generously. He didn't distracted the attention of the engagement ceremony, nor looked narrow-minded. After a few words, people couldn't take their eyes off him.

He was polite and looked like a gentleman, completely different from the unruly look when he flirted with Reese in the corridor just now. If there was not a trace of her pinch on his wrist, Reese would think that he was being oversensitive or daydreaming.

In the following process, Reese always felt that someone was looking at her from time to time, but he got nothing after searching for several times. Until the last time, when he met the unique playful eyes of Trevor, Reese was completely flustered.

She just felt that her whole body was not hers. She almost completed all the necessary procedures and movements mechanically. Until the engagement ceremony was over and she went back to the old house with Jacob, she couldn't remember any details of the ceremony.

"Are you tired? You must be tired today. If it weren't for my eyes, you wouldn't have to deal with them all the time." Jacob said gently, holding Reese's hand to comfort her.

"Oh? It's okay. I'm not tired. " Reese answered in a hurry and pulled out his hand subconsciously.

The atmosphere froze for a moment, but Jacob didn't ask Reese more about it. Instead, he gently said, "I've asked Mamie to prepare the hot water. You go take a shower first. You must be tired after wearing high heels all day long."

"Okay." Reese felt grateful and guilty for Jacob's thoughtfulness. After what had happened just now, she had known Trevor's nature, so she decided to get along well with Jacob in the future. Even if she couldn't fall in love with him, she would treat him as family.

After the shower, the tiredness of the whole day was gone, and all cells in Reese's body were stretching comfortably. When she pushed the door and went out, she couldn't help but sigh.


However, as soon as she opened the door, she saw Trevor, who had changed into household clothes, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. She ask, "Why are you here?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Reese felt that she had asked a stupid question. This was the Shen family's old house, and Trevor was the second son of the Shen family. It was not strange that he was here!

"Hum! You smell so good. " At this time, Trevor also came over. He forced Reese back to the bathroom door, lowered his head and gently touched her neck.

"Reese? What's up? What happened? "

When Reese was about to scold Trevor, she saw Jacob lying under the railing of the second floor in a panic and looking around, as if looking for her.

Thinking of the intimate behavior between her and Trevor, Reese was shocked, and then thought that Jacob couldn't see, so she breathed a sigh of relief. She was afraid that Jacob might bump into something by accident, so she quickly raised her voice and answered, "I'm fine! I just saw a bug! "

"Ha ha." As soon as she finished speaking, the man on top of her sneered disdainfully.

"Oh, that's good. There are few people in the old house and there are more insects. We don't have to be afraid when we go back to the city tomorrow." Hearing that Reese was fine, Jacob breathed a sigh of relief. After comforting her, he fumbled around and went back to his room.

"Oh, what a poor girl! You are so obsessed with women." Trevor lowered his head and said coldly. His eyes were flickering, mixed with a strange emotion that Reese couldn't understand.

"Go away!" Being teased by him again and again, Reese didn't want to talk to him anymore. She pushed him hard, scolded him angrily, and ran quickly to the stairs. She believed that no matter how bold Trevor was, he didn't dare to be so blatant to her in the hall.

Sure enough, Trevor didn't chase after her anymore, but the playful look on his face made Reese feel that she was a cub that had fallen into a trap, and she didn't like this feeling.

"Reese." Jacob had also taken a shower, with a strange smell of water vapor and shower gel all over his body. Reese, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, was very nervous, and her hands and feet were restless.

"Well, have you finished showering?" Reese swallowed and tried to find a word to ease the embarrassing atmosphere. Seeing that Jacob's hair was still dripping, she subconsciously picked up the hair dryer.


"Let me help you dry your hair first! It's easy to catch a cold if you get wet. " Reese spoke first and stepped forward to put Jacob on the chair.

Hearing this, Jacob put on a gentle smile and said, "Okay."

Jacob's hair was not long, and it was quickly dried. Thinking of what might happen later, Reese panicked. But when she thought that she was Jacob's fiancee, it was natural for her to do such a thing. She also understood this.

Moreover, she had just made up her mind to live a good life with Jacob.

But this kind of thing, although she understand it, but she could not totally accept it. She really could not do such a thing that against her will at present.

"Reese." When she was lost in thought, Jacob said in a low voice and put his hand on the back of Reese's.

"Ah! No way! " It was just a simple move, but Reese, like a frightened bird, drew his hand out with a scream and took a few steps back.

After that, Reese came to her senses. She looked at Jacob awkwardly and faltered, "I... I just..."

"It's ok, Reese, I understand." With a broad smile, Jacob stood up from the chair and slowly went to Reese. "I won't force you at any time as long as you don't want to. Don't worry. I'm willing to wait until the day you accept me."

"Jacob Shen" Hearing Jacob's words, Reese felt more guilty to him. It was her who asked for the marriage, but she always asked Jacob to tolerate her.

"Don't worry. I will adjust myself as soon as possible. I also want to live a good life with you." Reese said firmly and nodded hard. But the blank look on her face told her that she said it to herself.

"Well, let's start from the name. You are already my fiancee. It's not so good to call me by my full name." Jacob smiled gently again and guided Reese slowly.

Hearing this, Reese thought it made sense, so she asked tentatively, "Well, then, shall I call you Jacob from now on?"

"Okay." Jacob nodded, "Well, it's late now. Let's go to bed. Don't worry. We just sleep together. I won't touch you."

"Okay..." Reese also knew that it was unrealistic to sleep in separate rooms or let Jacob sleep on the floor. Besides, Jacob had accommodate so much to her, so she shouldn't be so shilly-shally any more. She just made up her mind, lifted the quilt and jumped onto the bed. Even so, she was only lying on the edge of the bed, and carefully shrank into a ball.

Fortunately, Jacob was very considerate. Even so, he didn't say anything about her. Instead, like her, he left a big space between them.

"Go to sleep, Reese."

"Okay, good night."

After a long time, Jacob's long and well-proportioned breath came from beside her. Reese knew that he was asleep, but too many things had happened today, and this was a very strange environment for her. She really couldn't fall asleep.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, so Reese got out of bed and ran to the door to open it. Because of the eyes, Jacob had to take medicine every day. Thinking that it was the medicine for him tomorrow sent by the servant, she opened the door without doubt.

But when Reese saw the familiar face in front of her, she felt that there was something wrong. Subconsciously, she wanted to close the door, but Trevor was faster than her. He directly supported himself on the door and stopped her.

Afraid of waking Jacob up, Reese didn't dare to argue with Trevor. She lowered her voice and looked at him with dissatisfaction, "It's so late! What are you doing here? "

"All night long, of course I am... here for you. " He opened his mouth slowly and lowered his voice when speaking the last sentence, with a bit of husky and sexy, but what he said made Reese crazy.

"What the hell are you doing?" Reese shouted in a low voice and looked back nervously at the man on the bed. Seeing that he didn't make any movement, she was relieved again.

"I asked you, didn't I? Do you like being kidnapped from the engagement ceremony or cheating on him? But since you've come here and become his fiancee, you must like the latter, right? "

Trevor was not afraid of irritating Reese at all. Or he had already known that she didn't dare to make a sound, so he provoked her and gently stroked her smooth side face.

"Your brother is still inside! Do you still want to mess around? " Reese realized that she had no choice but to continue to warn him.

However, Trevor not only ignored her, but also ignored Jacob. "He is just a bastard without blood with me. Since you are so afraid, let's end the battle as soon as possible."

"What did you say?" Reese asked subconsciously, but was pulled out of the room by Trevor and pressed against the wall again.

Trevor didn't intend to pity Reese at all. He lifted up his skirt and couldn't wait to take her as his own.

"Ah!" The sudden pain made Reese scream. She looked at Trevor in horror. She didn't expect that he would do such a brutal thing to her.

At the same time, Jacob in the room also got up when he heard the noise. When he found that there was no one on the bed, he asked nervously, "Reese? Is that you? "

"Why don't you answer him? Do you want him to see it? " Trevor didn't stop what he was doing. Instead, he lowered his head and whispered in Reese's ear. Then he bit her little ear as a punishment.

Reese could only glare at Trevor, but she had to suppress her anger and answer Jacob, "I'm fine. I came out to drink water and accidentally kicked the chair."

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