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   Chapter 1 An Unexpected Surprise

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At D City

One of the richest family, Shen family, had a wedding ceremony happening. The villa was bedecked extravagantly. Outside, cars worth tens of millions of dollars were lined up. A large number of guests walked in the beautiful hallway. Even celebrities were present to witness the ceremony.

In the resplendent hall, flowers were in full bloom. Handsome and rich men walked hand in hand with socialite divas, who were slim and charming. Beautiful blond-haired women with mesmerizing blue eyes were dancing on the floor in the most graceful manner. Through the musician's flexible hands, the cello came alive, entertaining the audience with its melodious music. The atmosphere here reeked of richness.

Coming out of the dressing room, Reese Lin noticed the gleam in her father's eyes as he saw her.

Her beauty was such it surpassed all the decoration of the house. Even the most beautiful fireworks couldn't compete with her.

Tonight was Reese Lin's wedding. As the bride to be, she should have been the happiest person. However, she wasn't overjoyed like the guests present there. On seeing the scene of music and dancing, her mood became sour. She was overwhelmed with everything that was happening around her.

"Reese! You are very beautiful today. If only your mother could see you today! She would have been the happiest!" Albert Lin said as he shed tears of joy seeing his daughter.

Listening to Albert Lin mention her deceased mother, Reese Lin's eyes dimmed. The Lin Group was founded by her parents. However, due to her father's inappropriate management, it was at stake now. In order to protect her mother's painstaking efforts, she was compelled to marry into the Shen family.

One might wonder how she managed to marry into such a rich family. After all, a rich family like Shen family was bound to have many options. Every girl in D City would be dying to marry him. How did Reese Lin get so lucky?

The truth was, Jacob Shen, the eldest son of the Shen family's head, had become blind at a very young age. Even the best doctors were of the belief he would never recover. This was the only reason why Reese Lin got the opportunity to marry him.

After tonight, she would officially become Jacob Shen's wife. Deep in her heart, she didn't want to marry him as she was in love with someone else. But for the sake of Lin Group and her mother, she had to sacrifice herself.

She tried to feign a smile but the thought of marrying him didn't make her even a little happy. Knowing fully well her father would say something about it, she smiled apologetically at him and said in a low voice, "Well, Dad, I want to go to the washroom."

Albert Lin seemed to have seen through Reese Lin's mind, and the smile on his face disappeared. Raising his hand, he patted on her shoulder. "There's only half an hour left before the ceremony starts. Don't be late," he said as his piercing gaze bore into her eyes.

Nodding her head, she disappeared into the washroom.

Once inside, she took a deep breath. She stood there for a while and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. It was a pity she wasn't happy on the most important day of her life. 'I need to leave or else people will get suspicious, ' she thought to herself and made her way outside. She feigned a smile, pretending to look happy.

When she came out, she noticed her father was gone.

Reese Lin looked into the depths of the corridor. It was empty and the lights were dim. In spite of this, she could vaguely see a man's figure. He was wearing a well-tailored suit. He had a good physique with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. His slender hand held a Zippo lighter. As he pressed the button, the fire slowly rose.

"Who is that?" Reese Lin asked nervously and looked around, only to discover that everyone else was downstairs, preparing for the wedding ceremony. There was not a single person to help her here.

"Relax." The man seemed to have understood that Reese Lin was starting to get scared. He sneered and put away the lighter. With his left hand in his trouser pocket, he trudged towards her.

Now that he was close, she would clearly see his face. His features were like an elaborately carved work of art, perfect beyond comprehension. His face twisted and an arrogant expression appeared. But the thing was, it did nothing to lessen his beauty.

Even this impolite expression looked great on his perfect face. If anything, it added a tinge of mystery to him.

"How could it be you?" Reese Lin whispered, staring at the face she loved so dearly. 'How could it be him?' she wondered, unable to believe her eyes.

Clenching the hemline of her dress, Reese Lin took a step back, hoping Trevor Shen couldn't see the wedding dress she was wearing.

Instead of being dissuaded, he continued to walk forward. With his strong hands, he pushed her against the wall, catching her off-guard.

She wanted to scream, but predicting her response, he placed his hand against her mouth. Reese Lin widened his eyes in disbelief. She had never thought something like this would happen today.

He let go of his hand from her mouth. Seizing the opportunity, Reese Lin opened her mouth to call for help.

Before she could do that, he placed a deep kiss on her mouth. He tasted every bit of mouth before he stopped. Once again, his hands held her tightly, not allowing her to move an inch. Reese Lin gasped, unable to understand what had just happened. He seemed thirsty, wanting to kiss her more. She couldn't let that happen.

"Let me go!" she screamed, not giving him another chance to molest her mouth.

She was Jacob Shen's bride. It didn't matter that Trevor Shen, the only guy she had a crush on, was standing in front of her. She couldn't do anything that would hurt Jacob Shen! Moreover, they were so many reporters present tonight. This would

bring nothing but humiliation to her family and his. If she got caught, her mother's hard work could go in vain. 'No, I can't let this happen, ' she thought, regaining her wits.

Reese Lin tried to push him away. But he didn't even budge! After all, he was much stronger than her. Her resolution to escape brought a fierce look to his face. He tightened his grip on her body.

"What are you doing? I'll call for help and gather people!" she threatened.

"Go ahead. You'd better gather audience to watch what is happening here. People will know that the bride is trying to seduce someone else. Be my guest!" Trevor Shen was not intimidated by Reese Lin's threat. Instead, he moved closer, closing the distance between them. If someone happened to see this, it would undoubtedly tarnish Reese Lin's reputation.

Reese Lin was quiet and Trevor Shen realized with satisfaction that his words had threatened her. Feeling encouraged, he said disdainfully, "This is too boring. I would like to have some audience."

Hearing this, Reese Lin felt humiliated. She glared at Trevor Shen angrily. Now she didn't have the courage to scream. It would cause more harm than good.

They remained glued against each other's body for a few seconds.

Suddenly, she heard a faint sound of footsteps. A seed of hope budded in her chest. Perhaps she could ask that person to rescue her. However, it turned out Trevor Shen was one step ahead of her. He too had heard it. He loosened his grip on her, smoothed the wrinkles on his suit jacket, and then looked down at her meaningfully.

"You can leave now. I am letting you go this time. But if it happens again, you will be in trouble," Reese Lin said in an authoritative tone. This was the man she had dreamed of all her life. Even though he had misbehaved, she didn't have it in her to threaten him. She decided to let him go with a light warning.

However, Trevor Shen grabbed her wrist and said indifferently, "Oh? Really? I loved tasting your juicy lips. I am sure there will be a next time. Your kiss has captured my heart. Do you know what I want to do now? I want to take you away from the wedding."

"You!" Of course, Reese Lin wasn't deluded into thinking Trevor Shen actually liked her. In fact, the blatant way in which he spoke compelled her to believe he was merely making fun of her. This ignited her anger.

But before she could say something, Trevor Shen said, "Or do you prefer the pleasure of having an affair?"

"Trevor Shen! Stop talking nonsense!" Reese Lin's cheeks turned red with shame. Once upon a time, she had died to get a glimpse of him. But today, seeing his true face, she found him unbearable.

"Miss Lin! Your father sent me here to remind you. The ceremony is about to begin!" It was a waiter. When he came over, Trevor Shen had already withdrawn his hand from her body.

"Okay, I am coming." Reese Lin pretended to be calm but there was a quiver in her voice. Her heart was thudding against her chest. Her body was hot from Trevor Shen's touch. Seeing that the waiter was staring at Trevor Shen, she started to explain, "Well, this is my..."

She faltered in her speech seeing the recognition in the waiter's eyes. "Ah! Here you are! Mr. Shawn Shen is also looking for you!" The waiter's eyes lit up.

"Okay," Trevor Shen answered indifferently. He put his left hand inside his trouser pocket and left without looking at Reese Lin.

'Miss Shawn Shen is looking for him?'

Reese Lin looked at Trevor Shen's receding figure, trying to understand how the waiter knew him. The waiter remained there, urging her to come. Nodding her head, she followed him to the hall.

Finally, the ceremony began. The light was dim, and the song called "Dream Wedding" played, filling the air. Arm in arm with her father, Reese Lin stepped on the red carpet and walked towards her groom, Jacob Shen.

After everything that happened just now, she couldn't calm down. She looked down, not wanting the guests to understand the discomfort she was feeling.

'Jacob Shen and Trevor Shen? They have the same surname.

On top of that, the waiter said Shawn Shen was looking for Trevor. Why? Is this a coincidence?

Or…?' She stopped herself from thinking further. 'It is nothing but a coincidence, ' she told herself inwardly.

From what she knew, Shawn Shen only had one son. It had to be a coincidence! In spite of this, she was lost in thoughts. Her mind was a mess.

"Reese? Jacob is waiting for you!" Albert Lin's slightly anxious voice rang in Reese Lin's ears, and she regained her senses. It turned out that they had reached the end of the red carpet. Her husband-to-be, Jacob Shen, stretched out his hand, waiting to hold hers.

"Oh? Yes!" Reese Lin quickly put forward her hand and caught his. His hand was warm and strong. After feeling Reese Lin's hand, Jacob Shen slightly squeezed it.

To be honest, Jacob Shen was a handsome man. Due to his blindness, he stood staring blankly ahead. Reese Lin couldn't help but feel sorry for him. If it weren't for this accident, his life would have been quite amazing. He had both money and looks.

"My daughter is too happy to react!" Albert Lin said, attempting to ease the atmosphere. After looking at Reese Lin one last time, he returned to his seat.

At this moment, Jacob Shen's father, Shawn Shen, entered the stage to give a speech. He was a kind man who smiled often. Even now, a wide smile was plastered on his face. He looked around to make sure he had everyone's attention. Once he was certain, he began speaking. The words that came out of his mouth gave Reese a heart attack! Her biggest fear turned into reality.

Shawn Shen declared he had two reasons for celebrating. He announced his younger son, who had been studying abroad, returned today. Delightfully, he revealed his son's name was Trevor Shen.

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