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   Chapter 44 Being Bullied (Part Two)

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Sarah left the classroom and walked towards her dormitory. She had to deal with it as soon as possible.

Her body was cold, and her heart was even colder. Tears streamed down her cheeks. A simple smile appeared on Celia's face. The simple life she wanted didn't belong to her, and she could only go with the flow.

It was impossible for anyone not to fight back after being bullied many times. It was impossible for anyone to maintain a pure and honest state of mind after apologizing several times and treat others as before. She didn't like to argue with others, but that didn't mean she could let others bully her.

The sun was shining brightly at the weekend afternoon. Sarah smiled brightly and intimately held Grace's arm, strolling around the shops one after another.

"That's all about the story, Grace," Sarah told the whole situation last time when she tried to humiliated Celia to Grace.

Except for the beginning, every time Sarah called people to bully Celia, she would always get out of trouble and humiliate her back by the way. The more Celia was scolded, the angrier Sarah became.

Grace nodded. The two walked into a cafe and ordered their favorite coffee.

The air-conditioned place always had a special coolness, which was very comfortable. Grace lazily squinted her eyes.

"Take it easy," she said.

[婷婷] looked up in a hurry, curled her lips and said, "how can I take it easy? It would be fine to give her a head-on blow, but the problem is that she was able to use it to threaten me."

Celia was not as popular as her, but her outstanding performance and personality of being willing to help people made her friends more and more. Many people with the same conditions as Celia were willing to make friends w

plan succeed" flashed in Sarah's eyes. "I have warned you so many times; you'd better leave him. But you didn't. Now you see it funny?"

"Is it interesting for you to do so?"

"Very interesting." Sarah looked at her with a big smile and ordered the people behind her, "Tie her up and throw her as far as you can."

Celia stood up vigilantly, but it was too late. The library was a quiet place with few people. Besides, she came here alone today.

"Sarah, how dare you do that?"

An extremely familiar voice came through, only to see that Hogan was standing at the door with a malicious look on his face.

"Sarah, I thought you would stop harassing Celia for I cut off your support, but I didn't expect you to get it worse. You do a good job, huh?"

Sarah bit her lips and her face turned pale. She couldn't figure out why Hogan was at school.

Celia smiled and said, "I won't meddle in the matters between you and your sister." She picked up the book and walked away.

"Who says you can leave now? Don't treat yourself as an outsider. It's you who caused the trouble between us!" Seeing that Celia was about to leave, Sarah stopped her anxiously.

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