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   Chapter 43 Being Bullied (Part One)

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Hogan had just let her go out for a long time, and things happened one by one. Seeing that she was always bullied, his heart also ached. He'd better put her at his side.

His tone was as normal as asking her to have dinner.

Celia's chin was about to fall to the ground. How could she go back? She just got out of the wolf's den.

Hogan glanced at her. "What? You seem not to be willing to?"

Celia nodded. She stared at him and said seriously, "I'm preparing for my exam right now. I'm afraid it's not good for me to move out. There is no secret wall in the world. I don't want to have any gaps with my classmates. It's my wish to be a simple college student."

Hogan smiled, "If you are not willing, you can directly drop out of school and work in my group."

Celia widened her eyes in surprise. "Why are you so domineering?"

Hearing her saying that he was domineering, Hogan was in a better mood. He sat on the edge of the bed and said, "It's up to you."

Celia bit her lips and didn't know what to do.

She couldn't agree to any of these two conditions. If she had anything to do with Hogan, she would never be able to get along well with Sarah. What if she really had a future with Hogan? How could she face her at that time? Everything was unintentional, but the conflict between the brother and sister was indeed caused by her. She did not want to escape, pretending as if nothing had happened.

Hogan didn't force her to make a final decision at once.

On the second day, the sunshine was warm. Hogan was also in a good mood. Although he didn't smile, all the employees had sensed the warm spring wind blowing from him.

Sarah came to Grace's house again.

Tears were all over her face. She felt wronged and said, "Grace, how could my brother do that to me?"

Grace shook her head with a smile. "In that case, you

er step by step, with an oppressive light in her eyes. "I used to think that you were just a little spoiled, but now you let me know what is called rich girl's style. All the people in the rich and powerful families are good girls. You can ignore other people's will and impose your own thoughts on others, and you also scold others. This is your world view. It is so terrible.

I tried to explain to you and I treated you with all my heart, but that's how you repay me." Celia sneered and continued, "You don't deserve my friendship at all. You have a good reputation, but in fact, your face is inferior to that of an ordinary person. I will repay you double for what you have done to me today. Take care of yourself." After saying that, Celia walked out with her head held high.

Sarah's behavior had completely disappointed her. She would bully her back no matter what.

The cruelty in her eyes was not weaker than Hogan's. Sarah was scared in an instant. Her words were full of disappointment and anger for her. Sarah couldn't help but feel a little guilty. But when she thought of Grace, her heart became hard again. Even at all costs, she would ask her to get out of here and never step into this city where Hogan was.

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