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   Chapter 30 Celia Was Sick

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In her sound sleep, she frowned slightly, which made people know that she seemed to be having a nightmare.

A gust of cold wind blew into the room through the open window. Because the window was just next to the table of Celia, she, who was sleeping soundly, felt cold and unconsciously shrank her body.

After thinking for a while, Hogan walked to the window and closed it. Didn't this stupid woman know that she would catch a cold if she opened the window like this?

The drowsy Celia sneezed again and rubbed her nose which was uncomfortable. Now she just felt that her head was about to explode.

In her dream, she got sick for she was called back by that scumbag. She caught a cold after getting wet in the rain. In a daze, Celia blurted out, "Hogan Yin, you scumbag."

Hogan took off his coat and was about to cover her. He stopped and asked uncertainly in a low voice, "You say Hogan is a scumbag?"

Celia treated his voice as someone in her dream was listening to her complaining. Those complaints could not be heard by others, so she continued to vent her anger. "Yes, he is a scumbag. He is narcissistic and inhuman. His heart must be dark."

Hogan heard the woman with her eyes closed and her head on the table say a lot of bad words to describe him naturally, and his eyes flashed with sparks. He asked, "What else?"

It was not until today that he realized that he was so bad in her eyes, which made him want to slap her and throw her to the Pacific Ocean to feed sharks.

Of course, the sleepy Celia didn't know that the scumbag she was talking about was looking down at her right here and right now. The anger in his eyes was enough to burn her to the bone.

She had always thought that there would be someone was talking to her in her dream, but she couldn't help remembering the shame of being pressed under him. She curled the corners of her mouth with grievance and sobbed, "He is just a pig. He slept with different girls!"

Wait a minute. She suddenly felt that someone was looking at her above her head and there was so much pressure around her. Besides, the cold wind made her feel very cold. Celia was about to open her heavy eyes.

"Well... Enough!"

A man's magnetic and deep voice was heard. Then, the clothes on her body were torn into pieces.

Then she felt a chill all over her body. A handsome face gradually enlarged in front of her, and warm breath sprayed on her earlobes.

Hogan chuckled and said, "It turns out that I'm such a loser in your eyes. Good. I'll let you know how bad I am today."

Before Celia could react, she felt dizzy again. When she came to her senses, she was carried to lay on the desk, pressed by Hogan's body.

When her half-naked body touched the cold table, Celia unconsciously stiffened her body. With her arms crossed over her chest, she quickly shook her head and shouted, "No, No."

Celia had never seen Hogan's face being so gloomy and livid, although she usually provoked him during her work time without knowing why.

But he was never like this. In a panic, Celia looked into his dark eyes, which were the endless black abyss that she couldn't see through his emotion clearly.

The eyes seemed to devour everything. The black color faded of them and reflected the blood red color.

Yes, she was really scared at that moment. Hogan, who was as proud as a God, would never allow a woman to say something like that to slander him.

"No? What?"

Hogan raised her chin and asked in a low voice.

"No, it's not like that. I'm just talking in my dream." Celia kept nodding and explaining, almost breaking her neck.

Hogan looked at the woman in front of him who tried to dodge in panic, and he suddenly gave a demonic smile, which would fascinate everyone. Celia was stunned to see his charming smile. Then she heard his enchanting voice, "But, it's too late."

Celia tried her best to struggle, but the strength gap between the man and the woman was too big, and the remaining underwear on her body was finally broken.

The strong sense of humiliation came again, and the unyielding character of Celia was completely aroused. She raised her chin stubbornly and looked at the man in front of her, said word by word fearlessly, "You! Are! A! Scumbag!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Hogan's hot body covered her in an instant. Before Celia could struggle, he kissed her on the lips. She shut her lips tightly and glared at the man who was kissing her.

Hogan looked at the woman under him. Her black hair was in a mess, and her little face was full of stubbornness, but her eyes were full of begging for mercy.

This kind of beauty between embarrassment and wildness made him just want to have a good sex.

Seeing her smooth and soft body, he had a desire for her long ago. His lower part, which showed male wildness, had been ready. He gritted his teeth hard and got inside Celia's body. She screamed because of the pain.

Hogan had occupied all her place.

"Humph!" He groaned in pain, and a little bloo

d spilled from the corner of his mouth. The man wiped the blood from the corner with his slender fingers, and also swept over her lips.

"Let go of me!" Celia struggled again and shouted, but she was still tightly held by Hogan.

Hogan squinted his eyes, and said in a gentle voice, "It seems that Miss Celia is not good at kissing. Today let me teach you what a real kiss is, and then I'll see how you enjoy under a scumbag. Shout now!"

"Shame on you!" As soon as she finished speaking, a hot kiss came over.

Hogan clasped her head with one hand and her waist with the other. His hard chest pressed against her soft chest.

It was indeed a hot kiss, mixed with the salty smell of blood, instantly filled the whole mouth.

It was barbaric and rampant, making people unable to refuse.

Outside the window, the night was getting darker. On the narrow desk in the office were two bodies entangled with each other desperately.

Not knowing how long it had passed, Celia, who was biting her lips, felt cold all over her body and her head was getting heavier and heavier. Finally, she couldn't bear it and said in a low voice, "Ah, so uncomfortable."

Hogan stopped what he was doing and found that there was something wrong with the woman under his body. It was not a normal temperature. When he touched her hot forehead, he knew that she had a high fever. Looking at her ill and uncomfortable state, Hogan's lust had been reduced by half.

Ignoring her begging, he continued to move a few more times, only to find that the person under him was really quiet.

"Celia? Celia, how do you feel?" Hogan patted on her cheek and asked in a panic.

Celia was too weak to answer because of the fever. She was so cold that she leaned against the natural heat source beside her by instinct. Apparently, she began to be a little unconscious. She murmured, "It's so cold."

As his lust faded away, Hogan cursed in his mind, 'Stupid'. He didn't even know he had a high fever. Obviously, he forgot how he raped her just now.

He had never had the experience of looking after others, so he just looked around and found that Celia's clothes had been torn and couldn't be worn.

He had no choice but to take off the coat he had just taken off. Fortunately, Celia was petite and didn't have much weight. The big coat just wrapped her whole body. She was in a coma due to a high fever.

Then Hogan put on his clothes quickly and walked down quickly with Celia in his arms.

It was not until they arrived downstairs that Hogan remembered that his car had been driven away by Zaiden. He had no choice but to clumsily take out his mobile phone from the coat pocket of Celia and dialed a series of familiar numbers.

The phone rang for several times before it was picked up. It was late at night, and normal people were sleeping.

"Hello, who's that?"

Dylan Han asked in an obviously impatient tone. He had just flown back and the a few hours' plane trip made him rather tired. He just wanted to have a good sleep.

It was better for the person who called him in the middle of the night to have something important, or he would lose his temper.

"Get up quickly. Come to the Marriott hotel soon. You should be here in ten minutes,"

Hogan said coldly. Without waiting for the other party's reply, he hung up the phone and hailed a taxi to the Marriott hotel.

After hanging up the phone, Dylan Han leaned sideways and lay down with his eyes closed for two seconds. He jumped up from the bed like a corpse suddenly came to life.

Did something happen to Hogan?

After fumbling around in a hurry, he finally found the glasses he usually wore under the pillow. He quickly changed his clothes and rushed out of the door.

In the taxi, Celia, whose body turned to cold and hot, had completely lost her mind. She clung to Hogan like an octopus.

Her jade-like arms encircled Hogan's strong waist, clutching tightly. When she felt cold, Celia unconsciously rubbed against him, trying to get more warmth.

This ignorant and simple action made Hogan feel that his man's part had a reaction.

In the taxi, the driver was an old middle-aged man, who always glanced at the back seat through the rearview mirror all the way.

If it weren't for the noble and cold aura around Hogan, who looked even more frightening than the God of death.

The driver might have already begun to consider whether he should act bravely for a just cause or not. After all, it was right to be a citizen in this way.

But it was a good citizen's duty to protect the girls who were abducted and sold.

However, if Hogan, who was not used to taking taxis along the way, and was aroused by the restless little woman in his arms, knew what was now in the driver's mind, he would purchase the taxi company angrily, How could he be regarded as a human trafficker or a rapist?

In a daze, Celia felt like she was floating in the water.

Then she grabbed something by her side unconsciously. It was, of course, Hogan's body.

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