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   Chapter 29 Keep Away From Women

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After knocking on the door for two times, the door of the suite box was opened. A middle-aged woman with coquettish makeup walked in, followed by several other younger women.

The middle-aged woman peep to take a glance at Hogan, who was sitting next to her, and then looked at Zaiden, who was sitting on the sofa. She smiled and said, "Mr. Zaiden, I've brought the girls you want. What do you think?"

"Wow, they are so beautiful."

Zaiden squinted at the hot girls in tight clothes.

"It' your order, Mr. Zaiden, of course I will arrange the best girls here," the middle-aged woman replied with a flattering smile on her face. She emphasized the word' girls ', implying that they were all virgins.

"You, you, and you."

Zaiden pointed at three of them and said, "Just you three."

The middle-aged woman turned around in a hurry and pulled up a woman behind her. "Her name is Lily. She is new here, I'm sure you will all happy with her, Mr. Zaiden and Mr. Hogan."

Lily curled up her small body in embarrassment, her long hair half covering her face. In the distance, Hogan took a look at her, and suddenly felt that she looked somewhat like Celia.

Zaiden glanced at the woman called Lily, and then impatiently waved at the head woman.

"Okay, then have a good time, Mr. Zaiden and Mr. Hogan."

The middle-aged woman didn't dare to look at Hogan until she was about to leave. She greeted him politely.

The rest of the women who were not selected were dejected and led out by the middle-aged woman.

"Come here and get me a glass of wine," Hogan pointed at Lily who was timidly standing at the edge and ordered.

Hearing this, Lily's eyes lit up. It was said that although Hogan was also interested in women, he had always been a neat freak for the women in nightclubs. Did this mean that she would soon be Hogan's lover when he called her?

Lily thought happily.

When she raised her head, she looked shy, but her body had already taken the initiative to get close to him.

"Hogan, when did you change your taste?"

Zaiden teased, putting his arm around another beauty's waist.

"When did you become so nosy?" Hogan rolled his eyes at his friend.

"Mr. Hogan, here's your wine." Lily half knelt beside the tea table and handed over the full glass shyly. However, the height of her half knelt position made people be able to see clearly her breasts.

"It seems that another woman is going to fall in love with you because of your charm," Zaiden said and kissed the beautiful woman next to him. Then he moved to a spacious place to do his own business.

Looking at the woman with the same long hair as Celia, Hogan took out his wallet and took out a business card from it. But unlike the one he gave to Celia, it didn't have his signature. He put it between his fingers and said with a smile, "Come here."

Hogan]'s facial features were exquisite and perfect, and his smile was even more fascinating.

Looking at the card, Lily was overjoyed. It was a rare card for others. She forgot her previous reserve and sat on Hogan's lap. When she was about to draw the card, she shouted, "Ah." Hogan had already reached out his hand to the depths of her underwear, wandering in her sensitive private parts.

Looking at the panting woman and the card in the woman's hand, a trace of disgust flashed through Hogan's black eyes.

All of a sudden, Hogan thought of Celia, who he didn't know what to do with, and became inexplicably irritable. He looked at his watch. It was very late now, and he thought that the stupid woman should still be working overtime.

Lily obsessively looked at Hogan's perfect side face. This was a man who made women crazy, with hundreds of millions of assets in hand. All women would be crazy about him for his handsome and charming appearance.

"Fuck off!" Hogan's magnetic and irritable voice sounded. Lily fell to the ground and sobbed in a low voice. She just couldn't help but want to kiss him that moment. Last second, he was still silent. How could the man sinking in desire turn against her so soon? And she had offended Mr. Hogan. She had asked someone to help her get in the club. If the head woman knew that, she would be kicked out. She could only cry in a low voice thinking about it.

Hogan wiped the corner of his mouth which had just been painted red by the woman's lipstick color. Looking at the woman crying sadly, the coldness in his eyes immediately made everyone present feel frozen.

"What's wrong?"

Zaiden was the first one to react and asked in a low voice. He simply tidied up the messy clothes he had just torn. It could be seen how hard he had done just now. When he raised his head, his eyes were already as clear as water without any lust.

"Get out! All of you!"

This time, Hogan was absolutely burning with anger. He had an mysophobia, and the most annoying thing was that a woman took the initiative to kiss his lips.

That was to say, no matter how he kissed the others, if one took the initiative to kiss him, that person would be miserable.

There was another reason why he was angry. He didn't have any interest in this woman at all. Was he really suffering from a strange disease? Just now, all he could think of was the slender figure of Celia, her fair face, and the way she bit her lips o

n the bed.

The middle-aged woman came in and apologized for a long time. At last, she took Lily, who was scared to death on the ground, out and carefully closed the door.

Celia sneezed and felt dizzy. She straightened her sore neck and looked at the pile of folders next to her. She wanted to cry but had no tears.

Today, she seemed not to be in a good state, and in her heart, she had cursed Hogan for many times.


The phone vibrated again, which was particularly loud in this quiet space.

She glanced at the time on her phone. It was already nine o'clock in the evening. There was only Celia herself in the whole Yin Group office who was working overtime. Thinking of the ghost stories she had seen before, she felt a chill down her spine.

"Dad." The name on the phone kept flashing. After hesitating for a while, Celia picked up the phone. "Hello, Dad."

"Why answer the phone so late, Celia? Why don't you come back? It's so late now," asked Terrell on the phone.

Celia had never been out all night since she was born. It was not his fault that he asked her about this.

"I just heard the phone. I went to the bathroom just now."

Celia bit her lips and looked at the documents on the table that hadn't been dealt with. Then she said, "Dad, I won't go back tonight. We are going to separate after we enter the University so we have a lot to talk. I will stay at my classmate's home, okay?"

Terrell paused for two seconds and sighed, "You've grown up. You have your own life. Don't play too late. Go to bed early."

"Okay, I will. Good night, Dad." After hanging up the phone, Celia bit her lips tightly. There was suddenly a little guilty in her warm heart, because this was the first time she had lied to her closest family.

Perhaps it was just this kind of sorrow that made Celia, who was afraid of being alone, suddenly become strong.

Leaning against the back of the chair, she stared blankly at the bright light for a while. Thinking of the fact that her mother Sophie was sent to hospital, the company of the Su family had undergone a huge change, and she grew up suddenly from a girl to a woman.

Celia sniffed. It seemed that these all had something to do with the bastard Hogan. As long as she waited for half a month, she could stay away from him.

Celia sighed and put on her shoes that were almost dry. Her clothes had already been dried by her body's temperature, and she let out another big sneeze. She rubbed her sore nose and continued to bury herself in the work. She was sure that as long as she couldn't finish it, that scumbag would torture her again tomorrow.

In the evening after the rain, the night was as cold as water. A black BMW sped past the spacious road.

In the car, there were two people, Hogan and Zaiden, who just left the nightclub. The car was passing by the Yin Group's building.

Zaiden asked curiously, "Why is the light still on in your office?"

The sound of brake suddenly stopped with Zaiden's question. Hogan looked at the bright light of floor 33 and frowned. Didn't she always say that she worked very quickly? Why hadn't she still get off work?

Zaiden looked at the windshield which was going to hit the tip of his nose and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. It was a BMW business car, not a sports car. He didn't want to be disfigured. He had to rely on his face to live.

"You go back first. Drive this car." Hogan took off his seat belt and said to Zaiden who was sitting on the passenger seat.

"Where are you going?" Zaiden took a mysterious look at him, who had already opened the door and got off the car.

It was so late. Even if the lights of the whole Yin Group were forgotten to be turned off, it was not the work for the dignified CEO to go back and turn off the lights by himself. Zaiden was rather confused, "Drive my car and go back." After saying that, Hogan shook off the car key, turned around and walked straight to the door, leaving Zaiden in the passenger seat, blinking his widened eyes.

Zaiden took the car key in his hand and looked at the bright 33 floor. The more confused he was, the more he seemed to think of something. A sexy smile appeared on his lips. It seemed that the future life would not be too boring. Something would happen soon.

The elevator stopped straightly on the 33 floor. In the elevator, Hogan looked at the jumping red numbers. He frowned again. Why did he run up to the company when he saw the light was on?

He didn't like the feeling of involuntarily thinking of a woman.


It must be because he wanted to see her tired face and gritting her teeth that he came up to check her work. Thinking of this, Hogan suppressed the nameless feelings in his heart.

Outside the room, the warm light shone into the dim corridor through the open crack of the door of his office, telling others that there were still people on duty here. Hogan strode in with a cold face and was about to question, "What?"

'You still haven't finished your work?' He took back his words before he could finish them.

Because the slender figure had fallen asleep on the table.

From this angle, he could just see her sleeping soundly and her slightly pursed pink lips. From a distance, she looked so cute that he couldn't help but want to kiss her.

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