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   Chapter 26 I Don't Need A Sister

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"My mommy is always the youngest. She is not old at all. Look at her smooth skin. It seems that she can squeeze water out. Who says my mommy is old? I will go all out with her."

Celia said naughtily, waving her fists.

Only in front of her mother could Celia be so relaxed.

"Hey, you are such a sweet talker."

Sophie was amused and giggled like a young girl.

"You just like Celia's sweet words, don't you?"

Terrell added.

On the other hand, Celia just stared blankly at the smile of Sophie. The smile was beautiful and refined, with a mature woman's charm. It could be seen that Sophie was also a delicate beauty when she was young.

"Mom, you look so beautiful when you smile." Celia said sincerely.

When her mother was young, she was popular and chased by a lot of people!

Thinking of this, Celia raised her chest proudly.

"Well, Sophie, eat this porridge quickly." Looking at the chatting between the two, Terrell was really worried that the mother and daughter would not eat anything if they continued chatting like this.

"That's right, mom. Hurry up and eat. Don't be hungry." Celia said in a hurry.

She didn't want to delay her mother's dinner because of her.

"Okay, okay." Sophie nodded and a happy expression appeared on her face.

Now her husband was good to her and never gave up her, and her daughter had grown up and was obedient. How could Sophie not feel happy?

All of a sudden, the phone in Celia's pocket rang.

The three of them were shocked by the sudden ringtone. Celia quickly took out her phone from her pocket.

The caller ID was scumbag!

Why did Hogan suddenly call her? Was it because she left directly today? He wanted revenge? Celia frowned.

This call must have brought bad news.

Celia hung up the phone without hesitation.

She didn't want to answer his phone. What if he suddenly asked her to work overtime in the company?

No way! !

"Celia, who did call you? Why don't you answer it?"

Terrell, who was attentive, noticed that his daughter had hung up the phone. He felt a little strange.

"Oh, nothing. It's a scam call." Celia said casually.

If Hogan knew that his call was said to be a scam phone by Celia, Hogan would probably come here directly from the company to strangle Celia.

It was the dream of countless women to get his phone number.

How could she say he was a fraud? ?

On the other side of the phone, Hogan was wearing an angry face.

'How dare Celia hang up on me? How dare she?' he thought.

Seeing Celia's crying today, Hogan softened his heart and didn't let her continue to deal with the documents. He threw them to Joana and let Celia go off work in advance. But Celia was not satisfied and even took Joana away.

Now she hung up the phone again.

Hogan was about to explode with anger. He wished he could catch her right now and criticize her severely.

'Celia, if you can hang up today, don't come tomorrow! Otherwise, you'll be dead.' Hogan was boiling with rage in his mind.

"Celia, you can go back by yourself tonight. I'll stay with your mother in the hospital." Seeing that the time was enough, Celia was about to go home when Terrell pulled her and said.

"Okay!" Celia said briskly.

She knew that Terrell wanted to spend more time with Sophie.

"Then you go back first. Be careful." Terrell reminded her.

"Okay, I know. I'm not a child anymore."

Celia said helplessly. Every time Terrell treated her as a child. She just went out for a while and he would say that she should take care, and when she went home, he also said that she should take care.

There were not so many dangers in the world, right?

Now, Celia felt the same as Joana.

Debra was a parasite who could be seen everywhere.

As soon as Celia got out of the hospital and was about to take a taxi home, she saw Debra.

Celia wanted to avoid her in a hurry when she remembered what Joana said. She didn't want to have too much contact with Debra, but Debra was not willing to let her go.

"Hi, Celia. We meet again. What a coincidence!"

Debra said with a smile. She called Celia friendly as if they were familiar.

"Yeah, what a coincidence!" The expression on Celia's face was stiff.

'Yes, what a coincidence! I can even meet you here.

What kind of luck was this?'

Celia looked up at the sky.

"Celia, you said you had something to deal with, but you are in the hospital now. Are you sick? So you come to the hospital? " Debra asked curiously.

However, Debra sneered in her heart. The reason why Celia came to the hospital was not simple. Was she pregnant with someone's child and came to have an abortion? It seemed the pure beauty in the c

ompany was just so so.

"Nothing." Celia said perfunctorily.

"It's okay if you don't want to say it. Alas, I know. I'm not your friend, so I can understand if you don't say it."

Debra pretended to be depressed.

Even the disappointment in her eyes was so obvious.

Debra was really good at acting. She could even get an Oscar Prize. People who didn't know the truth must have been deceived by her mask.

Celia sneered.

"Then I'll go first."

Celia was too lazy to deal with Debra. Regardless of Debra's dissuasion, she took her bag and left.

She had to go home and take a hot shower to sleep. She didn't want to waste time with this woman playing tricks here. She was too tired!

"Celia, please don't leave. I have a request. Can you agree to be my sister?" Debra said pitifully, "Okay?"

As she spoke, she shook Celia's arm.

"No!" Celia refused subconsciously.

She didn't need a sister. Even if she needed a sister, she didn't want such a sister.

If she had such a sister, it would be a disaster!

"Why do you hate me?"

Debra was about to cry. She looks so pitiful. If there was a male here, she would hold Debra in his arms to comfort her and then scold Celia.

"I don't need a sister. It's enough for my mother to give birth to me."

Celia was a woman, not a man. Of course she wouldn't listen to what Debra said.

This move was only useful for men.

"We could be god sister."

"My mother doesn't need a god daughter."

Celia took away Debra's hand that was grabbing her arm and said word by word, "If there's nothing else, I'll go first. Remember, I don't need a god sister. I don't need anything like that."

After saying that, Celia was about to run away.

To her surprise, Debra asked Celia to leave without saying anything.

However, even if Celia didn't look at Debra, she could feel that Debra had been staring at her.

This gave Celia goose bumps. A woman stared at her receding figure in the middle of the night. How could she not be scared?

What Celia didn't know was that there was not just resentment in Debra's eyes. Debra was so angry that her eyes were burning.

It was the first time for Debra to put down her pride and be a sister to a woman. She didn't expect that the woman would say no without hesitation and then ignore her and leave.

How could Debra accept this?

"Remember, Celia! You forced me to give you a hard time. "

Debra murmured in a low voice.

Debra had a rough plan in her mind.

Poor Celia didn't know that she had offended Debra because of her refusal.

If Celia had known that her decision today was made by Debra to frame her, she must regret.

After arriving home, Celia took a shower and lay on her soft bed.

After taking a shower, Celia felt very comfortable, and there was a big bed accompanying her. She thought that if Hogan hadn't appeared in her life, she would be much happier.

If it weren't for Hogan, she could go to school. She didn't have to be afraid that Hogan would be angry every day and listen to him.

Unfortunately, it was just a possibility. This was not the truth.

Maybe it was a coincidence or not, as soon as she thought of Hogan, her phone rang.

Celia was also startled.

Only then did she realize that her phone was ringing. She took a deep breath and complained to herself why she became so fussy all of a sudden. She reached out to take out her phone from her bag.

Who would call her so late? Was it her father?

Celia looked at her phone with suspicion.

The caller ID was scumbag.

Why did he call her again? As soon as Celia saw it was Hogan, she was absent-minded and threw the phone away.

She didn't want a great night to be ruined by a phone call from Hogan.

Celia had planned to let her phone ring like this and not answer it. When Hogan lost his patience, he would hang up the phone.

However, the phone rang again after it was hung up. No one answered it. After hanging up, the phone rang again, as if he had been calling since Celia didn't answer it.


Why was he so annoying? Why did he call so many times?

Celia stared at the phone on the bed. It looked like a monster.

Hearing the ring, Celia was annoyed. She covered herself with the quilt and rolled on the bed, trying to ignore the noise beside her ear.

It's okay. Hogan would be annoyed if he called so many times. He would give up soon.

But the ringtone didn't fade away as Celia thought. It was getting louder and louder.

Helplessly, Celia had to sit up and hold the phone in her hand.

Taking a deep breath, the caller ID flickered on the screen of the phone, as if urging Celia to answer the phone as soon as possible.

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