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   Chapter 8 Feel Awkward (Part One)

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"I don't want to copy."

Taking a glance at the content, Celia strongly opposed. It was full of company's introduction, concept and projects that had pushed out.

She was not interested in the Yin Group at all, let alone reciting its long introduction!

After a pause, Hogan raised his head and squinted at her. "If I recall correctly, the new semester will begin in a month."

What a naked threat!

Celia took a deep breath, grabbed the documents on the table and turned back to her seat.

Hogan really played dirty tricks. Although Celia thought it was shameful, but she had to admit that she couldn't go against him now!

After a while, Hogan said coldly, "If you still want to go to school, just finish the work here with all your heart. I will let you go then."

That's more like it!

Celia gritted her teeth and stuffed two pieces of tissue into her ears. Then she lowered her head and began to copy the documents.

As long as she could leave here and go to school, she was willing to copy 100 times, let alone 20 times!

She already got off work for a long time, but she was still copying with a pen in her hand.

Her hand was almost broken, and she was so painful that she could hardly hold the pen, but she still gritted her teeth and insisted.

Joana had planned to make fun of her, but she couldn't insist on staying in the office anymore.

"Haven't you finished yet?" Not far away, a black figure was pacing in front of her. Hogan raised his hand and looked at his watch unhurriedly. "I'll give you another 5 minutes. If you can't finish it, it means that you are not qualified."

"All right!"

Just as Hogan was about to tell her the time, Celia suddenly stood up with the documents she had copied in her hands.

Hogan raised his eyebrows in surprise. He almost lost his patience and was about to leave, but he didn't expect her to finish it.

"Okay, I'll test you."

His charming eyes swept across her face. He looked at her with a faint smile, but the expression in his eyes was cold.

"What's the latest policy of the group?"

"The latest policy is..."

"Which of the top 10 branch companies do the group have?"

"The branch company of the group are..."

The more Hogan asked, the more surprised he became. To his surprise, no matter what question he asked, she could answer him smoothly.

"Then..." his eyes darkened and he said seriously, "What is the principle of the group?"

"…… This is the new concept of the Yin Group. "

After hearing the last sentence of Celia, there was a flash of surprise in Hogan's eyes, which was immediately covered by him.

If one had to finish copying those materials within a limited time, ordinary people would only copy them without any time to remember.

But she remembered almost every word!

This girl had a very good visual memory!

Even though he had gone to Harvard University

and met talents all over the world, he had to treat her differently.

Seeing that he didn't ask any more questions, Celia breathed a sigh of relief. "Is it okay?"

Hogan came to his senses in an instant and looked at her with his sharp eyes, "There is still a lot of information left."

"Recite all of them. I'll check on you every day this week."

When Celia was about to refute, but she chose to swallow her anger. She raised her head and stared at him with a firm look in her eyes. "If I behave well this month, you will definitely let me go, won't you?"

Hogan sneered, "Don't worry. Even if you want to stay at that time, I won't agree!"

What's the use of keeping her here?

When she started to feel defeated, he wouldn't feel angry and then he would let her go as far as possible!

"That's good." Celia nodded solemnly, picked up her bag and left.

Although he had gone too far by doing so, it was nothing for her to recite because she had had a very good visual memory!

Seeing her leave with holding her head high, Hogan smiled cruelly and thought in mind, 'Since she disdains to know the Yin Group, I'll let her learn more about it and the Yin Group!'

The more she didn't want to know, the more he wanted her to understand and look into it!

The light in the copy room was just proper and the room was full of sunshine.

The staff, Kenny Xue, bent down to pack up the files scattered on the ground, and murmured to the colleague who was making copies, "Alas, I don't know who did it. I haven't been to work for only one day, but it's so messy. If I find you..."

As he was speaking, he was stunned when he saw Celia walk in.

Where did this girl come from? She was so beautiful. Her long hair was like silk, and the sun shone on her head made her look like an angel.

The colleague coughed twice before he came to his senses.

"I'm sorry," Celia said shyly, "I left in a hurry yesterday and didn't pack up these things."

Kenny Xue immediately straightened up and waved his hands, "Oh, it doesn't matter. I'll tidy it up. Anyway, I'm the staff in this room."

The colleague looked at him and whispered mischievously, "Do you remember what you have said before?"

Kenny Xue immediately said angrily, "I have a reason!"

Then he looked at Celia with a smile and said, "Beauty, you must have something urgent yesterday. Do you want to continue printing today? I'll help you..."

In the following days, every once in a while, Celia walked gracefully from the copy room to the office with some documents in her arms. Behind her, Kenny Xue held a large pile of documents in his arms, but he was still enthusiastic.

Joana was surprised to see them enter the office. She was jealous, "Why is there a man ingratiating himself with her as soon as she came in?" she thought with a bad mood, 'I won't remind you. Let's see what you will do later!'

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