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   Chapter 7 What Is Wrong With Her (Part Two)

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"You are also wrong! Don't give such an important task to the new comers in the future!"

After Hogan taught him a lesson, he turned to look at her and sneered sarcastically, "Don't think that you can make decisions on your own and take on any important task just because you are good at writing!"

After walking a few steps to the door, he suddenly remembered something. He turned his head and looked at her, saying angrily, "You are not qualified!"

He was pissed off. This new girl was not only disobedient, but also had the same design concept as the one he hated most.

Was she sent by God to piss him off?

As soon as Hogan finished his words, Celia's heart tightened and she took a deep breath.

What kind of people were in the Yin Group?

One of them lied through his teeth, and the other was arrogant, barbaric, violent, despicable and shameless.

It was the most precious thing she had ever seen in her life!

Seeing that Hogan had left, Zoe Zhang calmed down. He looked at Celia with guilt and said, "Miss Celia, please leave the work about copywriting alone."

Without saying anything, Celia gave the draft to him and turned back to her seat.

When she was about to read a book, Joana threw a stack of documents on her desk, raised her charming chin and said arrogantly, "Go and copy 100 copies of these documents."

After saying that, he sat back at his desk and turned his head to look at the stunned Celia.

There were so many documents and each one of them needed to be had 100 copies! How long did she need to copy it?

Taking a glance at the time on her phone, Celia raised her head and said indifferently, "I'm sorry. It's time to get off work. I should go to have lunch."

Then she stood up, raised her head and walked out gracefully under the gaze of Joana.

Joana was so angry that she opened her eyes wide and looked at the time unwillingly. It was really not early or late, just 12 o'clock.

"It doesn't matter. Aren't you going to work this afternoon? Humph!" Joana turned around and raised her chin.

Thinking of the fierce look Hogan had shown to Celia just now, she smiled and said, "This new clerk is not a big threat to her."

"Have you finished copy the files?"

In the afternoon, as soon as Joana entered the office, she bothered Celia who was reading.

Celia raised her head and looked at her. When she was about to refute, she suddenly heard someone outside respectfully calling "Mr. Hogan."

An idea occurred to her. She stood up and asked, "Where is the copy room?"

After Joana showed her position with her finger disdainfully, she walked out of the office with the documents in her arms without saying anything.

Instead of facing Hogan in the office, Celia thought it was better to stay in the copy room and copy the things.

It would be best if she could stay there for a month and not be bothered by that bastard name

d Hogan.

Thinking of this, she felt happy.

Joana was surprised to see her so obedient.

After watching her walk into the printing room, she looked back and felt a little satisfied.

At this time, Hogan came in.

"Hogan..." she exclaimed excitedly.

"I told you many times not to call me like that in the company." Hogan walked steadily to his desk and glanced around in silence. "Where is she?"

He didn't know where Celia had gone.

Strangely, the first thing he came in was to find her.

She must have pissed him off. Thinking of this, Hogan's face darkened.

"Who is it?" Joana pulled her face down with displeasure.

"Miss Celia."

"Of course I know you are talking about her!" Joana pouted discontentedly, "But why do you ask her? Why should she care about you?"

"I just want to see why she doesn't work normally!" Hogan's face darkened. He pounded the table and said, "As a manager of a group, I don't have the right to check the attendance of employees!"

Joana was startled and nodded quickly as if the Butler possessed her body, "Yes, yes. She is making copies in the copy room."

As she spoke, she looked up at Hogan carefully, wondering why he suddenly became so angry.

Hogan pressed the table with both hands, his chest heaving. How could she say that he cared about the girl whose surname was Su?

How could he care about her?

He just wanted to tame her because she was too disobedient!

The cold and stubborn look of Celia appeared in his mind again. A burst of anger rose in his chest. "Go and call her back!"

"Okay, I'll go now!" Joana picked up her shoulders and nodded. She went downstairs at a glance.

As soon as she arrived at the door of the printing room, she immediately put on an arrogant look and said, "Miss Celia, Mr. Hogan wants to see you."

Celia was printing the first document. She didn't raise her head and said, "I've only copied half of the first one."

Seeing that she was still unhurriedly packing up her things, Joana hurriedly stepped forward and pulled her out.

Celia was not prepared. The documents in her hands were scattered all over the ground.

"Don't worry. I haven't finished yet!"

"Oh, Mr. Hogan has called you. Why are you still here?" Joana rolled her eyes.

How dare she ignore Hogan? Mr. Hogan even dared to delay what he asked to do.

"What on earth did he want from me?"

"I don't know." Joana smiled, but judging from his angry face just now, it shouldn't be a good thing.

Celia walked into the office. Hogan was signing his name. He didn't even look up at her. He said in a low voice, "this afternoon, copy these 20 times and memorize them. I'll check them after work!"

Celia looked at the documents placed on the table. She didn't read a lot, but it was difficult to copy them all 20 times.

She couldn't finish it even if she kept writing for one second in the afternoon!

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