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   Chapter 6 What Is Wrong With Her (Part One)

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Celia was good at Chinese, so it was not difficult for her to work as a copy-writing editor.

However, it was not for a while she felt relax, Joana came to her soon.

"What are you doing? Why are you so busy?"

She walked towards Celia. When she poked her head out and saw her writing, she curled her lips with disdain and feel disdain.

It turned out that the background of her was not strong enough so that she should do such a hard and tiring job!

How leisurely she was!

The more Joana thought about it, the more complacent she became. She couldn't help but return to her desk and hummed a tune.

She didn't notice that the tune was off.

After snorting for a while, Hogan, who was working in front of him, was a little annoyed. He thumped the table with a hint and said, "Be quiet!"

Joana immediately shut up and looked at him plaintively for a while. The more she looked at him, the more delicate he was. Even his frown and gloomy face looked very manly.

She even felt so happy to be warned by him just now.

She supported her forehead with one hand and looked at him obsessively as she said in a soft voice, "Hogan, what's the background of that girl?"

Anyway, he was sure that the background of Celia was not as good as hers, so she was not afraid to ask.

Hogan was reviewing a case and answered perfunctorily, "No."

"Then why did you hire her? Did, did you have a crush on her?"

The voice was so loud that Celia in the corner heard it and sniffed.

It was because she didn't follow his order that she was forced to stay here to torture and punish. It was not like what Joana thought.

Hogan's lips couldn't help but raise a sarcastic smile. "Just let her work. No more reason."

Joana shook her shoulders coquettishly and said, "I'm your only clerk. Isn't it enough for you?"

Hogan said impatiently, "When can you write?"

Joana was speechless for a while.

The poor language was her shortcoming as a clerk, so she could only deal with the ordinary reception and printing.

Every time she had any work on writing, she would ask the clerks of other departments to do it for her, which was troublesome and time-consuming.

Hogan had been dissatisfied with her for more than one or two days.

Perhaps she really felt guilty. After a long time, she began to mutter in a low voice, "But..."

"Well, Joana. If you keep making trouble in the office, get out!" Hogan got angry.

Joana suddenly shut up and looked at Hogan with tearful eyes, but received no response.

Finally, she had to lower her head and look at the meeting arrangement.

By interrupted by her, Hogan suddenly remembered something about the case.

"Miss Celia."

As she was writing smoothly, she raised her head and made eyes contact with Hogan's deep and cold eyes.

Joana raised her head and looked at her with jealousy.

Celia looked at them coldly and said nothing.

"Give me your files." He said seriously.

Copywriter plan was a big event in the company.

How could it be handed over to a newcomer who was not clear about the company's concept?

Did the director want to be taught a lesson?

Celia handed over her notebook reluctantly.

"Here you are."

Celia clenched the remaining documents in her hand and said coldly, "What you hold is the copywriting that I write."

Those were messy drafts handed over to her by the director. After the test this morning, the director found that she had a good idea of writing, so he handed this task to her, so that she could match them smoothly.

It was useless for him to read the draft.

Hogan smiled emotionlessly and said nothing.

At this moment, the three of them were all around the desk.

Hogan lowered his head to look at the file, while Joana sat opposite him, biting the pen and looking at Celia and him.

Only Celia stood there indifferently.

Hogan lowered his head and looked at the copywriting. Suddenly, his eyes trembled. He angrily threw the book on the table and snapped.

Who told you that the principle of the group is like this?

Joana trembled with fear and almost stood up.

Celia bit her lips and didn't say anything. The director just asked her to sort out the waste draft, straighten it and arrange it.

The concept on it was only slightly polished, and she did not change the main idea at all.

It had nothing to do with her if her idea was wrong.

"Call Director Zoe in!" Hogan flew into a rage.

"Who told you to let the new comer write?"

As soon as Hogan saw Zoe Zhang come in, he pulled a long face and questioned angrily.

"I've told you many times. That idea doesn't work at all! Look, is this the principle of the group?"

Seeing the two lines on the notebook, Zoe Zhang trembled and thought he was done.

He was so careless that he forgot to delete Andre's idea.

That was Hogan's sworn enemy. It was said that Hogan's mother was killed by Andre.

Zoe was screwed. He was really screwed this time.

Normally in the company, when people mentioned Andre's name, they were afraid of being heard by the CEO. But at this moment, that person's idea was blatantly displayed in front of him!

Hogan hadn't recovered from the pain of losing his mother yet. Didn't he mean to provoke him and himself!

"Yes, yes! It's my fault. I was too careless."

Director Zoe nodded repeatedly, with cold sweat on his face. He wondered how Hogan would punish him later.

Celia couldn't stand it anymore.

It was just a mistake.

Even though it was a big mistake in the company's concept, it had not been decided yet.

Why did he look like he was going to eat Zoe up?

Hogan saw her expression and said coldly, "What's wrong? Do you have any other opinions?"

"It's all your fault! As a new comer, why are you writing this?"

Suddenly, he shouted at Celia. Zoe Zhang was anxious to put the blame on her.

Celia suddenly raised her head and was surprised and confused. It was him who asked her to do that. Why did he blame her now?

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