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   Chapter 5 Questions

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Celia fled from the Yin Group in a hurry. She felt relieved when no one stopped her.

She wasn't really interested in working in the Yin Group. And she was gratified when she thought that she would be admitted to S University soon.

Because of her excellent grades, she was able to get a full scholarship there, so Terrell didn't have to worry about her tuition fees.

And she could also find a part-time job while studying. She was willing to work hard to achieve her dreams.

There were only two things that she needed to do. First, to study hard. And second, to earn some money for her mother's medication. If she could do both, she would be satisfied.

But now that their family was struggling financially, she wanted to work for a month before the new semester began.

With the plans in her mind, she excitedly went back home.

Celia was on duty at a noodle factory when she received a message.

It said, "Miss Su, we regret to inform you that you can't be admitted to S University anymore."

She hurriedly put down the packs of noodles in her hand and replied to the message, asking for a reason why. However, the person only replied, "You are not allowed to study at S University."

Celia dialed the number so she could speak with someone.

But after so many attempts, her calls didn't go through.

Eventually, she gave up. Hopelessness overwhelmed her heart as she wiped her tears with the back of her hand. She wondered what she had done wrong for these things to happen to her.

With an indignant look on her face, she suddenly clenched her fists and said, "It must be him again!"

In the evening, Celia stood outside her mother's ward for a long time. She didn't have the face to tell her mother about the bad news.

She knew that it would only make her condition worse.

But although she could hide it for now, how about after a month when the semester began?

With this thought, Celia turned around resolutely and headed for the Yin Group.

"Mr. Yin, Miss Su said that she is on her way here," Jasper reported to Hogan as soon as he hung up. Celia called him to inform him that she was coming.

"Oh, I have to greet her then."

Hogan, who was already packing up his things, sat back on his chair. With a smile on his face, he waited for his prey to arrive.

Jasper had been working with Hogan for a long time, but he could rarely see such a smile on Hogan's face. He had a feeling that Hogan was very interested in Celia.

Not before long, Hogan's office door was pushed open from the outside.

Celia then appeared in front of them. She was panting as her chest heaved.

"You bastard!" she cursed as she glared at Hogan. "Why did you do this to me?" She got more enraged when she saw that Hogan looked happy.

Feeling the tension in the air, Jasper went out of the office.

Celia's angelic face was now filled with hatred, and her beautiful eyes were full of resentment.

Hogan's deep-set black eyes looked at her up and down as if scrutinizing her.

And for the first time, he realized that she was indeed a beauty.

He was amused by the stubborn and unyielding look on her face. For him, it was very special. Almost all of the women he met would usually give her their sweetest smiles.

"Tell me, what do you want from me? What should I do to make you stop pestering me?"

Celia was so angry that her voice sounded hoarse now.

But Hogan seemed not affected by her harsh words. He only said lightly, "I'm sorry. I just want you to accept my compensation."

He said that the compensation was a symbol of his apology. Celia didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Looking at his calm face, she felt like she was about to faint.

Indeed, Hogan had a strange way of apologizing.

Obviously, he was forcing her to accept his offers.

What annoyed her more was, no matter how furious she got, he remained calm and expressionless. It seemed that he was not affected by her words.

Celia took a deep breath and said, "Okay. If you really want me to work in your company, I'll accept it. I will start to work tomorrow. But only for one month. After that, I hope you can let me go and allow me to go to school."

Her body trembled slightly. She felt so pitiful at the moment.

Hogan stood up, walked up to her, and put his arm around her shoulder.

Celia was stunned for a moment. The expression on her face changed dramatically. "What are you doing?" she snapped.

Hogan didn't say anything. Instead, he held her shoulder with one hand and her waist with the other, pulling her closer to him.

"Stay away from me!" Celia felt angry and terrified at the same time. She could feel his rudeness when he touched her. Her knees felt weak in an instant.

But instead of letting her go, Hogan buried his head in her shoulder and said in a hoarse voice, "Are you sure you want to work in the Yin Group now?"

She didn't answer but struggled violently. Of course, her silence already meant yes.

"Good girl. If you really want to go to school, you have to listen to me," Hogan whispered in her ear.

Actually, her stubbornness aroused his desire.

Seeing the unruly look on her face just now, he wanted to press her under his body and ravage her until she gave in to him.

Celia was stunned. A trace of humiliation appeared on her face. "No way! Let go of me!"

Hogan moved behind her, wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and buried his face in her hair. He indulged himself in the fragrance of her hair.

Celia tried to escape from his embrace, but he was way too strong for her.

All of a sudden, she bent over and bit his arm.

"Ahh!" Hogan cried out in pain and loosened his grip.

She turned around and slapped him cross the face.

He looked at her in bewilderment. But she just glared at him and said, "Bastard!" She then

turned around and left.

Hogan watched her leave. The corners of his mouth curved up slightly.

He stroked the part of his face that was slapped by her and murmured to himself, "She ran away again."

She seemed to be challenging him more, and he liked it. Besides, it was more interesting to catch prey slowly.

Celia had already fallen in his trap. She couldn't get rid of him anymore.

As soon as Celia walked out of his office, Jasper came in. "Mr. Yin, Miss Su..."

Jasper had been waiting outside. He didn't go far away because he was worried that something might happen.

With Celia's current state of mind, she could possibly do anything.

"Just let her go," Hogan said indifferently. He then turned around and slowly walked to the window with a glass of wine in his hand. A trace of confidence flashed across his eyes. It was as if he was certain that she would come back.

The next morning, Celia went back to the Yin Group.

She had accepted the position offered to her by Hogan as a secretary.

"Here you are." On his way to his office, Hogan saw Celia sitting at the desk and writing some notes.

She was wearing a company uniform now: a white blouse, dark blue suit, and a short skirt. She was a sight to behold.

Hogan couldn't understand why he felt so happy upon seeing her.

"Yes," Celia replied coldly. Knowing that it was him, she continued with her work without even raising her eyes.

She would endure working here for a month, so she could go to school.

But she would make sure to keep her distance from Hogan.

She believed that he couldn't do anything to her when she was working.

Moreover, she had already learned her lesson from the last time. She always brought pepper spray with her now.

Hogan felt like he was completely ignored. If it was someone else, he would be surprised.

But since it was Celia, he had expected it.

He was about to turn around when she suddenly spoke up. "I've put the meeting materials on your desk."

She raised her head, met his eyes, and asked coldly, "Will you let me go to school if I work here for a month?"

Before Hogan could say something, they heard a shrill voice not far away. "No! I have to ask Hogan what is going on."

He frowned as he sensed another trouble was about to happen.

If it weren't for the fact that Joana Lu was the daughter of the S City mayor and his neighbor since childhood, he would never let her work in the Yin Group.

As expected, an earth-piercing shout was heard. "Hogan, who is this woman?

You already have a secretary. Why do you have to hire her?"

Joana Lu pointed at Celia with a sad look on her face.

She was the original secretary. How could she let another woman take her place?

"Hogan, tell me. Who is this shameless woman?"

she asked while shaking Hogan's shoulder slightly.

She then turned and gave Celia a hostile look.

However, Celia just ignored her.

She was so disgusted to hear Joana Lu's flamboyant and coquettish voice.

Celia was the type of person who always ignored the people she disliked.

Hogan and Joana Lu were two of them.

One was pretentious, and the other was low-level. They were a perfect match. Thinking of this, she simply took everything in front of her as a farce.

Seeing that Celia was deliberately ignoring her, Joana Lu got angrier. She bent over and reached out to grab the pen from Celia's hand. She then yelled, "Who do you think you are?"

The tip of the pen scratched the paper. Celia still didn't raise her head, but she said, "The director told me that this document should not be damaged. You are responsible for this."

Joana Lu's index finger trembled as she pointed at Celia. She was about to pull Celia's arm when Hogan yelled, "Enough!" All of a sudden, the office quieted down.

But after just a short while, Joana Lu started again. "Hogan, why are you siding with her? She is an outsider."

Since Joana Lu started complaining again, the other employees just looked at each other and shrugged.

Celia continued to ignore her.

Hogan was beginning to have a headache.

"Stop it!" he snapped. Since Hogan was ignoring her, Joana Lu vented her anger on Celia.

Celia stood up to go to the director's office, but Joana Lu blocked the door with one hand and asked, "Tell me, who helped you to get in and work here?"

She couldn't accept that another woman would be staying beside her Hogan.

"No one," Celia replied indifferently.

"Oh, c'mon! Don't expect me to believe you. Why don't you admit that you pulled some strings?"

Joana Lu arrogantly crossed her arms across her chest and blocked the door. The employees passing by got curious about what was going on.

"Tell me!" she insisted.

"Stop it, Joana. I was the one who hired her." As soon as Hogan finished his words, the noise around him stopped.

Even those who gave flinching glances at the door walked away quickly.

They knew Hogan. If he got angry, it was really serious.

When she noticed the anger in his voice, Joana Lu got scared too.

No matter how angry she was right now, she didn't dare to create more trouble upon seeing Hogan's gloomy expression.

She turned to one of the employees and ordered in a small voice, "Go and bring a small desk for her. Put it in a corner far away."

The employee immediately obeyed her order. He put a table and a chair in a corner far away from everyone and let Celia sat in there.

No one could tell if she was deliberately humiliating Celia. The desk and chair were too small for her. She sat in the corner far away, looking pitiful.

Joana Lu looked at her complacently and smiled.

However, Celia didn't care at all. In fact, she was glad to be thrown at the corner. Now, she could stay away from Hogan.

Finally, she could continue working in peace.

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